AN: This was based on PGSM, after Act 19, when Sailor Moon gives a Valentine's Day gift to Tuxedo Kamen, because she has pretty much given up on Mamoru after finding out about Hina. I'm a HUGE PGSM fan, so I felt very good writing this. Please R/R!

23 – Valentines

It was a cold winter morning when she woke up. The occurrences of the last day were still on her mind. His words, 'If you like him, you shouldn't give up', repeating themselves. For some reason, even though he couldn't be with her at that moment, for he had a girlfriend of his own, but for some reason, Tuxedo Kamen's words gave her hope. Hope that one day her relationship with Chiba Mamoru could be real. Hope that one day he would be her boyfriend. And so she continued sewing her muffler for him.

On the other side of the town, he woke up feeling his life was pathetic. He had lost his parents many years before and now he was lucky enough to find a man who liked him and paid for his studies. He was also lucky that this man found him enough for his daughter. And he cared about her. Oh, how he did. All his life, he knew he would marry Hina. But now, everything was different. Hina wasn't the only one in his heart. Heck, she wasn't in his heart anymore. Not in the same way she used to be. True, he still loved her, but not as a girlfriend. She was very important to him. He had this loyalty feeling inside. Her family saved him. Her family took him in and cared for him when not even his family would. And now, how could he ever repay them by breaking up with her? He couldn't, that was the truth. Especially now, with their boarding day so close. But, on the other side, he also didn't know if he could live without one certain girl. So, he opened his drawer on his bedside table and took her handkerchiefs and her Valentine's Day gift. Next week it would be the White Day. And the thing he wanted the most was to be able to repay Tsukino Usagi for her gesture. But he couldn't, so he wouldn't.

Inside her pink bedroom, Usagi daydreamed of when she would kiss Mamoru, for she wanted her first kiss to be with him. She decided going to the Crown Karaoke. It could still hurt her to see Mamoru and Hina, but she knew she wasn't worthy of him now. On the way, she saw a demon attacking, so the brunette became a blonde and fought it. It was strange how that demon was so easy to vanquish. And just observing her, she saw Tuxedo Kamen.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" The heroine screamed while running towards him. "Can we talk? In a more private place?"

He knew the girl was going to talk about the boy she liked, but he couldn't not listen to her, so he compelled and they went to a secluded alley nearby.

"Tuxedo Kamen, I know this is sudden and that you probably will say no, but can you kiss me, please? A real kiss."

The masked man didn't know what to say, so he kept staring at her. Inside he was delighted that the girl he loved was asking for his kiss, even though he also knew it really wasn't him she wanted. Sailor Moon waited for an answer and when that didn't come, she turned her back.

"It's okay, you don't have to do it. I understand." She was walking away when she felt a hand pull her back again. Mamoru had no idea where that gesture had come from, but since he was there, he kissed the girl senseless. It could be his only opportunity to kiss the woman of his dreams. What surprised the hero was when finished kissing, the senshi whispered "Mamoru". He froze, thinking his identity had been discovered. But then the girl looked at him. "I'm sorry, Tuxedo Kamen, for calling you another name. And thank you for this. I have to go, now."

The soldier of the moon ran away while the hero stood there touching his lips, where moments before, she had touched with her own, feeling like he was the happiest man alive. For those instants, there was no Hina, for neither of them, because in her mind, it was only her and Chiba Mamoru and in his mind, it was only her, the love of his life.