Complications new and remade sequel! I hope this second one of the second part will be better and a lot more dangerous. I'm going to have so much fun.

Chapter One: Welcome To My Megakat City

"Tell me again why we are doing this?" The young canine asked the gray tom who was finished stocking up his shotgun. "I thought we were going to run errands."

"We are running errands pup. You just have to learn to accept the way things are dealt." Edge said with a smirk. "Are you done Adam?"

"Leave the poor pup alone Edge." Mark huffed after attaching the stock to his machine gun. "It's his first time."

"I know but that doesn't mean I haven't taught him how to prepare his pistol."

"You pansies ready?" A tom wearing a large foamed head in the form of Commander Feral walked in and they all knew who he was regardless of the voice being distorted. He turned to the young canine and sighed. "You have to put the gun off its safety. You won't be able to defend yourself if you don't fire."

"I'm sorry," Adam nervously said while flipping off the safety.

"Put on your Feral heads everybody. It's show time."

"Tell me why we're robbing Megakat Mint in the Commander's head?" Mark asked as he put on the large foamed head. "In broad daylight?"

"Who would ever suspect the Commander?" Edge answered with the voice distorter blocking any form of recognition.

"Fucking right." The largest of four toms said as he readied his rifle. "You guys all set?" The other two gave him thumbs up but the young canine shook his head vigorously and tucked in his tail.

"Don't worry Adam. Stay by me and I'll keep you safe." Adam reluctantly stood close to him and held on to his pistol with a firm grip. The leader then nodded and kicked the big wooden designed doors. The kats inside quickly turned their attention towards them and had panicked confused looks.

"Alright! You guys know the drill! Money and other valuables!" The leader shouted as he fired his rifle toward the ceiling. The patrons of the bank complied and started to remove their belongings along with the money they had at present. Edge and Mark walked up to the two kats at the front desk with an order to give them all they have. But the kats pulled out their own guns and started to fire back.

"Shit!" Edge yelled as he barely dodged a bullet. More kats in matching red colors appeared from the back of the bank and opened fire at the four who were falling back behind a desk.

"Who the hell are these guys!?" Edge asked as he looked over the side of the desk. He pulled back to avoid the debris of his side being hit.

"So much security…" The leader groaned as he readied his rifle by his side. He got up and managed to kill the five shooting at them on ground level but the ones up the side stairs hid behind the wall.

"Nice shots Leon…" Mark said with a little surprise at how well Leon had been practicing his shooting skills. "If these bastards are here to rob the bank, we need to get to that vault before them."

"I'm way ahead of ya," Leon smirked, a smirk none of them had seen in forever. It was that kind of smirk where the tabby was excited to do something that involved the death of another, but knew very well that the he wouldn't kill for any reason.

"I take back everything I said about this job. Edge, I want you to back us up quickly. Mark and I will advance through. You too, Adam."

"But, I can't do this!" The tabby grabbed the young canine by his shoulders and stared hard and heavy in his eyes. Adam seemed to have complied silently and nodded.

"Alright, Mark, take the left. I'm going to take right. Adam, distract the two as best as you can and don't worry about killing anyone. Just take the attention away from us." Before Leon could hear another argument from the pup, he quickly rolled to the next desk. From the right side of the new desk, he saw that the next desk would put him in range to kill his target. He heard a repeated shot coming from Mark's side and then a loud grunt; the left target was down. This gave the chance to sneak up to the following desk and prepare his shot but when he looked up, the target was already heading deeper into the bank.

"Damn it," Leon cursed as he removed his Feral foam head and stood up. Mark came to his side and Adam as well. "I'm not going to let him get away. Tie up the others Mark and help him Adam."

"Leon, I need to speak with you!" Edge called out from the distance. The young tabby had already gone into a sprint to chase down the last tom and leaving Edge alone with the other two.

Leon crept along the walls with his pistol in paw and rifle slung on his back. He heard a lot of footsteps up ahead and huffed that a whole group had made their way this far. "Either I'm getting sloppy or too unfocused."

"The vault is locked for good!" Leon heard one of the thugs.

"It's under a timed cycle. It won't open for another twenty-four hours and we don't have the time. Enforcers are probably on their way so we have no other choice." Leon heard someone unzip and bag and searched for something. "We'll use these."

"Are you crazy!? That will surely get the Enforcer's attention on us much more quickly!"

"Don't move," The tabby growled in a low tone as a cold steel gun pressed hard against the back of his head. "I figured a guy like you would try to do this on his own. Mistaken us for a smaller group?" It was then that the kat that Leon tried to kill was female.

"Have a heart, will ya? I have a wife and child waiting on me." Leon said. In a jerking motion, Leon grabbed the she-kat and knocked out her gun from her paws.

"What was that?" One of the thugs from the other room heard the gun when it hit the ground.

"Walk," Leon ordered as he pulled back with a gun pressed to her head. The darkness of a room hid them as the thug looked around for whoever was with them.

"You're no ordinary Enforcer." The she-kat hissed quietly after noticing the jacket the tabby was wearing that went along with his disguise. "You hold a gun against my head and take me hostage. Never seen Enforcers do that before."

"Old habits have a tendency of coming back." Leon said. "Who are you guys? What are your pals trying to do?"

"I would ask the same of you." The she-kat playfully mewed. "We're members of the Brotherhood; the gang that has grown quite a lot in only a few months. As for why we're here, just in need of some money."

Leon didn't like the situation one bit. A gang faction has infiltrated into the back while they tempted to rob the bank also. Leon knew that low life Ezekiel was behind all this and it reeked of his name. It was that info-broker who told him about this place and their large sum of cash.

"You seem familiar." The she-kat said quietly.

"How could you know me? I'm new to the Enforcers." "I have to stop these bastards before they make off with our cash." Leon thought. "You told me what I need to know. I don't need you." The young tabby hit the she-kat hard with his pistol to knock her out cold. Checking the side of his exit, he saw the hall ways were clear.

He took his first steps out of the room and instantly fell to one knee from the explosion from a floor up. "Damn it!" Leon ran fast up the flight of stares and encountered a large group of gangsters. Quickly hiding from the instant fire from the gang, he wished that something good could happen about know.

"Hold him back!" "They sent only one Enforcer?" "Either this guy is the bravest tom ever or the biggest idiot."

"I'd say I'm both but more on the idiot." Leon said to himself then face palmed on calling himself an idiot.

With his second pistol hoisted from its carrier, he leapt to his left and fired; each bullet made their mark and downed the gang members. Leon dropped his pistols and took his rifle to arms. The young tabby sucked in a breath of air and stormed in gun blazing and hitting every target in his path. He stopped at the sound of a chopper hovering just above him and knew that it wasn't an Enforcer flying the machine.

"A chopper? What would they…?" Leon looked at the site of the explosion and noticed that he was standing right on top of the vault with lock latches on each corner. "They planned on flying the vault out. That's…genius." The humming of the chopper preparing to fire its Gatling gun brought him back into focus. Leon got out of the way and hid behind some large debris from the explosion since the roof was blown away. The chopper wasn't giving the tabby any moment to retaliate as it sent a crew to finish latching the vault to the chopper.

"Fuck! Where's my back-up!" Leon stood quiet for a moment and face palmed again. "Great… Now I sound like Liz's freaking uncle!" Shots were fired and grunting sounds filled his ears followed by bodies hitting the metal vault. The chopper stopped firing and tried to fly away with the vault but it was having trouble staying air-bourn from the weight as it slowly ascended.

"Hurry up!" Leon looked over the rubble and saw Adam signaling him to climb on the vault. The tabby didn't hesitate and quickly leapt to the edge and held on as best as he could. The young canine helped him up and more of the Brotherhood gangsters joined them in their escape.

Leon acted fast and killed one while Adam downed the second. All that was left was the pilot who was working on trying to remove his unwanted guests. This was a strong and stable chopper if it could carry this vault while flying recklessly through the air. The tabby had a good grip of Adam's paw to make sure he wasn't going to fall off.

"Hold on to these chains and don't let go!" Leon ordered the pup. "I'm going to climb the chain attached to the chopper! Whatever you do, make sure you stay alive!"

"What are you planning!?"

"This is our vault! I'm not about to give it up!" Adam watched in shock as the tabby climbed up the chains and struggled to stay on as the pilot bumped the vault into buildings. In one hit, Adam fell over the ledge of the vault and grabbed the ledge by a stretch. Leon had to move faster now so he could save the young canine's life.

As Leon made the edge of the chopper, it started to fly normally and was quickly met with a Brotherhood at gun point. The tabby avoided being shot but was know suspending by a paw. "You had a nice run Enforcer!"

"He's not an Enforcer!" A voice said from the chopper and the gangster was pushed off. Leon watched the poor tom hit the edge of an apartment complex and saw the messy sight of blood splattering the flat roof like paint was just knocked over.

"Need some help?" Leon looked up and saw Adam offering a paw. He quickly took it and was brought up to the pup's level and blew a puff of air.

"That was close…" The tabby said with a small hint of laughter. "Now to fly this baby away from the city."

"You know how to fly a helicopter?"

"I have been thought a few things by my uncle. A chopper was not one of them, so how hard could be?" The instant Leon removed the autopilot the chopper quickly lost control and drifted dangerously to the right. Leon did manage to align the chopper back to normal and headed for his new destination outside the city rang.

"Hey Adam,"


"You have a walkie, right? Tell Edge to meet us up at the desert. We're going to keep the safe there."

The skies of Megakat City are no longer safe for our city banks. A group of unknown kats had stolen the vault from Megakat Mint this afternoon, only to have the vault stolen from the culprits by two citizens. One was believed to be a tom kat while the other was a male canine; both young. Two other toms were spotted leaving the scene in large costumed heads in the shape of Commander Feral and the car had been located only to be found empty with two Feral shape-heads. The Commander wants these four brought to jail for committing their crimes and mocking his very authority. This is Anne Gora, Kat's Eye News.

A black tom chuckled joyfully as he heard the news of Leon's successful robbery. It had been a long time since he put up an exciting performance for his enjoyment since the day of Elizabeth's kidnapping. If there was anything in the world that he liked most was meddling in the affairs of all kats. Kats with dark secrets and hidden truths were the ones he liked to make go public and watch the conflict unfold from his very own perch of choosing.

The bank robbery was no coincidence that the Brotherhood was targeting there since it was them who came to him to learn every square inch of the bank and all of its protective secrets. Telling the Brotherhood about the hidden latches was one of them if they ever came to the point of when the vault locked up. Besides, Ezekiel was the one who shut the vault. With a simple order, his personal assistant, Steele, pressed the lock down control from main control room. Everything fell into place and the pieces were doing their parts just like he predicted; except for the small detail from the canine.

"Leon, you put out a player I couldn't control. His behavior… It changes from time to time. At one point he's docile and the next second, the pup is a cold blooded killer." Ezekiel smirked at the idea and wanted to know about the canine.

"You might have won this round Leon. But you must remember one thing. This is my Megakat City. Everyone and everything is under my influence."

"Don't you think that sort of vague Ezekiel?" Steele said with a huff from his desk. The silence made him look over his shoulder and saw that the tom was looking out of his large window. From the reflection, the orange tom could see the devilish smirk spreading across the black tom's face.

Leon and Adam waited by the vault for Edge and Mark to meet up with them. The sun was getting close to setting; turned the whole vast land into a crimson setting. The sound of a vehicle made the tabby get up with a paw ready by his newly reloaded gun. He fell at ease when he saw the familiar pair step out of the car, but what he wasn't prepared for was the angry she-kat storming up to him.

"Liz?" Before Leon could ask why she was here, Liz immediately slapped the tabby across face. Adam got scared the instant he heard the loud smack and secluded himself inside the chopper.

"You robbed a bank!? Are you crazy!? If my uncle ever learns it was you," Liz chocks up at her words and feared to think about what could happened. Leon wrapped his arms around her and kept her close. Nothing needed to be said and his embrace was sorry enough.

"Why did we go through all this trouble on robbing the Mint?" Edge asked.

"My mind was made up a few weeks ago. Our city is being taken us. Three new gangs have shown their faces and are spreading their own fear. Their numbers are large but they are staying in their own territory." Leon explained. "The Morning Claws once had the city in their paws and now we're taking it back. With the money, we can rebuild; gain back what we lost and more."

"But it's only us four. Marks group won't help out anymore since they aren't living in the city anymore."

"We need to start over." Mark added.

"Exactly. Adam has agreed to join us but I'm not going to make him in charge of commanding his own group. I need a new crew with capable members I can trust. That's where you come in Liz." The she-kat gasped when she heard her name.


"I need you to help me sneak into the archives of Enforcer HQ. There is information I need about several people I took interest a while back when they made the news." Leon explained with a much more soothing tone. He didn't like asking her to do much that involves the Morning Claws since she had to care for a kitten. Leon loved them both and was proud to be the father of his new baby girl.

"I'll do it. But not any time soon. Our families are coming over and I want you to be there with us."

"Let's not talk about that. I'm nervous enough as it is to meet your father and be star-struck by the most amazing movie actor known in Hollywood."

"Wait," Edge interrupted their conversation and had a confused look on his face. "Liz's father is a famous actor? Who is he?"

"Alexander Tobias. My father never used the Feral name in order to keep Uncle away from crazed fans that might ask him to mail fan letters." Liz smiled a bit.

"Alexander Tobias! The Alexander Tobias of the best moving known to man, Vampire Assassin, that Alexander Tobias?" Leon and Liz both nod slowly. "You have to let me this man. He's my idle; my hero; the guy who I sometimes wish I…um…got an autograph from."

"Dude… This is her father you're talking about." Leon shook his head in disgust of the almost slipped out truth.

"What's so disgusting about getting an autograph?" Adam asked and Leon hung his head even more.

"Don't worry about it."

"It's grown up stuff Adam. Your cousin isn't going to tell you anything until you hit that age." Edge teased the pup.

"I'm fourteen! I think that's old enough to know!" Adam barked. "Leon tells me everything! We always have ever since we became friends when his uncle married my mom!"

"There are some things I don't tell you." Leon said while rubbing the back of his neck. Adam felt like he wasn't trusted enough and just slouched inside the chopper. "I would like to invite you guys but we're just having a private family gathering. That's the whole reason why Cousin Adam is here."

"Anyways," Mark broke in before things got too out of topic. "What are we going to do with the vault and the chopper?"

"Right; Adam and I explored the cave just behind me and think it's a perfect place to hide them both. It's well secluded and not a lot of travelers come by here. With the direction of the winds blowing, it covers up any tracks made on the way here. As of now, Megakat City is ours to take back. I want to welcome The Brotherhood properly the next time we meet to my Megakat City.

And this story has begun. Let's say to a little more chaos in the city. But for now, let's cool our jets, take a little rest, and then focus on the gang.