Chapter 6: Pup's Adventure

"Everyone in this forsaken city is so boring!"

Ezekiel stretched his arms, yawning all the while, as he walked down the streets. Others looked at his direction with curiosity or disgusted looks after hearing his complaint. The tom smiled innocently and had a soft bounce to his stride, tail slightly swaying. After all, he had been waiting to get the chance to meet his "friend's" young cousin.

"This one is going to be fun to play with. Obedient. Truthful. And very much naïve. Can't believe he's the one who asked to meet me. Talk about luck. But, I can't let my guard down. This could be a trick." The dark tom pulled out his cellphone and examined the thread of their conversation from the day before very carefully.

[w%f] hey sp

[ShadowPaw] if it isn't wpercentf

[w%f] ^#^

[w%f] ive been meaning to ask

[w%f] do you want to hang out

[w%f] im aloud to go out on my own now

[ShadowPaw] sure I've got no plans tomorrow

[w%f] tomorrow:)

[w%f] lets meet up at the comic store

[w%f] theres s comic ive been wanting anyway

[ShadowPaw] okay see ya then

Everything seemed normal and the kid's grammar was still pretty poor so he believed there was nothing suspicious but he looked around as he approached the comic shop. As he got there, a young wolf stepped out almost too focused to his book and lightly bumped into the dark tom.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you."

"It's quiet alright um... woof?" The young wolf looked up surprised and excited to see that his buddy actually came.

"Is it really you? I can't believe I'm actually getting to meet you!"

"Calm down, I was expecting somebody older but I can see why your spelling is bad." Ezekiel lied knowing full well who he was. By the wolf's behavior, he was able to adjust his mood and personality to sustain with the kid's over excitement.

"I never really was good at spelling." Adam chuckled, "But there are a lot of things we can do. For starters, care to go to the park? I haven't seen the park since I got here."

"Sure," Ezekiel smiled, "I'll show-"

"I know where it is! I'll race ya!" Adam quickly placed his comic in his backpack and sprinted down the street. Ezekiel was caught off guard and he knew he'd only waist time if he didn't follow along. As much as he didn't want to, he awkwardly started running after the wolf.

"What am I doing? This kid is really hyper."

"You finally got here!" Adam's tail wagged rapidly as the dark tom arrived at the park grounds. Ezekiel was breathless. He never had to do something so strenuous since the attack in the city. "It's pretty, isn't it?"

"The park? Well," Ezekiel never actually looked around the city to admire it or even cared to. But the wolf's question impulsed him to look around and see nothing but green. "It's very green."

"Of course it's green, silly. It's a park." Adam laughed, almost like a child. The young wolf admired the scenery and just smiled. Ezekiel was very confused by the kid's actions since he couldn't read him at all. No doubts. No worries. No secrets. His ability to read others by their moods and actions didn't work on the young wolf.

"Hey," the wolf brought Ezekiel back from his thoughts, "I never told you my name. It's Adam."

"Ezekiel." The dark tom mentally gasped that he told him his real name. He had planned to lie but the conversation happened so normally. "I mean... Never mind. Um... So, you're Leon's cousin. How is that?"

"You know Leon?" Adam cocked his head slightly, answering Ezekeil's question with another question.

"Yeah, so, how is he your cousin?"

"Well, my mother remarried to Leon's uncle a few years ago. I met Leon at the wedding ceremony and we've been like brothers ever since. He's nice, strong, and brave. He can do things...I never could." Ezekiel was surprised that Adam had just simply opened up to him. Never had he met someone who was truthful about themselves and at such a young age. Sure, he himself kept things away from others, but that was why he felt more like the child.

"Leon talks about you. He's told me that you're a bad kat."

"Did he now?" Ezekiel felt cheated and cornered.

"Yeah. But I don't think you are. Meeting you now, I can tell you are a good guy. You're nice. A nice guy." Adam giggled. "Hey, I asked about you from others too. They all call you bad. A cheater. A liar and heartless. How come?"

"It's a long story. I'd rather not talk about it." Ezekiel got up, "I can see meeting up with you was a mistake."

"Wait, you can't just leave. That's totally unfair." Adam began to panic as the dark tom began to walk away with a single goodbye. "Leon thinks of you as a friend!"

"What...?" Ezekiel turned around astonished.

"Leon sees you as a friend. He doesn't tell anyone because he doesn't believe himself either."

Ezekiel turned back around and walked away, "Thanks, Adam."

The young wolf felt bad for having to force himself on a secret he promised to keep. He hoped it didn't leave him alone like the way Leon had toward him lately. All he was told that he was just protecting him. Adam wanted to spend some time with a friend on his return to the city but it seemed he was only hurting himself on keeping a friend.

"Left alone by a kat, huh?" An older wolf looked down at him with pity in his eyes. "It's just like them to treat us canines as they please. You called out to him, hoping for him to come back, but he just left. I saw it all, kid."

"What's it to you if he did leave? He's probably mad I asked him a personal question."

"A friend would have told you a quick answer. But a true friend tells you everything." The older wolf ruffled the younger one's hair, "You remind me of myself at your age. Always full of questions. Always getting into trouble. Listen, why don't you come with me?" Adam looked into the wolf's eyes and he could tell he was being friendly. He nodded despite his feelings and followed the wolf.

The car ride seemed a lot longer than he imagined as the city lights began to shine brighter. He noticed that the smell in the air was different than the rest of the city. He wagged his tail as he knew he was closer to the district that belonged to only canines and a few kats.

"Wow! I can't believe I'm here! I was hoping my cousin would bring me here one day."

"You seem rather fond of your cousin. What's he like?" Adam told him everything about Leon. How they met and how they became family. "Your cousin sounds like a really cool guy."

"Yeah, he is cool!" Adam giggled.

"Hey, do you like races?"

"Races? Like that NASA thing?" The wolf had a hardy laugh at the pup's naïve nature.

"That's NASCAR you're talking about. No, this is something far more...thrilling in mind."

The wolf made a turn into an alley. Adam couldn't see up ahead too well since it was such an enclosed space. His stomached twisted into a knot from the anticipation as the noise grew louder the closer they got. And when the closed space turned into a huge block with other canines partying and lounging near their own vehicles.

"What is this?" Adam asked excitedly.

"Welcome to the Rollers pup. It's one of the few places we get together for our races." Adam was too oblivious from the excitement to really catch on to the name. He just thought it was cool and amazing to see a bunch of canines in one spot.

"Are we going to watch a race?"

"Actually, we're going to be in one." The wolf told Adam. Adam was really excited about the idea, but the older wolf said he didn't want to risk cleaning up after him. "Come on, I'll introduce you to a buddy of mines."

Adam quickly got out of the car and ran to the wolf's side without missing a beat. He clung on his backpack straps for dear life as if it was the only thing keeping him safe from a bottomless ground. "Yo, Don!" A Rottweiler turned to them and greeted the wolf with a fist bump and rough shoulder tap. "I brought this stray from the park. Was left behind from a 'friend'."

"Hmm... You seem rather young to be a stray. I know," Don reached into his car, "here, take this blazer." Adam took the blue jacket into his paws. It was clean white leather with two long blue stripes on the left arm while the whole right shoulder and arm where nothing but blue. "It used to be mines as a pup just like you but I out grew it. I typically use it a good luck charm but I believe you should keep it."

"Thanks..." Adam didn't want to take something so personal but the owner seemed rather willing to give it to him.

"Ha! Looks like I have a chance of winning this time!" The wolf boasted.

"Not likely, Rex. I'm still the best in this course." Don grinned competitively. "Not to mention all the others too. You may be the fastest driver, but you'll never win against my skills."

"Skills!? Racing is all about speed! I just have to be faster and I'll win for sure!" Rex and Don laughed wholeheartedly. Adam smiled at the two as they laughed and kid around.

"Uh, pup, what's the matter?" Adam was confused at what they meant but he soon felt like crying. The young wolf, without thinking, cried his eyes out and laughed for a long while before he felt completely better.

Everyone that was there saw him cry and laugh. They gathered around and comfort him as if they were family or long time friends. He believed he was a part of a pack now. He felt like he belonged with them more anywhere else in the world.

"Enforcers! Everyone, spread out!" A hyena cried out from the rooftop. Everyone hurriedly got into their vehicles and spread out into the alleys expertly one by one. Adam was quickly grabbed by Don and taken into his car without a second thought.

"What? Why are you guys running away?"

"Enforcers, pup. They're not really a big fan of our illegal races."

"Illegal?" The young wolf was a bit disappointed to know that truth about their group.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I know you were expecting a show but not at the moment." Don quickly made it to the main road and evaded incoming cruisers. "Four tailing me... Too easy."

Adam wasn't prepared for the sharp turn and landed face first into the driver's arm. Don apologized and allowed the pup to buckle up before trying anything else while in mid chase.

Don entered a parking lot, drifting through the turns up the third floor. Stepping on the gas, he one shot his way to the highway and landing it. He knew he wasn't done yet as long as he was on the run.

"How you holding up, pup?"

"We're not dead? I'm alive? Wait, yeah, I'm not dead." Adam sighed.

"You didn't trust me?"

"I don't know. I was just really scared."

"It's your jacket. Because I had you here, we made it." Adam was awed by how lucky the jacket was and felt safer with it on.

"Tell me, are you familiar with Leon?"

"How do you know him?"

"Long story short, I can smell him on you. His scent is from that backpack." Don explained.

"Yeah, it's his. I took it to put things I find around the city I want to keep. So far, I have this comic book." Adam blushed a bit.

"A comic, huh? What's it about?" Don noticed that the wolf looked outside the window without saying a word. He could tell that the question really embarrassed him. "Hey, pup?"

"It's nothing! It's just a comic, okay! Don't worry about what I read!" Don flinched from the sudden outburst. He had never seen anyone blush so hard from a simple question.

"Okay, okay... jeez..."

The young wolf waited patiently in the car while Don was in the store getting something for them both. Adam looked at the time and it was almost nine at night. He should have arrived at Leon's place hours ago but he let things get too out of hand.

"Leon's never going to let me out again..." Adam hugged the backpack closer to him, almost forgetting about the comic.

"Sorry I took a while. Here, you like cherry pie?" The young wolf smiled and took the treat, quickly opening and taking a bite. "You really were hungry, huh? When did you eat?"

"I ate breakfast this morning. I meant to get back home for lunch but all this happened. I just Leon doesn't get too mad at me for staying out so long when I promised him I'd be back."

"Don't worry, I'll explain it all to him when I take you back."

There was a silence for the rest of the trip towards Leon's apartment. Adam stared outside the window, never turning to look back at the Rottweiler. Don thought he disappointed the pup by telling him the truth of the races being illegal. It's true that they were but as long as the pup only knew that much, he didn't have to explain.

"Are you...and your friends...bad people?"

Damn it! "Not of of us. Some just come to watch the race and have fun." Don said as cheerfully as he could. "But you know, don't you?"

Adam didn't want to think about it. He had remembered where he had heard the name "Rollers" from. Leon had told him to stay away from them and to never get involved but he had broken that very exact rule. "I'm...scared of you."

"Don't be. It only makes me feel even more bad. I know what I do is wrong but you have the wrong idea. I'm on Leon's side and I'll keep you safe too. You don't need to get involved with them."

"You'll keep me safe?" Adam thought on it and he believed that the older dog was being truthful to him. He smiled a bit, "Can... Can we hang out again?"

"Anytime you want, buddy." Don pet the young wolf and was quickly hugged tightly. He had never a kid do that to him and had no idea how to respond.

A half hour later they had arrived and Alex was fast asleep on his lap. He didn't know what to do or even say at the moment but he had to get the pup back to Leon. He nudged him a bit rough waking up the pup, yawning and groaning, "What...?"

"We're here. Want me to go with you?"

"It's fine. I can make it." Adam stretched, got his things, and hopped out the car, "Thanks. I'll be sure to tell Leon everything that happened. He'd appreciate you for helping me. Um... Bye." Adam shut the door and sleepily went through the doors.

Don was happy to have met a young, tough pup. Though he thought the pup was very hyper and naïve, he saw a little of himself in him when he was younger. And he even more sure of himself to keep his word he made to Leon a few days ago.

Adam had made it to Leon's door and was about to knock, but he stopped. "Wait... I still have to read my comic." Blushing slightly, he reached into his backpack and pulled out the book, looked if anyone was coming from both up and down stairs, and sat in the corner to read.

Yeah, this was the teaser update. I will have a much bigger one later in the time span. Look forward to some big additions. X3