Trust in Me
Avengers Fanfiction
Bruce Banner/OC
Chapter 25
Will you?

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid
I have loved you for thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

A thousand years- Christina Perri

The chateau was expansive, taking up at least most of the snowy mountainside. The double glass doors swung in to reveal a double stair case in the foyer leading up to the second floor. To the right was a kitchen and dining room, to the left a large den complete with a roaring fire. Emily sighed listlessly as she set down her bags and gazed up at the grand chandelier above her. She smiled and turned to find Bruce huffing through the door, looking no worse for wear.

He looked glad to be off the wretched plane, and as he came to her side he wrapped an arm around her. She leaned into him and reached up to kiss his cheek,

"This place is so beautiful." She said, earning her a smile,

"Go find us a room." She dashed away with a squeal feeling his loving gaze on her back. She looked in several rooms and eventually found one that over looked the nearby lake. The view was breathtaking as she noted the town sitting on the banks of the water. It was good to know they weren't isolated in the mountains.


"In here!" she called as she shed her jacket and helped Bruce unpack their things. She smiled as he stowed away his clothes, remembering how he had tried to bring work with him. She scolded him, saying that this was supposed to be a vacation. He laughed sheepishly and agreed with her, only packing a suitcase.

Emily was done putting the last of her cosmetics away and had walked back into the bedroom to see Bruce slipping a small box into a nearby drawer.

"What's that?" Bruce jumped and swiftly turned,

"What's what?" he asked innocently, reaching behind him to shove a key into the lock. He slipped the key into his pocket as Emily gave him a knowing stare,

"I'm not blind, what's in the box?"

"That is your Christmas present, dear," he said in sweet tone, "And I'll be very disappointed in you if you peek." The young witch smiled as he wrapped an arm around her, 'So what do you want for dinner, I'll cook."

"Give me a moment to find the fire extinguisher, then."

Bruce shifted slightly in his sleep, twisting to his side to reach out and grab Emily. He furrowed his brow when his hand grasped empty sheets. He cracked an eye and found that her spot was vacant. Confusedly he sat up and looked around the room; he was on the verge of panicking when soft piano music reached his ears.

He got up out of bed to follow the noise to the music room; Emily was sitting at the grand piano playing softly. As if she was trying not to wake him. She had several sheets of music spread around her with several pens within arm's reach. Bruce watched her for a long time as she worked, not once did she become frustrated at her lack of progress.

Instead she just let her fingers work, only writing down notes she liked. He smiled softly and turned to go back to bed, Emily would come back when she was ready.

Emily screeched in delight as she slid down the hill as fast as her toboggan could go, with Bruce just behind her trying not to go into cardiac arrest. They came to a stop at the base of the hill, tumbling head over heels into each other's arms. They smiled at each other before the young woman was back up again, sled over her head,

"I'll race you back up!" She called just over her shoulder,

"I'm getting to old for this!" he replied as he chased after her.

"Hot chocolate!" Emily called as she opened the library door, she held to steaming mugs in her hand as she sat down next to Bruce. He chuckled and grabbed his drink, setting aside the Mystery he had been reading. They cuddled together on the white love seat, surrounded by several high book shelves. In front of them a fire roared in the fireplace, casting shadows across the room as the moon filtered through the high pane windows.

"This is delicious."

Emily smiled happily at him, "I was thinking about going into town tomorrow, there's knitting club there and I've always wanted to learn how to knit."

"If it makes you happy." Bruce kissed her forehead and went back to his book.

Emily watched the T.V. worriedly, chewing on her nails nervously. Images flashed across the screen of death and destruction. All caused by the Mandarin. It was a week before Christmas and everything seemed to come to a head with all this nonsense. And still the young witch was feeling helpless to do anything.

Suddenly the remote was stolen from her grasp, and she watched as Bruce irritably turned off the device,

"I told you no T.V." he said curtly, staring at her sternly.

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it." Emily looked away sheepishly, "I just hate not knowing what's going on out there."

"Emily," his hand grasped her shoulder, "This is our vacation; don't waste what little time we have together worrying about someone else's problems."

"I know, I'm sorry…" She turned into his embrace, knowing that was right.

December 23, 2013

The young witch hummed happily in the kitchen, preparing dinner for the night. She was cutting up some vegetables to be stewed when the phone rang. She gasped and dropped the knife with a clatter, moving just in time to avoid being cut. With an irritated grumble she picked up the phone,

"Hello?" She listened for a long time to the person on the other side, "Pepper, what do you mean Stark manor has been destroyed? Pepper, don't hang up!"

The line went dead. Emily tried to call it back several times as she ran out of the kitchen and into the library. She swiped the T.V. remote as Bruce looked up from his book,

"Emily, I thought I said-" He was cut off when she flipped on the news channel. She dropped the device with another gasp, her hands covering her mouth in horror, "Oh my god." Bruce stood next to her in shock, staring at the remains of what used to be Tony's house. Banner took the phone from Emily so he could call Fury, the witch just stood there stunned.

Hours later Bruce came by her side again, "Fury says they don't know if Tony's alive or dead."

"What do we do, Bruce?"


"What do you mean nothing!" she cried standing up suddenly and turning to glare at him. The doctor stood with her, holding her firmly by the shoulders,

"What I mean is we can't do anything, we're on the other side of the world, Emily. If this really a terrorist attack, from inside the United States, than the government will have shut down any entry into the U.S while trying to cover this up to the American People. The best we can do is sit here and hope that Tony is alive, and that he can fix this in time."

"I hate this."

"I know, love, I know."

December 25th, 2013 Approximately 8:30 P.M.

Emily was still worried about the trouble back in the U.S., but she tried not to think of that now. Bruce had taken her to a restaurant as one of his gifts to her on Christmas. It was a nice place, with candlelight flickering on the ornate walls. People talked in a low mutter, enjoying their time with loved ones.

"Emily, are you with me?" The young woman's gaze snapped back to Bruce, who tugged on his collar nervously.

"Yes, I am. This really nice, Bruce, thank you for bringing me here."

She watched as her doctor smiled awkwardly, fiddling with something in his lap,

"I have one more gift for you, Emily." He said, swallowing hard. The witch furrowed her brow, "From the moment I met you, Emily, I knew you were special. I doubt there is anyone else on this planet who's just as kind and caring as you are, and I know any man would kill to have what I've got."

He got up from his chair and walked around to her, getting down on to one knee. Emily's gaze flickered to a small black box in his hand, then back to his chocolate brown eyes,

"This is why I'd kill to keep you by my side forever. What I'm trying to say is," he flipped open that box, and tears pricked Emily's eyes at the small diamond nestled inside, "Emily Branson, will you marry me?"

The restaurant fell into complete silence; everyone had noticed and turned to watch. For several moments she forgot how to breathe as she started to cry,

"Yes, yes I'll marry you, Bruce Banner."

The building broke into cheers and applause as he slipped that ring on to her finger and embraced her in his arms.

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