The baby sea turtle squirmed in my hands. I grinned. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I ran to mom at the other side of the shelter. She took the small turtle from the palm of my hand and put it back in the tank. He swam down to meet his brothers and sisters who all looked alike, exempt for him. He was special. I could pick him out of a million turtles. We found him and his brothers and sisters in a hole too deep. They were malnourished and sick. He was the one my eyes wondered to immediately. Mom and other marine life experts and rescuers carefully picked them up 1 by 1 and set them in the back of the van. I knelt down and picked him up. I loved him from the first time I layed my eyes on him. He was so perfect I couldn't find a name perfect enough for him. He has a green shell with a brownish tint to it. He has a beautiful little face with big black eyes that stared into mine. He stared into me like he was looking at his mom, looking beyond my eyes to the sea. I was the first to touch him, to feed his hungry mouth. To give him the medicine he needed to be the healthy little turtle he is today. I watched him disappear into his tank. I walked away. I sat down at the table and picked up the newspaper. I gasped. "THEIR DREDGING THE REEF!" I screamed. Mom ran to my side dropping fish all over the floor. She too gasped after reading the headlines. "Where will we release the turtles?" I asked scarcely. "I don't know" said mom shaking her head. I walked over to the turtles. "everything will be ok" I whispered. "We have to do something" I said to mom turning around. "What can we do?" she said. "There's a lot we can do!" I gasped. "We can go to city hall and give a speech, make posters, and we than invite everyone!" I said. and that's when we got to work. I made posters, and mom got everything ready for our speech at city hall. Finally it was time. When we were leaving to go to city hall I grabbed my turtle out of the tank secretly and put him in a carry case. I sat in the front row. I slid the case under my seat. I looked to my left and saw the mayor. My heart skipped a beat. I turned my attention back to mom on the stage, about to speak. Our last chance. As the room filled I got more nervous. When the room was filled with some standing and the murmurs calmed and mom started speaking. She told about the reef and why it shouldn't be dredged. The murmurs loudened. I heard a splash under my seat. I knew just what would catch these people's attention. I quietly stood up and ran out of the room. Our house was about a mile away. We have a small city. I ran all the way back home and grabbed the laptop. Mom and I take pictures of the reef when we scuba dive. The pictures are on the laptop. I ran back and walked in through the back door. I hooked the laptop up to whatever wires would fit. I turned on the projector. I ran out. People were going to leave when the projector kicked in. I ran to the microphone. "You don't know what you're losing" I said. The people sat back down. I gulped. "You are about to see what you could lose" I said. I heard a splash. I ran back to my seat and watched the mayor. I looked at the beautiful pictures of the reef. When all the pictures were showed I stepped back up With my turtle in my hand. "If that wasn't enough, what if I said that it would kill all the marine life, including these" I held up my turtle. "And if you believe in stopping the dredging for scallops, then sign the petition" I said. As people flooded in and out I watched the box of petitions fill. The mayor came up to me. "That was quite a speech you gave" he said. Please don't dredge . I thought. "I've decided not to dredge" he said "oh, thank you so much !" I said. He turned around and walked out. I ran to mom. "we did it!" I told her exitedley. We jumped up and down. I had found the perfect name for my turtle. Reef. On the way home I whispered to reef "we did it"