Everything was going according to plan. I was now chained to L with a pair of handcuffs and was working on the Kira case, trying to catch myself of all things. In the beginning I may have been unsure, but now I was dead set on creating the perfect world. I was about as close as I could get to L at the moment which gave me a slightly better chance at finding out L's real name.

I almost stumbled as L pulled on the handcuffs, but managed to keep my perfect posture.

"Light, would you please stop dawdling? There is a mass murderer to be found and apprehended," L said to me with the same blank face that he always wore. After he turned back around I rolled my eyes and walked behind him. In this building I always had to be careful with all the cameras around. One wrong move and my percentage of being Kira could go up or, worst case scenario, I could be caught, but with how careful I was being I doubted that would happen.

L and I entered the investigation room or the large building and went to sit in our seats, each in front of our own computer. I turned my computer on and went through the files that were on it. We hadn't gotten any new information for some time now, which was good for me, but made L depressed. L wasn't usually all that fun to be around when he was depressed, it was like he had his own personal rain cloud. He even pouted sometimes. It was actually kind of cute at times. My fingers immediately stopped typing and my eyes widened at the thought that had just passed through my head. Why did I think that? I felt L's eyes watching me warily so I made my fingers move and resumed typing, trying to forget about that thought.

Around 10:00pm the other members of the task force said that they would be leaving and L waved them off. My father shot me a look that looked something like 'Good luck son'. I looked at L. Sensing my eyes on me he turned to look back at me. Yeah, good luck to me.

Hours later it was starting to get late my eyes were starting to get droopy and I could feel myself getting tired. I leaned back into my chair, put my arm over my eyes, and sighed. I now held L's full attention. He had immediately turned to stare at me. I moved my arm from my face and turned to look at him.

"Could we go to bed now?" I asked casually, as if it were an ordinary thing to ask another man if youi could both go to bed.

"There's still a lot to be done," L replied.

"Oh, come on. We haven't found any new Information within the last few weeks and I doubt that we'll find anything worth staying up for tonight. Plus everyone else has already gone," I told him. L suddenly looked all around the room as though he hadn't realised that they had left, even though he was the one who waved them off and let them leave. L got up out of his awkward sitting position and looked back to me.

"I suppose you're right," he said and started on his way to our room and I followed behind. L abruptly stopped walking, causing me to almost run into him.

"Oh, by the way Light," L started. Oh great. I already knew where this was going. "Are you Kira?" and there it was. L had recently started asking me this at least once a day, sometimes more. I think it's because we haven't had any leads lately – perhaps he was also trying to catch me off guard, but it always started the same way so I doubted that was going to happen – but nevertheless it was getting on my nerves.

"Light?" L's monotone voice broke me out of my thoughts. I sighed.

"No, L. I am not – For the millionth time – Kira," I replied. L just huffed in annoyance that I wouldn't confess and kept walking. I knew that L knew that I was Kira, but it wouldn't rally be a problem unless he got substantial evidence and the only way to do that would be to either find the Death Note or somehow get Misa to talk – although the world would most likely explode before that happened.

We finally reached the room and L unlocked it. We both stepped inside and L took off my handcuff so that I could change. I no longer showered twice a day like I used to as I now found it quite awkward since L had to apparently be watching me literally 24/7. Once I had finished changing L put the handcuff back onto my wrist. We both got into the king size bed. Me laying down and L sitting in his usual position with his laptop. I rolled my eyes for the second time today. I rolled over so that I could look at him.

"Shouldn't you get some sleep for once?" I asked him.

"Like I said earlier; there is work to be done," I swear I felt a vein in my head pop as he said that.

"God, L. At this rate you're going to die at abnormally early age,"

"You probably want that to happen don't you?" For some reason his comment really stung.

"You know what? Fine! Do what you want! See if I care!" I saw L's eyes widen before I turned around, putting my back to him. About a minute later the light coming from L's laptop disappeared and I felt him moving around. Once he had stopped moving I figured that he had laid down.

"I'm sorry Light," I heard him whisper so quietly that I almost couldn't hear and I genuinely smiled.