Summary: After Damon kills Hayley, Tyler is looking to exact some vengeance on the Salvatore brothers, a task that can't be undertaken alone. Enter Bonnie, looking to prove how useless she isn't.

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I Want to Kill Damon and Stefan

Tyler finds Bonnie.

Of all of them, she may be the only one to help him and he's not even sure of that. She's been dividing her time between school and another school (Whitmore College). Or at least that's what Caroline told him. But that was back when he was still talking to Caroline. He has Bonnie's phone number but he can't remember the last time they spoke over the phone. When he calls her, she doesn't answer and it goes straight to voicemail. He feels weird enough about calling and doesn't leave a message.

The last time he and Bonnie talked, it was when she was deciding to put Klaus in his body. You'd think something like that would bind people but nothing has changed between them.

Welcome to Mystic Falls, where someone can actually put another person in your body and take them out again but never speak to you again.

But Bonnie may be the only one who will help.

He'd ask Matt but he's so far up Elena's ass these days it would be a waste of time. He'd ask Jeremy now that he's an official hunter guy or whatever but that's a tossup and he doesn't want to risk him telling all to Elena. He'd ask Caroline even though she's a vampire, if Caroline cared.

Chris isn't-

Elena. A friend. Important. Anything.

No one is important unless Elena thinks they are important. Unless the Salvatores deem them important.

Hayley wasn't important.

Caroline seemed genuinely sorry about that. She cried even. But that's Caroline. She's quick to tears. But it didn't do anything to help. The hybrids Klaus left at the manor helped him bury what Damon left of her, or they tried to until Klaus yanked on that invisible chain and they all went running to do his bidding. Caroline wanted to take their place but Tyler sent her away, all the while trying not to scream, to throw things, to curse.

It took him so long to get away from that, away from the BL (Before Lycanthropy) Tyler. He's separated pieces of his life into neat categories. Or at least they were neat. Before Lycanthropy. After Lycanthropy which now melds into Before Hybridism. Then he's got After Hybridism. After Sire Bond. After Hayley. After Hayley's murder.

He calls it a murder because that's what it is.

He buried Hayley alone at the edge of the Lockwood property with only three smoothed, rounded rocks to denote a grave.

Tyler knew she was never safe here. No one was but Hayley really wasn't. New people didn't seem to last long in Mystic Falls. People like him didn't seem to last long either. Mason. Jules. Hayley. Even Brady, as much as he'd deserved what came to him.

That's why he needs Bonnie.

She may understand.

Caroline filled him in long ago about Bonnie's Grams and her mom, the warlocks Jonah and Luka. He wondered if they should start comparing notes on how many people like them had died because of vampires. They could make lists, write essays, long ones detailing who they were and why they died and how useless their deaths had been in the end.

For a long time, Tyler knew Klaus was his enemy. Klaus, who hijacked his mind and his choices. Klaus, who wanted – still wants - Caroline. Even if Tyler didn't call the Salvatores friends, he hadn't really considered them enemies since he became official with Caroline. The thought of Mason still gnaws at him but he believed Caroline when she said Mason was a threat to them, that they wouldn't have done it unless they had to. It's only now that Tyler realizes it was probably a lie.

Stefan and Damon said they had to kill Hayley too. And Tyler knew how untrue that was. He never cared much about Elena, some vague conversations had here and there while she was dating Matt and some polite exchanges over the course of years of town traditions. His entire relationship with Elena was founded on politeness of the vaguest sort. The fake kind. The-I've-known-you-since-childhood-and-must-show-s ome-loyalty politeness.

It's not enough anymore.

Tyler doesn't want to hurt Elena. Not really. Even in his mangled mental state, caught between mourning and rage, he knows what hurting Elena would do. He'd be more isolated than he is now. Not even Bonnie would help him. This town would go to war over Elena, and then they wouldn't have to reenact anything anymore.

At Whitmore, Bonnie spends her time with a professor. Atticus Shane. He seems kind of sketchy to Tyler. What kind of professor hangs out at frat parties? For some reason Caroline hadn't found that weird and maybe it wasn't compared to all the other things they were dealing with. But then again Caroline also doesn't find Klaus all that repellent so maybe creepy just kind of slides off her. And she liked Tyler, so that seems to cement that theory.

Tyler feels stupid seeking out Shane's office but it's all he can do. And now that he's here he's glad he came. Talking to Bonnie over the phone doesn't seem like a good idea, not for the kind of conversation he's looking to have. When he finds it, he hears voices from inside. Bonnie's is easily recognizable. The other must be Shane's.

Bonnie laughs and it's a strange sound. He doesn't think he's heard Bonnie laugh before, in their limited time together. Tyler thinks about the last laugh he heard and knows it belonged to Hayley and then he's angry all over again. The anger is easier to manage now that he's a hybrid but sometimes he wishes he could be a wolf again. Just a wolf. Then he can blame it on that. Then he can blame all of this on that. As a hybrid, it's nothing but him and the rage he isn't trying to control.

Tyler waits outside that office for at least an hour before the door opens. Bonnie comes out with a kind of smile on her face and her curls pulled back into a ponytail. "Bonnie," he says, when she doesn't notice him.



"Hi? What are you doing here?"

"I have to talk to you."

Bonnie has learned that people wanting to talk to her, needing her for any reason, usually constitutes something magical on her part. She wishes she'd taken Shane up on his offer to stick around for some more hypnosis and exotic tea. Now it's too late so she lets Tyler walk with her.

"I don't know if you heard," he begins. She tries to file through her head for something that anyone's told her about Tyler recently. She comes up blank. Caroline called a couple of times (Caroline is usually calling about something Tyler related) but Bonnie was busy and still hasn't gotten around to calling back. "My friend Hayley died."

Everyone's dead. Everyone dies. Welcome to Mystic Falls, the last place you'll ever see.

Bonnie remembers Caroline going off on some jealous rant about Hayley, certain that something was going on with her and Tyler. Bonnie remembers trying to remind Caroline that Tyler has been far more understanding regarding her whatever thingy with Klaus.

"I'm sorry," she said. "What happened?"

"Damon," Tyler says bitterly. She wants to smile because both she and Tyler seem to have mastered the art of making Damon's name into a curse word. It's short, hard and wrapped in venom. "I guess you didn't hear," he adds.

"Witches who lose their powers get left out of important conversations," she says.


"Damon," she says. "Come over here." She leads him to a bench along the pathway, where sorority girls march up and down with their monogrammed bags and their perfect hair, chattering away on their cell phones about nothing in particular.

"I am sorry about your friend," she says, "but I don't get why you're talking to me about it. Caroline-"

"I'm not talking to Caroline." He doesn't look at her but down at the ground.

Bonnie thinks she's supposed to remember something about this, too. A fight they had a few weeks ago? About the hybrid Jeremy killed? Bonnie can't remember specifics.

"So you're talking to me?"

"I need your help."


Tyler suddenly looks like he doesn't want to continue. "Maybe I made a mistake coming here."

"Well now you have to tell me," she says. "What do you need my help with?"

"I want to kill Damon and Stefan Salvatore."

Bonnie wants to laugh because it's so obvious. Of course he wants to kill them. Even to her it has been an obvious albeit impossible course of action. Killing them is basic and predictable and understandable but not possible. Because Elena doesn't want that. Because Caroline has some kind of friendship going with Stefan. Because Elena. Because Caroline.

"I know what you're thinking," Tyler says and maybe he does. If he's considered this at all, then he's probably already reached the same roadblock that Bonnie has reached so many times.


Tyler tells her exactly what she was thinking.

"And you still want to?"

"Yes." He doesn't even look apologetic about it. For some reason (Bonnie knows the reason), she likes that. "The way I see it, lots of people we cared about have died. My uncle. Hayley. Your Grams. Your mom. They didn't think about us."

"Elena and Caroline didn't exactly sanction those killings."

"They didn't argue much against them either," Tyler growls. "Besides, I'm not suggesting we kill Elena and Caroline. I just want the Salvatores."

"Oh is that all?"

Bonnie has a list.

"And Klaus, if possible."

Maybe Tyler has a list, too.

"My magic is being…difficult," she says, wondering why she's humoring this instead of refusing outright (she knows why).

"Caroline says you can't do dark magic," Tyler says. "Does killing a few vampires count as dark?"

The spirits would probably love that. Bonnie, finally back on track, doing what they want. What she's supposed to do. Nature's weapon. Nature's sword. Back on the frontlines, fighting for the right side.

"I'll have to see," she tells him. "I have to think about it. All of it."

"You can't tell them."

"Oh, really? I'm glad you told me or else who knows what I might have done."

Tyler smiles as much as his grief will allow him to. "You have my number," he said. "Call me when you decide. Or you can just stop by the manor. Or something. I'm around."

Bonnie watches him go. She sits on the bench for awhile longer, turning it over in her mind. Kill Damon. Kill Stefan. Kill Damon. Kill Stefan. Maybe Klaus if time and ability permits. But definitely kill Damon. And kill Stefan. Devastate Elena. And Caroline. Save lives? Save my life? Save Tyler's?

Lately, since she's started meeting with Shane, Bonnie thinks about her mortality. He's mentioned some spells that witches use to live longer and live younger. And Bonnie thinks she could do them at some point, if she gets there, but those won't protect her from an angry vampire or a rampaging hybrid. Very few things will. She can feel herself becoming less useful to them, to Elena. Damon makes sure she doesn't forget that.

Kill Damon.

Damon kills those who are not useful. Maybe he'd draw the line because of Elena, especially now that he's got a shot with her and Stefan being split up. But she remembers how he snapped Jeremy's neck and doesn't think Damon really knows where the lines go. And Stefan may have known at one point but every day the lines grow fainter and fainter with him. She could be next on the list of people that Damon and Stefan have killed.

Abby was on that list, too. Under other circumstances, Bonnie might have been on it instead.

Kill Damon. Kill Stefan. Kill them before they kill me. Kill them because they're killers. Kill them because I want to? Because it's right? Kill them.

And she suspects that even if she doesn't help Tyler, he'll do it on his own. And he'll inevitably die. Welcome to Mystic Falls, where you will die if you go up against the bad guys who say that they are good guys but are lying.

Bonnie had nature on her side. All of nature. The spirits would have to be happy with a few less vampires, especially if they were Stefan and Damon. She would tip the scales in Tyler's favor. Which would also become her favor. She would lose Elena. She would probably lose Caroline. Tyler definitely would, if he even wanted to be with her anymore.

But hey, Damon and Stefan would be dead.

Bonnie pulls out her cell phone and dials Elena. When she's not busy trying not to kill people, Elena is usually…Bonnie isn't sure what Elena does anymore. Caroline mentioned something about Stefan mentioning something about Elena journaling again.

"Bonnie," Elena says, in that breathless way she says things. Bonnie is beginning to be annoyed by that. "Hi."

"Are you busy?" Bonnie asks. "I need to talk to you."

Elena tells her to come over. It's just her and Damon.

Bonnie wonders if Elena can hear her rolling her eyes.

"I want to talk to you without him eavesdropping," she says. "Meet me at my house."