My name us Ayla Gregson. I'm 24 years old and a sniper on the city payroll. I've had some awful moments in my life, but nothing to mark me out as special. That was until the day I met Sherlock Holmes, the reason that I'm about to commit suicide. It's me or him, and it may burn the heart right out of him but that's a price I'm willing to pay. The world would truly be a boring and worthless place without him in it.

11 months earlier...

I loved my apartment the first time i saw it, the place seemed tailor made for me. It had tall sash windows, a huge open balcony, it even had high ceilings and hard wood floors. I would've signed the lease then and there but my dad wanted to play hard to get. "They'll rob you blind if you give them the opportunity kiddo." Of course he was right, the realtor ended up halving the rent. Thats just how my dad is, Captain James Gregson of the NYPD, my father, mother and confidante all rolled into one. He's never let me down, my very own fearless protector.

Its been just us for almost 15 years now, my mother and brother died in a car accident. I still remember that day my younger brother Jamie had a severe asthma attack, the emergency services were at full capacity,There was a storm and no one could come out. So my mother had called our neighbour over and left, telling me to be a good girl and that she'd be back soon. The following morning my dad told me there had been a accident and my family was gone.

The weather had been awful, there was zero visibility and the other driver hadn't seen my mother pull out. I hated Phillip Moriarty for a long time, I had wished him dead with every fibre of my being. The ways in which he would die became more fanciful with the passing of time. It's all I had left planning the ways in which I'd avenge them against this evil tyrant. As I grew up the ball of hate just got tighter and tighter in my chest.

I didn't live my life, don't get me wrong i was a straight A student, i even graduated a year early. Most parents were holding me up as a shining example. But I had no real friends and only attended parties and other social gatherings for appearances sake. My life was passing me by in a pool of despair, I didn't know how to turn from. That's until my father set me down and bitched me out for my behaviour, he begged and pleaded for me to start living my life. He shouted at me about wasting away, that my mother would not want me to live such a robotic existence.

So I did better and eased a old mans mind. I wonder if he knew the consequences of his actions that first day he introduced me to Sherlock Holmes? Because that was what started the ball rolling, us meeting and me uttering those fateful words, "you're brilliant" . Till this day I can't bring myself to regret meeting the most frustrating, enigmatic and brilliant individual I'd ever met.