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On with thine story.


After we sang, some guy with a really deep voice that could have been good but was tone-deaf went up and started singing, so everyone gradually cleared out. Our little group went to the bowling alleys.

"Alright, boy and girls!" Iggy began, clapping his hands together. "Who wants to bowl?"

Cece and Iggy put their hands up. Fang, Nudge, and I just sat there. Staring at him.

"Fine," he mumbled, dejected. "What about laser tag?" that got my hand up in the air. Laser tag was awesome.

I looked around, seeing Nudge with her hand flapping around in the air like those nerdy kids in Honors Math. ("OOH! PICK ME, PICK ME!") Fang had his hand upright against his crossed arms, and Cece shrugged.

"I'm up for it," I said. Iggy smiled this huge, extremely mischievous grin and whooped.


"Wait a second, I thought we were going to your house," I said to Iggy.

"Eh," he shrugged. "Laser tag is more fun."

"True that."


We went through the dark room with the instruction video and into the vest room. My gun read 'Jinx' and Nudge was freaking over how cliché that was and everything.

"Yeah," I agreed for the millionth time. "Just when you think you won't be hit, I'm there." How many times have I said this?

"Game commencing in five… four…three…two…one… begin!" the computer said over the intercom. It was almost immediately followed by a, "Red base under attack! Red base under attack! Red base destroyed!"

"Suckers," I said under my breath, racing away from the now deactivated base. I turned around a corner, hiding behind a barrier until I could capture my breath again.

"Blue base under attack!" the computer voice screeched out.

Time to move my butt and kick the other team's out of this place.

I ran past the place where Nudge was sniping from, towards where Cece was guarding base. Lightning quick, I ducked inside our base and shot as many of the red team members as I could, giving Cece time to recharge after being hit. No one could land a blow on me.

I shot Iggy in the chest, making his lights blink white before blowing out completely.

"What the-"he said with an astonished look on his face. He whirled around. "Max," he growled.

"Catch me if you can!" I taunted, racing across the arena. I ducked behind a barrier, successfully hiding myself from Iggy.

You can imagine my surprise when I sputtered out.

"Huh?" I said to myself, confused. Who had hit me? I checked my gun


Fang. That stupid emo kid was totally going down…

As soon as I recharged.


It ended up that, yes, I did get Fang out at the very end of the game. Blue team (us girls) won, and we all went home.

Except for me, that is. Because stupid, irresponsible, fun-loving teenager that I am, I left my car at school. Iggy drove us home, but he actually had somewhere to be – I think he said "lessons" – and he made Mr. Emo drive me back to school to get my Mini.

"So, Cy," I started. "Can I call you Cy? Since, you know, you're silent, plus you were Cyclone at Edison's and all? Anyway, I –"


"Do I call you Fang, then?"


"What do I call you?" I asked quizzically. Is it just me, or do guys get more and more confusing the longer you know them?

"That's your problem, isn't it?" he said with a half smirk.

"Ah! It's more than a one-word sentence from Mr. Practically-Mute-Guy! The world is ending!" I cried, clutching my hair dramatically.

"Someone's a bit melodramatic," he said.

"Again with the overuse of words! I need a camera or something," I said, reaching down to pull my phone out of my backpack. He pulled over sharply on the road, stopping my hand from getting in my bag. By placing his on top of mine.

I felt sparks fly through my veins, a magnificent rushing feeling. Where did that come from? Staring down at our hands, I felt a blush creep up my neck behind my ponytail and spread onto my face. I looked up to see Fang looking at me, his smirk gone from his face.

Then I made the mistake of looking in his eyes.

They weren't just black, like I originally thought. They were a deep onyx color – not much difference, but still noticeable – with tiny flecks of gold spread throughout. I could only tell where his pupils began because of the gold. They widened slightly as I watched.

He got closer…

And closer…

And closer… until I could close the space between us by breathing.

Slow down, Max. A voice said in my head. You just met this guy today.

Shaking my head to clear all odd thoughts, I jerked away from him. His face fell just a bit before returning to an impassive mask.

"Drive," I ordered. He complied without batting an eye.

Hey, that kind of rhymed.

Moving on…. When we finally got to the school parking lot, I thanked Fang and got out of the car as fast as I could. I watched him drive out all the way down the road before turning around to try and find my car amid the teacher's.

I remembered the spot where I had parked earlier. Row F, spot 23. Looking ahead into the oncoming darkness, I saw that Fang had dropped me off in row D.

I walked quickly over to row F, looking for spot 23 or 24.

I found spot 23 rather easily. It was the only empty one in the whole entire row.

"Where the hell is my car?"

I'm screwed. And it's only the first day of school.

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