A crossover between TRC and Horitsuba for you, by request of KuroXIII. I will start out with the confession I haven't finished reading xxxHolic yet, so I hope I don't go entirely beside the point in my story. This is post-TRC, so spoiler-alert.

I am not very happy with this first chapter, but I had the choice between a very long oneshot and a definite ending or a twoshot with a crappy first chapter and the possibility to continue when inspired. I chose the twoshot. So just bear it through the first chapter, and rush towards the second (which will hold the actual requested story).
All in all, as long as I keep getting inspired for the situation I've sketched here chapters with pointless smut will keep appearing. Don't expect a plot, the story is marked complete because there is no story, just smut.

I'm afraid I will write some people a bit out of character, because I made life too difficult for myself by juggling with names. My apologies.

Warnings: Yaoi, creative ways of incest, etc

Disclaimer: I do not own Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle or Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen. I only own a dirty mind.

This World

Syaoran lifted his hand and tapped on the side of what felt like Fai's thigh shyly. He wouldn't normally ask attention physically of either of his male companions, but just now they had landed in a new world, and it was a rare occasion where Syaoran had actually ended up on the bottom of the pile. And with Fai's upper leg currently crossed over the back of his neck, he felt this was really a too intimate way to make acquaintance with the streets of this new world, but the autumn leaves did kind of muffle his attempts to get attention vocally.

He needed to tap a few more times before Fai suddenly jumped and stood up, muttering a faint apology. If him failing to notice he was sitting on top of Syaoran hadn't been worrying enough, this lukewarm reaction was certainly the reason to know something was off.

Syaoran sat up, rubbing his nose which had been pressed into concrete underneath the leaves painfully, and quickly examined the group of people they had apparently landed right in front of.

His free hand immediately wrapped around Fai's upper arm to make sure the mage knew he and Kurogane were close, because only one look was needed to spot out the reason for Fai's distress.

Twins. Tall blonde twins with sky blue eyes. Fai and Yuui, staring at them open mouthed and trying to figure out how they had managed to fall from the sky like that.

Kurogane quickly stepped in and took a firm hold of the mage's shoulder, and Syaoran relaxed a little. He could only comfort the blonde so far, Kurogane was much closer to the mage. His eyes scanned the group.

Whereas the blonde twins were a reason to worry about Fai, the entirety of the group seemed even more worrisome. Not the other version of Kurogane wearing loose clothing as if he just finished running laps, not the blinking Sakura in a cute uniform, not the different version of Doumeki and not the girl Syaoran remembered to be called Himawari from a single meeting at Watanuki's place. More problematic looked the twin versions of Syaoran, as Syaoran was quite sure it shouldn't be possible to have versions of him and his clone in one world as family – how messed up did you want to have a family after all? Worse was the version of Watanuki – two blue eyes felt almost uncomfortable – who shouldn't exist anywhere but in that one shop, especially not in a world where a version of Syaoran existed as well, let alone two, and the black and the white Mokona. But the absolute worst – confusing, not-possible, how? – was Yuuko, looking at them with less of an astonished 'what the hell just happened' face and more of a curious 'I didn't know it could do that' face.

"Syao... ran?" The Sakura eventually muttered baffled. She immediately snapped a hand over her mouth when she realized she'd made a sound, and backed away, being caught by one of the Syaoran copies.

"How the bloody hell is there another version of the witch here," Kurogane grumbled, loud enough for all to hear.

"More importantly," she corrected frowning, "how did you get here?"

"Uhm," Syaoran glanced at her carefully. He somehow got the feeling she was too similar to the dimension witch to just be a different version. "Our apologies for dropping from the sky like that, we didn't mean to startle you. We are travellers..." At the unbelieving and slightly scared looks he added, "we travel between different dimensions, actually."

"Yes yes," Yuuko flapped her hand as if shooing away a bug, "but how did you get here?"

Syaoran blinked at her incomprehensibly.

"You're not supposed to be able to travel to this world," she clarified. "Mokona shouldn't be able to bring you here."

"So you are the damned witch!" Kurogane spat, raising himself higher to loom over her.

"Kurogane, please," Syaoran begged, hoping they could get out of this confusing situation in a civilized manner. "Are you really the dimension witch? The Yuuko we knew?"

"Yes, I am."

The group Yuuko was with slowly turned towards her to gape, one by one seeming to realise something more was off about this woman than they had initially been suspecting. Even this world's Kurogane didn't seem articulate enough to spit out a few curse words in his confusion.

"But... you were..."

"Dead? Don't be silly. Didn't you know Fei Wang Reed won?"

"He what?" Kurogane roared. He almost pounced, but was held back by the trembling of Fai.

"This is what he was working for," Yuuko made a wide gesture around her, "a world in which I could live, with all the people I love. Rather romantic, isn't it?"

"Romantic?" Syaoran tried cautiously, "does that mean he's here too?"

"No, he really died there. That was part of the price he had to pay for this. Other parts were paid by you. The travels for the feathers, your seven years locked away, Kurogane's mother's health and barriers, Fai's good luck and all his efforts for his brother. And finally the payment was complete when you and Watanuki paid the price to get out of Fei Wang's last curse." She wrapped her hands around the heads of the Watanuki and the Syaoran twin who wasn't holding Sakura. "Because you paid that price, one copy of each of you came into existence and joined me in this world. I merely gathered all the people I love around me in this school."

"I do hope this information was for free," Syaoran muttered, not really feeling coherent enough to say something more intelligent after all this.

Yuuko smirked. "Free? You know me better than that."

"The hell witch!" Kurogane shouted. "We didn't ask for you to tell us all that shit!"

"It's not expensive, you know," Yuuko pouted, and she turned to the people surrounding her, "well children, to explain this shortly: These people travel between different worlds. In every different world people with the same soul can exist, people looking the same and have the same character, but with a different life. That's why these people all look like one of you, and they all know other versions of each one of you. So that makes it easy on the introductions." She turned back to the travellers. "Right?"

"Miss Yuuko," one of this world's Syaorans protested weakly – confused.

"Maybe the twins," Syaoran pointed out sheepishly.

"Ah yes!" Yuuko tugged at the head of the Syaoran-copy she was still holding. "This is Syaoron Li, the elder twin. He would be the one with the same soul as you. But don't be fooled, his personality is quite different." Syaoran nodded. They had noticed with previous encounters of himself (or his clone). They seldom matched his character completely, probably because they usually had a much simpler life than he had. "The other is Syaoran Li, the younger twin" Yuuko continued, "he is the same person as your clone. They do match up quite nicely, but this boy is a little more clumsy and gullible." The boy blushed a bright red at that. "As for the Fluorites, the elder with the short hair is Fai and the younger with the longer hair is Yuui. Now don't be tricked, Fai is actually the same person as your Fai, not Yuui."

"But they didn't change names?" Kurogane asked suspiciously.

"Nope, they were born this way around. Now, for the price," She clapped her hands excitedly, an almost wicked grin on her face, "since you are somehow here anyway, let's all have fun!"

Kurogane picked up Mokona and held her in front of his face. "Pork bun, get us out of here."

"It's late and we were just returning home," Yuuko continued, ignoring Kurogane, "and wouldn't it be fun if each of you went home with the other version of himself?"

"Yay!" Mokona cried out, struggling out of Kurogane's grip to launch herself to the other two Mokona's.

"No," Kurogane bluntly refused.

"I think you would have the most peaceful place to go to," Yuuko pouted.

"It's not about me. The idiot mage isn't going with those twins."

Syaoran nodded, equally disagreeing with Yuuko's plan. "I don't think Fai can handle that. I mean, he hasn't made a sound since we got up."

"What's wrong with us," the other Fai pouted playfully, still looking somewhat confused but apparently opting for playing around anyway.

"Long story, lots of bad memories," Syaoran supplied carefully.

"Switch us," this world's Kurogane suddenly said.

"Huh," Yuuko turned around to face him, looking curious.

"That Fai goes home with me, while that other version of me goes home with the twins."

Kurogane's face was set on thunder-storm – probably not very keen on going home with two of those idiots – but he nodded his consent.

"Okay," Yuuko smiled, "that may be more fun anyway. Less drama, more fun. I'm convinced. What about Syaoran?"

"I don't mind going home with them," he shrugged, "I don't have overpowering bad memories concerning my clone. Nothing I can't handle, at least."

He saw both twins frown at him, as if they picked up on his tone of voice and didn't completely believe him. He made a mental note to keep in mind how well tuned twins can be to each other, and dropping in as the same person as one of the twins apparently got you directly within their range.

"Yay!" Yuuko cheered, pumping a hand in the air. "Now children, let's get home. It's already dark outside and we don't want our cute little students get molested in the park on their way home. If you have any more questions, you can ask them tomorrow."

"O-okay, Miss Yuuko," the Sakura stuttered softly after a stunned silence. The other Kurogane brusquely sprung into action and approached them in two steps, taking a firm hold of the still very pale Fai and pulling him along while he disappeared down the road. The other Fai – who suddenly turned from silent surprise in enthusiastic babbling – jumped and latched onto Kurogane's arm, tugging the man with him while his mouth spouted the most curious nonsense and the calmer twin followed with a still very puzzled look on his face. Watanuki, Doumeki and Himawari left to another side – especially Watanuki sending glances back every two steps as if he had to convince himself those people had really actually fallen from the sky. Yuuko picked up all three Mokona's and gave Syaoran a last smirking nod before leaving as well.

"Do you mind if we walk Sakura home first?" The younger twin asked cautiously.

Syaoran lifted an eyebrow in amusement, "I wouldn't have it otherwise."

"Not trying to be rude here, but travelling between different worlds? Really?" The elder twin gave him a disbelieving look.

Syaoran shrugged in response, "if you already have trouble with that, I suppose it won't be of any use to tell you more about my travels. You saw us dropping from the sky right? Care to make up a better explanation?"

The elder twin frowned at him, the younger just looked confused. Sakura however stepped towards him tentatively. "Your face is hurt," she whispered shyly.

He lifted a hand to his nose, dabbing at it in surprise. He had already forgotten about it being rubbed into the concrete like that. After a moment he smiled at the girl, "please don't worry. It's nothing really."

"But you're bleeding." She produced a handkerchief from her bag and held it up, hesitating right before actually touching his bleeding nose with it.

"Thank you," he took the handkerchief, knowing her well enough not to argue, "but really, don't worry. A bit of damaged skin on my nose won't hurt me."

"You talk like you've had worse," the elder twin mentioned almost casually.

Truth to be told, Syaoran was having quite some fun seeing the three kids try to figure him out. "Yes, I've had a lot worse. But it doesn't really matter now, does it? Shall we walk the princess home first?"

"P-p-princess?" Sakura exclaimed stuttering.

"Like I am the same person as Syaoron here, you are the same person as my princess back home," he gave her a bit of a cheeky smile, "I don't know the proper way to address you in this country, so I will just call you princess."

"Just Sakura would suffice," Syaoron grinned, looking far too pleased with Sakura's flushed face. Or maybe more with his younger twin's equally flushed face.

"Sakura, then," he inclined his head, as if making her acquaintance, "now if you don't mind, call me Tsubasa instead of Syaoran. Just to keep things from becoming all too confusing."

"Pleasure," Syaoron grinned, landing a hand in his shoulder and taking him with him as he started walking, "I'm sure we'll have lots of fun, Tsubasa."

He rolled his eyes and smiled. Yes, they probably would.