Not a complicated Syao-threesome this time. I like a little variation.
Still completely plotless random smut ;)

This World

Tsubasa had to try very hard to hide his limp. He'd had much worse, but it was natural for his body to try and take the least painful way of moving. Which would immediately alarm Kurogane, no doubt.

Not that Kurogane wasn't already giving him calculating looks. Of course he would, after the stunt he'd pulled attacking Syaoron like that. But Syaoron really had it coming, and even Tsubasa could only take so much.

He had the distinct feeling the older twin was already plotting his next opportunity.

Syaoron was walking next to Yuui neatly, like a child chastised by his teacher and now obediently following him around. But the fingers twirling around each other behind his back – unseen by the scowling teacher – suggested Syaoron was up to no good again. Pretty much like a child up to mischief.

The teacher Fai was hanging all over Kurogane, which was most likely the reason Tsubasa hadn't had a inquiry about what the hell he'd been up to yet. This Fai was definitely more hyperactive than their own, which was quite the feat.

Tsubasa was wondering how he should be addressing the man. The same problem would arise when they met the Kurogane of this world in a bit. The hyperactive bouncing Fai seemed to have decided they should all go and have a picnic in the park, and after picking up the Li twins and Tsubasa, they were set to meet with this world's Kurogane and the probably rather awkward Fai.

"Syaoran?" He ventured, casting a glance to the side where brunette was walking, deep in thought and still with a light blush.

"Yes?" Syaoran's head shot up, colour on his face deepening a little .

"How do you address your teacher?"

Syaoran's expression sobered up. "Ah, he usually lets us call him just Fai, but appropriate would be mister Fai or mister Fluorite. Same goes for mister Kurogane."

"Does he have a last name?" Tsubasa felt curious.

"Why yes. It's Suwa."

"Suwa?" Kurogane quickly turned his head when he heard Tsubasa mention the name. "I see." Tsubasa shook his head, telling Kurogane he wasn't trying to get his attention. "I suppose that's the most logical option."

"Your Kurogane doesn't have a last name?"

"It's not customary in the world he came from. Just like the world which is my home. I would normally be called just Syaoran, without last name or anything."

"So where does 'Tsubasa' come from?"

Tsubasa chuckled. "The world I call home is not where I was born. I was given the name Tsubasa Li, and only when I left my parents I took up my father's name."

Syaoran's eyes widened, "your father is Syaoran?"

"It's a bit more complicated, but like I am the same person as Syaoron, my father is the same person as you."

Syaoran seemed to need some time mulling that over. Tsubasa smiled lightly, somehow enjoying the boy's confusion. Maybe he was taking after Syaoron a little fast after all.

"Wait, who's your mother?!"

Tsubasa laughed out loud, not answering the question. He could find that out by himself.

"No way that's going to happen, Syaoron," he suddenly heard Yuui hiss a little too loudly. It seemed the two had been having a quiet conversation.

Tsubasa had probably been right about Syaoron plotting, seeing Yuui's red face.

"What isn't going to happen?" The man's twin asked curiously, bouncing onto Kurogane's shoulders once again.

"That's something you don't need to know," Yuui flushed even darker, although Tsubasa was surprised at how meekly that came out. Syaoron was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Look, it's Kuro-pon!" Fai was easily distracted, and Yuui seemed to sigh in relief. The Fai shot forward to barge into his own Kurogane, cuddling him up like he hadn't seen him in ages.

"Let's put out the plaids on the grass," Yuui muttered, quickly stalking away from Syaoron.

Their own Fai shuffled towards Tsubasa the moment he got the chance, leaving his other self dangling from the teacher he'd been with, but avoiding their Kurogane as well.

"Good morning Syaoran," he muttered, "how was your night?"

Tsubasa's lips squeezed to thin line when Syaoron snorted, and Syaoran was suddenly very busy unpacking the picnic basket Yuui had prepared.

"I slept great," he answered, his smile only a little strained.

"I see," was the absent-minded response.

"How was yours?" Tsubasa prompted.

"Ah, it was nice." Fai sent him a quick smile. "Kurogane is very kind. Much more sensitive than our Kuro-rin."

"What's that?" Kurogane glowered at them, flicking off the teacher Fai who had once again latched onto him.

"And he's more gentle too," the blonde teacher added, grinning broadly.

Tsubasa's eyes widened at the amount of faces turning different degrees of pink to red. No way, were all these people perverts? Or was it just Yuuko who did something weird to them all?

"Don't tell all of you have been..."

"Don't say it," Yuui lashed out, blushing madly and pressing his hands to his face, "we're not rubbing in how I saw you this morning either, right?"

Tsubasa laughed awkwardly as Fai perked up. "No, let's not. I didn't say anything." He quickly dropped to his knees on the blanket and started helping a very red-faced Syaoran unpacking the basket.

It had to be Yuuko.

Both Kurogane's stood to the side, one scowling harder than the other. The way the clothes Kurogane was wearing fitted him suggested strongly they belonged to the teacher next to him. Whatever those clothes might be doing at the Fluorite's place.

Same thing going for Fai, at second thought.

Did this mean the Kurogane and Fai of this world were also in a relationship? Were they just as complicated in their pushing and pulling as the duo he was travelling with? He surely hoped not.

What about Yuui though? Did Yuui have a partner, whether it's male or female? The poor man didn't look like he'd thrive well under the loneliness of having his twin occupied with someone else, not having someone himself.

Ah, but it seemed like Yuui got pulled into his brother's 'activities', just like Syaoran.

Tsubasa chewed his lip. He hadn't meant to imagine that. Darn.

"Would you like to have a little stroll through the park, before sitting down?" Tsubasa startled at Syaoron's voice so close to his ear, quickly rocking back on his heels.


"It seems like your muscles are a little stiff," Syaoron smirked, breaking him off before he had the chance to finish even one word, "walking around could help, so sitting down won't be such a problem."

Tsubasa glowered at him, ignoring the curious looks both Fai's were giving him.

"Yes, let's walk a little. It's too early for lunch anyway." He rose to his feet stiffly, feeling very stared at as he put in his best effort not to limp after Syaoron.

With a sigh Yuui joined them, making Tsubasa look up in surprise. Syaoron merely smirked, putting his hand on Tsubasa's shoulder to make him move.

Syaoron was right though. As they walked deeper and deeper into the park, the ache was slowly disappearing. Movement did do his muscles good. He was wondering why Yuui joined them when he was fidgeting so awkwardly though.

Don't tell he was going to bring up that dress?

"Hey, let's go in here," Syaoron pointed excitedly to a small opening between two large bushes, "I know for a fact there's a pond a little further on. It's absolutely beautiful, I'd like to show you."

Tsubasa frowned, watching Syaoron disappear off the path.

"You would be wise to just do as he says," Yuui smiled resignedly, "if you don't do it yourself, he'll just find a way to make you."

"Yeah... I suppose you're right." Heaving a sigh, Tsubasa stepped over the low fence and followed after Syaoron. There was no way the boy wasn't planning something, leading them off the path like that. The way Yuui was trailing after him suggested the teacher was in fact already blackmailed into this – whatever this was.

His eyes widened when they reached the large pond. It was indeed beautiful, framed by yellow, red and orange trees and dark green bushes all around. Syaoron beckoned them along the side, until they reached a small clearing invisible from the point they found the pool.

"Syaoran and I come to swim here every once in a while," Syaoron grinned, "it's very peaceful here. It's also the perfect place to go if you don't want to be disturbed."

"I'm sure you'd have some examples," Tsubasa sighed.

"I'm still trying to convince Syaoran to take Sakura here," the older twin chuckled, "but I like visiting here with Yuui myself."

Tsubasa froze, needing a little time to process that. Syaoron liked to come here with Yuui, because they didn't want to be disturbed. Syaoran liked Sakura, Fai liked Kurogane, leaving both their twins...

"Please tell me you're joking," Tsubasa rubbed his temples.

"You never looked at your Fai's brother and thought he was hot?" Syaoron cocked his head curiously, his comment eliciting a fiery blush from the blond next to him.

"No, I haven't met him."

"Seriously? But.."

Yuui interrupted Syaoron by landing a hand on his shoulder, making the boy look up in surprise. "Fai's brother died a rather tragic death a long time ago. That's why he wouldn't go with brother and me."

Syaoron frowned and was silent for a moment. "I see. I apologize Tsubasa, that was insensitive of me."

"Don't worry," Tsubasa smiled, "like I said, I never met him. You'd be wise not to talk about him that openly around our Fai though. He's usually quite cheerful, but some things can never be forgotten."

"We heard you never had a brother, but a clone. Aren't you uncomfortable with the Li's?" Yuui's voice was careful, as if scared to upset Tsubasa.

"My past with my clone is really too complicated to explain it before lunch," Tsubasa laughed, "please don't worry about it. Many bad things happened, but it's no use to keep dwelling on it."

"Oh?" Syaoron's smirk made a sudden reappearance, "does that include what happened last night?"

"After some time, of course," Tsubasa gave the boy a pointed look.

"I thought so," Syaoron caught Yuui's arm, pulling the taller blonde to his level, "that's why I prepared you a little form of fair revenge. It was I who put you in that dress and made it that you limp now, so it's only fair if the favor was returned."

Yuui's face flamed, but Tsubasa scowled. "You haven't had enough yet?"

"I'm offering you to watch me at my most vulnerable, and enjoy the awesomeness of Yuui at the same time. Did you have enough already?"

"Don't you ever get tired of his puberty hormones?" He asked Yuui skeptically.

"We have to keep low profile because our relationship is illegal. I don't have to go through this on daily basis."

Tsubasa quirked an eyebrow. "Illegal? Really, some people are bound to have difficult lives in any dimension."

"I'm getting annoyed with your beating around the bush," Syaoron stated, grabbing Tsubasa's collar and crashing their lips together.

Tsubasa flailed once, before losing balance and toppling over on top of Syaoron. Syaoron cringed, but quickly flipped them over, ravishing his mouth.

Tsubasa knew better now. He wasn't going to go through the 'this is wrong' thoughts again, as it would bring him nowhere. Grunting in annoyance, he caught Syaoron's face and kissed back fiercely.

The only thing he could've done without was Yuui staring at them from above.

The man looked just like Fai, even though his face was set much softer and far more – what was the right word? – obedient than Fai would ever be, even while Kurogane was being all dominant. Yuui merely glanced down at them, and of what Tsubasa could see past Syaoron his face was a mix between excitement and worry.

Worried about Syaoron having his way with Tsubasa so openly in front of his own lover, or of what was to come?

Yuui knelt next to their legs, and slid a hand up Syaoron's shirt. The elicited a shudder in Syaoron's body, and Tsubasa felt quite nice seeing out-of-control reactions on the mischievous boy. He shifted his leg so he could pull one up between Syaoron's thighs, a hand slipping down to grope his mirror-image's ass and force him to grind on Tsubasa's leg.

Syaoron made a low groaning noise, not breaking the kiss, but clearly not too fond of control being taken away from him like this.

Yuui shifted, but Tsubasa couldn't see what he was doing. Syaoron suddenly jerked upright though, and glared at his lover.

"Wasn't this supposed to be what we're doing?" Yuui asked, a small amused smile on his face. Yuui reached out to pull Tsubasa upright as well, allowing him to keep his younger lover in his lap. Almost timidly he pressed their lips together, a kiss so soft and shy Tsubasa couldn't help but wonder if this was really the lover of someone as wild as Syaoron.

With a small movement against his thigh, Tsubasa realized the reason Syaoron was trembling and suppressing moans was Yuui's hand down the back of his slacks. He felt himself smirking, and he reached up a hand to tangle his fingers in Yuui's soft hair. Deepening the kiss hungrily, he noticed another twitch in Syaoron's body on his lap.

If this was revenge, there was no reason not to take it right?

Syaoron whined softly when Tsubasa wouldn't let up as Yuui tried to pull away, keeping the man's lips in custody by biting and pulling him back again. Yuui shyly obliged, and Tsubasa found the time to open Syaoron's slacks with his free hand.

"Tsubasa," the boy hissed when his fingers closed around his half-hard erection.

Yuui finally dropped from his crouch to his knees, getting a little more bold in the kiss at Syaoron's reaction. Syaoron's hips jerked, now actively assaulted in his boxers from both sides while having to watch his lover passionately kiss Tsubasa. He moaned, reaching out for their faces.

Tsubasa released Yuui, and brown gazed into blue. He chuckled when Syaoron reclaimed their attention like a pouting child, turning their faces towards him.

"Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Tsubasa smirked.

Yuui leant back and nuzzled the boy's face, Tsubasa following his example on the other side.

"I wasn't going to give you revenge by letting you tease me like this," he complained, slightly out of breath.

"Who said I was going to take the revenge you were offering me just like that? It's hardly revenge if you give it to me, right?"

Tsubasa slipped his hand down to fondle below the boy's length, allowing the now fully hard shaft to stroke against his wrist as he did so. He shortly captured the brunette's lips, biting his lower lip lightly before leaning back. Who would have known a lap full of teased Syaoron could be so much fun?

Syaoron's face was completely flushed, and he looked decidedly confused. This wasn't a situation he was familiar with, not from this point of view. Yuui latched his lips onto Syaoron's neck, sucking red to his tan skin. Syaoron whimpered and bucked against Tsubasa's wrist.

Something flashed in Syaoron's eyes, and he suddenly reached down, pulling at Tsubasa's belt. The position of Tsubasa's arm down Syaoron's slacks made opening it difficult, and Syaoron struggled to release it.

"Maybe it's easier if we get rid of your clothes first," Tsubasa whispered in his ear.

"Do you have a split personality?" Syaoron asked disgruntled.

"Just as much as you do." Tsubasa retracted his hand and hooked his thumbs around Syaoron's waistband. Yuui immediately reacted by slipping his arms around Syaoron's torso, lifting the boy high enough for Tsubasa to relief him from all of his lower clothing. Syaoron didn't look all too happy when his bare ass was set down on the rough jeans covering Tsubasa's thighs.

Tsubasa was so kind to roll his hips against Syaoron's exposed girth, making the boy cringe in a combination of pleasure and over-sensitivity.

He resumed fondling the brunette's balls, avoiding his standing erection altogether, and watched curiously from the corner of his eyes how Yuui fished a small bottle from Syaoron's discarded pants. Up until now Tsubasa had only seen oil been used for this kind of thing, and the jelly-like substance Syaoron had provided them with every single time looked quite interesting. He supposed other more developed worlds they had been in must have had the same stuff, but they simply hadn't known.

Syaoron got back to trying to open Tsubasa's jeans – a lot easier now Tsubasa could turn away his arm without having to release Syaoron's privates – and Yuui sat back down on his knees.

Realizing he was being stared at, Yuui gave Tsubasa a half-shy smile. He moved the fingers he slicked up with the gel down and leant to the side to capture Tsubasa's lips again.

Syaoron jerked, a low groan escaping his lips as he momentarily stopped his struggles with the jeans.

Something about Yuui tasted very sweet, even after so many kisses. Like strawberries, perhaps. And caramel. Strawberries and caramel? Tsubasa made sure to taste Yuui's mouth well, the man quivering slightly as he did so. It wasn't completely caramel, but is tasted a bit like it. Syrup?

"Stop trying to get Yuui's breakfast out," Syaoron suddenly snapped, apparently recognizing the way Tsubasa was tasting his lover. Both Tsubasa and Yuui chuckled, and after looking each other in the eyes shortly decided to ignore the complaining brunette.

This was revenge, after all. Tsubasa was rather certain Yuui had enough things to want revenge for on the boy as well.

Syaoron wasn't allowed to protest more, a sharp gasp signifying Yuui was taking care there would be no more verbal complaints for the moment. The bucking against his wrist turning too insistent, Tsubasa decided to wrap his fingers around the brunette's erection again, stroking torturously slow.

Syaoron moaned loudly, shuddering and curling up against Tsubasa's body. With a frown Yuui and Tsubasa ended their kiss, allowing Tsubasa to capture Syaoron's lips again to muffle the sounds. Secluded place or not, they were still in a public park.

Syaoron tugged wildly at Tsubasa's jeans, finally having them opened and now determined to get them down.

Tsubasa allowed him to push them down his hips, and even Yuui to pull them off completely from his ankles, but not without ridding the brunette in his lap of his shirt, leaving the boy completely naked in his lap. His pants weren't even properly gone yet when Syaoron had already shifted forwards, desperately pressing their erections together.

To Tsubasa's surprise Syaoron moved a hand back, touching at his own hole where Yuui had left him unattended for a bit while he was pulling off his own shirt and opening his pants. Tsubasa felt like smirking, not having expected to see the mischievous boy this desperate.

When Yuui returned Syaoron pushed Tsubasa down on his back. Not complaining about getting more attention, Tsubasa wove his fingers lightly in Syaoron's hazel hair when the boy slid up his shirt and started kissing his chest. He felt the shudder going through the brunette's body when Yuui pressed his fingers inside again, and the moan was muffled against his chest.

Less expected were Syaoron's prodding fingers against Tsubasa's hole.

So the treacherous kid hadn't been desperate for touch, but rather wanted to get lubrication on his fingers. Tsubasa should have known.

He growled, but didn't stop Syaoron. Even though he was sensitive of having been done two times already the past twenty-four hours, the feeling was not painful and not even that uncomfortable, considering he was still slightly stretched.

He wrapped one hand around Syaoron's thigh, ensuring the boy would keep straddling him and not get funny ideas from what he was doing. The other took hold of Syaoron's shaft again, irregularly pumping it to make the brunette as desperate as he could possibly get him.

With the bucking hips and needy whines he started emitting now, it seemed like that was quite desperate.

Tsubasa lightly kissed the top of Syaoron's head, as he was now too busy drooling on Tsubasa's chest to offer much more. He whimpered and whined, his fingers in Tsubasa's ass pumping frantically in a pace he was clearly wishing Tsubasa to copy. Tsubasa wouldn't do that though, and he merely moaned, arching his back to give the brunette better access.

Syaoron let out a needy sound as Yuui pulled his fingers out, hoisting Syaoron's body further up Tsubasa's. Syaoron had to retract his own fingers to stabilize himself, and he lay down on Tsubasa completely, knees pulled up at either side.

Had Tsubasa wanted he could have penetrated Syaoron easily in this position, but he had the feeling that would not be appreciated by either of the lovers. Instead, he'd lay down and enjoy the friction of Syaoron right on top of him as Yuui did so.

He managed to capture Syaoron's lips just in time to swallow the high pitched moan when Yuui slowly slid in. Syaoron trembled, and Tsubasa moved to massage his lower back. He wasn't too sure whether Syaoron did this often, considering his dominant behaviour both to Yuui and earlier with his twin around.

It didn't take the brunette long to relax, and Yuui smiled at Tsubasa. The blonde began a slow rhythm, pushing his lover with deliberate movements over Tsubasa's body. Tsubasa lifted his hips a little, generously offering Yuui better access.

Syaoron purposely rubbed himself against Tsubasa's erection, taking advantage of his gasp to dominate their kiss. Seemed like he couldn't put down control completely anytime.

Tsubasa let him. He was about ready to get desperate to be touched himself, only having been fingered a bit and some rubbing up against Syaoron. He'd been so focused to the other's body nobody had really touched him yet. He delighted in the way Yuui's hips started to snap against Syaoron's ass faster, sharp slaps of skin against skin signifying each time their erections would be stroked between their bodies. Their shafts felt hot and slightly wet on Tsubasa's stomach, and he pulled Syaoron down even closer to increase the friction.

Syaoron started having trouble to keep dominating the kiss, even while Tsubasa wasn't really trying to take over. Yuui's pace was fast and hard – much rougher than Tsubasa would have dubbed him – and Syaoron needed his breath to moan and whine in between.

Tsubasa lifted his hips a little higher, increasing the friction even more. He wanted to stroke himself, but Syaoron's body flat on top of him prevented him from reaching his length. The next snap of hips forced a strangled cry from Syaoron. Smirking for a moment, Tsubasa caught the brunette's lips again to muffle the next few as Yuui found his aim on his prostate. Sweat trickled down on Yuui's face, but his smile held some form of satisfaction Tsubasa had only witnessed between Kurogane and Fai. Something between lovers then.

He sincerely hoped to be able to make that face one day with Sakura.

"Y-Yuui," Syaoron moaned into Tsubasa's mouth. Tsubasa was close to do the same. This position was so cruel, in hindsight.

Syaoron's grip on Tsubasa suddenly tightened, and his entire body shuddered, curling up over Tsubasa. With a low moan hot wet seed spurted between their stomachs, gluing them together stickily.

Yuui kept on his rhythm until Syaoron grew slack, sagging on top of Tsubasa completely. To Tsubasa's surprise Yuui slipped his hands from Syaoron's hips to the pair below, picking up Tsubasa's ass to pull him up and slide in smoothly.

Tsubasa arched and cried out, Yuui too impatient to wait more than a few seconds for him to adapt. Syaoron captured his lips again, now muffling him as Yuui's hips resumed their sharp rhythm. Tsubasa scratched at the brunette's bare back, too sensitive now and too excited to last long.

When Yuui found his prostate he only needed to bump it three times for Tsubasa to cry out – swallowed by Syaoron – and add his seed to the mess between their bodies. He felt like he was convulsing, his peak strangely intense in his current state.

His leg shot up to curl around Yuui's hips in reflex when the blonde tried to pull out.

"N-no, Tsubasa," Yuui groaned, not able to finish his protest as he too came, filling Tsubasa's insides for the third time by now.

Tsubasa vaguely wondered whether it had really been such a wise idea to keep the man from pulling out the moment reached his peak, as he would be walking around leaking all day now, but the worry didn't quite reach his brain in his post-orgasmic bliss.

When Yuui pulled away Syaoron rolled off him in the grass. Giving him a satisfied smirk – the slightest bit meeker than the usual – he crawled to his pants and pulled a small washcloth from his pocket.

"You were too prepared," Tsubasa sighed, resting his head back.

"If you complain, I can let you dress with your stomach like that," Syaoron pointed out, wetting the washcloth in the pond. "I can only take off the bigger mess anyway, considering this water isn't really too great to use on your more sensitive parts."

Tsubasa send him a glare.

"You shouldn't have forced Yuui to come inside you, you know," Syaoron gave him another smirk, back to full mischief, "we don't have anything to clean that up."

"Yeah, I realized that much by now," he muttered, allowing Syaoron to scrub his stomach clean with a blank look. "I have a half mind to suspect you were the one who told Yuui to do that in the first place."

Yuui looked away, a guilty look on his face as he smoothed out his shirt back to presentable.

"Maaaybe," Syaoron sang, bunching up the washcloth back into his pocket after cleaning himself, pulling up his slacks as soon as possible.

Tsubasa groaned and rolled over, reaching for his jeans and dressing himself.

Not likely that limp was going to be over when they got back.


"Don't you think they're away for quite a while?" the travelling Fai asked curiously.

His equivalent teacher looked around, a mischievous smile on his face, "not at all! If it's Yuui and Syaoron..." he trailed off with some very over-the-top winks, and Syaoran felt the heat creep to his face once again.

"But Tsubasa is with them," the other Fai pointed out again.

"No doubt he knew what he was getting into," Syaoran grew even redder as he got a pointed mischievous look.

"It's all brother's idea, really," he quickly defended himself.

"Does this have something to do with what Yuui saw this morning, what he won't tell us?" The travelling Kurogane asked dangerously. Syaoran quickly scooted away a little, eyes wide and not sure how to answer.

"Don't worry, brother will spill it eventually if I pester him long enough!" Fai grinned like a madman.

"Maybe you'd better not..." Syaoran tried meekly.

"After all, Syaoron looked all too ready to tell us, and he can't keep up against both his brother and his lover!"

Syaoran felt the very strong urge to facepalm at the incredulous and horrified looks on the faces of the two travelers. Fai had done it once again.

He pitied Tsubasa for his return already.