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Max: So are there any guests for invited here for this new story, besides the Tamers here?

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(The Medabot cast enters.)

Terriermon: You really should spice up your introductions.

Me: Hey momentai!

Terriermon: That's my line!

Medabee: It's about time you write something about us! I was about to feel that you didn't care about us!

Terriermon: Ah, momentai metal-head!

Ikki: So what's this story about?

Me: Well since I couldn't find a way to but the Tamers in my Digimon/Pokemon fic for now, I decided to make them team up with you guys to kick some Digimon butt.

Medabee: Alright! I'm about to get Meda-busy on them Digi-dudes!

Terriermon: Uh that's a laugh. You'd be recycled when we Digivolve!

Henry: Terriermon!

Medabee: WHAT?! Oh now I'm really mad!

Terriermon: Geeze you're like a broken record, just like Henry here!

Henry: Terriermon! That's it! No more internet for a month!

Terriermon: Aw nuts!

                        Medabots/Digimon Tamers: Digital Fever

    Japan, Tokyo – 21XX - 10:23 PM

 Tokyo in the twenty-second century, where in that generation, in that day in age, people live and breath with robotic machines call Medabots. A Medabots' function is to be a human's companion. They mostly help out with most of their work, keep them company, and keep in touch with their schedule. Some Medabot have their own function, but within every Medabot's program, their main function is to battle. People, called Medafighters, train and modify his or her Medabot to be in top shape for robotic physical duels called Ro-battles.

 Night has covered the entire city of Tokyo for hours. The most of the citizens of Tokyo have already gone to sleep. However, there are a few who chose this time of night to have an all-brawl out Ro-battle. However, one Medafighter, named Spike, member of the schoolyard gang, the Screws, decide to choose this time to go out to the nearest store to buy a Meda-part. Accompanied by his trusty Medabot, Cyandog, he exited the store with his new Meda-part, and ventured home.

 "This new Meda-part is gonna rock! Just wait until the boss gets a load of this!" Spike said.

 "Are you sure it's wise to be out at this time of night, boss?" Cyandog asked. "The last time we were out…!"

 "Don't worry, Cyandog. Those Rockers were long gone. And we're not anywhere near the rough parts of town, so we're fine!"

 As the two continued home through an alley full of electric wires on the walls, the wires started to spark out electricity. Soon the walls were surging with so much electrical power, that it was giving Spike the creeps.

 "Uh….why are these wires going crazy?" Spike nervously asked. "I don't wanna be deep fried!"    

Finally the electricity died down, but as Spike sighed in relief, a thick fog appeared.

 "Great! Now I can't see...!  I want my mommy!" Spike whined.

Just then, Spike heard a low growl. The growl gave a cold shiver down through his spine, and it caused him to freeze in fear.

 "Did… hear…that, Cyandog?" Spike asked, but got no answer. "Cyandog?"

As he turned to his cybernetic friend, he found him shaking and shorting out.

 "You scared…too?" he asked.

 "No…  Some sort…  Of…  Interference!"

Now the growl got louder. No, it was more like a roar, and the roar led Spike's fear-grieved eyes toward a behind him. The source came from a pair of green glowing eyes. With one look of those eyes, Spike couldn't move period. Just when he thought he couldn't be even more afraid, the creature's shape finally revealed. It was a tall hairy yellow ape. Bits of its fur had red tips on its end, it wore a green band on its right forearm, and a red rope tied to a huge bone on its back.

 It glared at Spike so fearful, and then finally spoke:


With that, Spike finally got the nerve to grab his Medabot, and run away. As the fog lifted, the creature disappeared, but roared loud enough to be heard for miles, and especially to Spike.

   10: 55 PM

 In the suburban home of the leader of the Screws, Samantha, the female leader sleeps, until she heard some knocking on her window. She grumpily growled while she tiredly walked toward the window. At a moment like this, you would be a little scared to know what was knocking on your window, but this happens to Sam sometimes, and there is only one person she knows who would do this.

 "Spike, why are you here?" she asked as she rubbed her tired eyes. "It's almost eleven, and I need my beauty rest."

 "Y….you gotta come with me, boss! I saw something so horrible!"

 "For the last time: There are no monsters under your bed!"

 "No, I saw a real one! A BIG one! He looked like a radioactive ape, and he had teeth scarier then a lion, and…!"

 "Spike I have no time for your crap! Let me sleep before you notice some missing teeth from your gums!"

 "Please, boss! I'm not kidding! It was real! You gotta see it!"

 "There is no way I'm gonna leave my bed to see your pretend monster! Never!"

 11:15 PM

 "I can't believe I let you talk me into looking for your imaginary monster!" Sam said as she and Spike walked down the neighborhood with Cyandog, and Sloan, another Screw member. "We should be looking for this retard's brain out here.  Remind me to break Spike's jaw when this is all over, Sloan."

 "Yes, boss."

 "I know what I saw! It was a huge yellow ape. The freak did something to Cyandog; he couldn't move!" Spike said.

 "Maybe that stupid monkey medal finally malfunctioned. I told you that you should've exchanged that medal!" Sam said.

 "No way, boss! That medal makes what Cyandog is: My friend!"

 "Oh that is so pathetic!"

At that moment, a fog appeared. It was the same thickness that Spike and Cyandog was in. Spike started to freak out and hid behind Sam.

 "Get off me! It's just fog!" she shouted.

 "Boss, this is what happened when I bumped into that monkey!" Spike said as his knees buckled.

Just then, a loud roar startled the kids, and Spike started to screech like a girl.


 "Uh….maybe it's just that stupid Ankle Bitters gang trying to scare us again." Sam said, as she started to tremble as well.

 From out of nowhere, the monster landed with an extraordinarily loud thud right in front of the kids.  It gave a sickening smile as its beady little eyes pierced into the kids' very souls

 "THE…  THAT'S HIIIIIIIM!!!!" Spike shouted as he pointed at the creature just as stiff like a statue.

 "What in the hell is this thing?" Sam said as she froze in fear. She then made an attempt to shake it off, at least she tried, and raised her arm and pressed a button on her watch. "Well….this freak is going down! TRANSPORT PEPPERCAT!"

Sloan did the same: "TRANSPORT TOTILIZER!"

A blue laser shot from their watches, and their Medabots, Peppercat and Totilizer appeared. Sam and Sloan quickly put their medals in their Medabots, and their robots came to life, ready to battle.  The beast, some what confused by the bright lights coming from the kids' watches, angered him, and he grabbed a large bone-like club which was behind his back then rushed the three meta fighters with a thunderous roar

 "Take this freak out, Peppercat!" Sam shouted in her Meda-Watch.

 "Attack, Totilizer!" Sloan shouted.

The two Medabots rushed in to battle with the odd ape, but as they got closer to it, they started to malfunction just like Cyandog did.

 "What's wrong with you, Peppercat? Why did you stop?" Sam shouted. Sam looked at her watch when it beeped.

 Error! Error! Electrical interference occurred! Error! Error!

 "See! That's what happened to Cyandog!" Spike shouted.

 "Ha! HA! Pathetic human made weaponry!" it shouted.

 "It…it…. it talked!" Sam startled. She would never except a strange creature to even speak one word of English.


The monster swung its bone with lightning speed, smashing the Medabots far into a dumpster.

 "TOTILIZER!!" Sloan shouted.

Warning! Total damage to entire body! Function ceased! Function ceased!

 "PEPPERCAT!!" Sam shouted as she rushed to her mangled Medabot.

Warning! Total damage to legs and right arm! Function ceased! Function ceased!

 "I don't…..don't know what….what happened." Peppercat said. "There was….some kind of interference. We…we couldn't move!"

 "That thing….it took out Totilizer in one hit!" Sloan said.

The creature turned to the Screws and slowly walked towards them.

 "What should we do, boss?" Spike asked. "Our Medabots are destroyed!"

 "There's only one thing to do in a situation like this……..RUN LIKE HELL!!!!"

The Screws grabbed what was left of their mutilated Medabots and dragged them away. The creature watched them run in absolute fear, and smiled.

 "These humans! Such a waste of space!"

  7: 30 AM

 Morning has arisen in the first day of the weekday, and that means its time for the children to go to school. A boy with black hair, a red shirt, and black paints, named Ikki, walked to school with his Medabot companion, named Medabee, and his best friend, Erika. As they ventured to another day of school, a boy around his age stood in front of them. He had long brown hair, wore a green headband with the Medabot logo on it, brown-red eyes, a green hooded sweatshirt, long black paints, and black and white shoes. He stood an inch taller then Ikki, and he has a green Meda-Watch on his left wrist.

 "Are you Ikki Tenrio?" he asked.

 "Yeah, what about it"

 "Well then, I challenge you and that outdated crap you call a Medabot, to a Ro-battle!"

 "YOU'RE ON!!" Medabee shouted.

 "How many times do I have to tell you: I'm supposed to say that?" Ikki shouted.

 "Hey I don't need you to make my decisions!"

 "Oh yeah sure, like you can get survive just fine without me!"

 "I'm my own Medabot! I can survive without you! "

The challenger moved over to Erika and whispered: "Uh this is the first time I ever seen a Medabot argue with its own Medafighter."

 "Yeah, they deserve to be in the hall of losers!" Erika said. "Will you guys shut up?! Come on, Ikki, if you're late for school, you're gonna get in trouble again, and you don't want to be in Coach Mountain's torture treatment, do you?"

 "You got a point!" Ikki said. "Okay, buddy! You're on!"

 "Then it's agreed!"

Just then, a manhole cover busted open. As the kids noticed, they looked startled and confused as a slender figure appeared from the sewer.

 "I OFFICIALLY DECLARE THIS MATCH TO BE A SUBMISSION RO-BATTLE!!!  AS SUCH, I, MISTER REFEREE, AM THE OFFICIAL REFEREE IN THIS RO-BATTLE!!!!  The rules are simple, the first Medabot to stop the other from functioning, wins! The loser must submit one meda part to the winner for keeps!"

 "How in the hell does guy just appear out of the blue and always on cue?" Erika asked.

 "One of the mysterious of life. I've come to learn to accept and expect Mr. Referee to be my one and only official referee in all of my ro-battles" Ikki said.

"That is so retared." The boy interrupts

Mr. Referee shouts "MEDAFIGHTERS READY!?"

 "Not yet!" the boy shouted. "TRANSPORT MEDABOT!"

From the blue laser, his Medabot appeared. It has a dark blue helmet with two little pointy things sticking out on the top, and pointing back. It also has an upside down triangle with two little triangles near two sides on it that glowed orange. It has a brown collar covering half his face. All you can see is his green eyes, and part of a piece that looks like a beak. His chest is dark blue also, with that triangle sign on it, and he wore brown metal gloves with holes on the front which its obvious it shoots something from it. Its legs are also dark blue and its hind legs are like bird legs with bird like claws. Attached to his back are two sais attached together in a X.


 Medafighter: Vill

 Type: CNB Ninja Bird

 Specialty: Ninja Star Bombs.

"A CNB type!" Ikki said. "Be careful, Medabee! Vice-Blazer is faster then Peppercat!"

"Yeah, yeah! I know!" 

"Medabots, RO-BATTLE!!!"

Medabee starts the battle off by shooting his laser cannons, but Vice-Blazer effortlessly dodged it in a blink of an eye. Medabee looked around but couldn't find him.

 "Where did he go?" he said.

 "Medabee! Behind you!" Ikki shouted.

Vice-Blazer appeared behind Medabee, and attacked with a well placed powerful kick on his back before Medabee even knew he was there.

 "Argh, you cheep little..!" Medabee shouted right before Vice-blazer quickly kicked him again but this time in the chest.

"Is that the best you got?" shouted Medabee.

 "Good thing that Vice-Blazer has weak physical strength." Ikki said as he watched the battle.  "Some of ViceBlazer's attributes are wasted in his speed, but he still makes a tough opponent to beat."

 "Yeah, especially when he use this!" Vill shouted. "Double Sai!"

ViceBlazer pulled out a pair of sharp sais and swung them so fast, Medabee barely avoided them.

 "Medabee, fire your missiles!" Ikki shouted.

 "You got it! MISSILE LAUNCH!!"

Medabee jumped far back and fired his missiles. But ViceBlazer back-flipped from the missiles' impact and fired ninja stars from his glove. Medabee ran to the sides of the road, avoiding the stars. ViceBlazer seized fire, and gracefully jumped on top of a fence, near Medabee, and jumped at him with his sais, but Medabee jumped back and fired his laser cannons, which ViceBlazer blocked every bullet.

"Like I always say: The hand is quicker then the bullet!" Vill said.

"He's too fast! He's probably faster then Sumilidon!" Erika said.     

 "Yeah, he blocks and dodges every single shot Medabee throws at him." Ikki thought. "There's gotta be a way to get through his defense." After some quick thinking, Ikki had brainstorm. "Single….single?..That's it! Medabee, fire some homing missiles past him!"

 "What good will that..?" Medabee asked as he was dodging ViceBlazer's stars.

 "Just do it!"


Medabee fired twin missiles that flew by ViceBlazer.

 "Now fire your laser cannons, and don't stop until I say so!"


Medabee rapidly fired his cannons, which as usual; ViceBlazer blocked all the rounds with his sais. As he did, the missiles made a u-turn and headed straight for ViceBlazer's back.

 "Naw, ViceBlazer, behind you!" Vill shouted.

Too late. The missiles made a direct hit, and ViceBlazer suffered heavy damage. It was now the opportunity for Medabee to give him the final blow.

 "Kiss your bot good bye!" Medabee shouted. With one hard punch, ViceBlazer's medal popped out. "BOO YA!!"

 "Function ceased!" Mr. Referee shouted. "The winner is MEDABEE!"

 "Alright!" Ikki and Erika cheered.

 "Aw crap!" the challenger shouted as he angrily pound the ground.

 "Dude,….I rock!" Medabee said as he proudly stood over his fallen opponent.

 Digimon Tamer zone – Hypnos building – 7:40 AM

 It has been over a month since the D-Reaper's demise. All life has been backed to normal. It was like before the whole Digimon incident happened. Since there hasn't been any Digimon trying to bio-emerge to the real world, the Hypnos were just about to decide to shut down. A man with blond hair, and a black suit sat in a chair in a strange computer room, playing with a lighter, while two ladies were sitting on chairs with computers high up near a net like ceiling.

 "Any thing new?" the man asked.

 "No, sir! There hasn't been anything for about a month." The woman with purple hair said. "I think after the D-Reaper, all openings have been closed off."

 "Keep searching. You can never be too sure. I want all of the Digital World scanned before we decide to call it quits. I want every opening closed and any Digimon trying to bio-emerged deleted."

 "But sir, haven't we…?"

 "We will not destroy all Digimon. Just keep them away from our world. I don't want dark ones or anything like the D-Reaper here."

 "Sir, I spotted one trying to bio-emerge!" another woman with short hair said.

 "A wild one?"

 "Yes but this one just destroyed Yuggoth!" up on the ceiling, with the radar nets, the target disappeared. "Sir, it just bio-emerged."

 "Can you pinpoint its location?"

 "I'm scanning all city coordinates, and I'm finding nothing! It's like it never entered our world at all."

 As the blonde man played with his lighter, he smiled and said: "Perhaps they found a new playground."

 Medabot zone – Tokyo public school – 7:40 AM

(A/N: I don't know the name of their school.)

Ikki, Erika, and their new friend, Vill, made it just in time to school. After Vill stopped being a jerk to them, he already became friends with the two. All the students were waiting outside for school to start. Medabee was hanging out on a tree in school grounds.

 "So you're a new student, Vill?" Erika asked.

 "Yeah I just moved here from Hong Kong. Say how come we had to rush here so quickly? I mean I know we'll get in trouble if we're late and all…."

 "Trust me; you do not want to know about Coach Mountain's treatment." Ikki said.

Near the tree where Medabee is, the Screws were asleep, well Spike and Sam was awake, but their eyes were baggy.

 "Let me guess: You guys stayed up for that Tales of the Crypt marathon, huh?" Erika asked.

 "Are you kidding? We lived in one last night!" Spike said.

 "What do you mean?" Ikki asked.

 "Last night, we met up with a scary yellow ape, with this huge bone. He broke our Medabots like nothing."

 "We would've made him beg for mercy if it wasn't for that freak to mess with bots somehow." Sam said.

 "A monster?" Erika asked. "Please! I believed in something like that, called the Gimme Ghost, and it turned out to be the Rubber-Robo Gang!"

 "Yeah it was probably those guys." Ikki said.
 "No this one was the real deal! A lot more creepy then the Gimme Ghost!" Spike said.

 "Yeah whatever! Next time, don't stay up so late for a cheap show." Erika said as she and her friends left.

 "Who were those guys?" Vill asked.

 "They're the Screws, a Medabot gang who are nothing but bullies." Ikki said. "They'll say anything just for cheap laughs."

 "Yeah, I mean a huge yellow ape with a bone? Oh come on! Who would believe that?" Erika asked.

 "Yeah, what a bunch of bull!" Vill said.

As the bell ranged, all the students entered in the building.

 "Well guess its time for another day of hell, huh?" Vill said.

 "You'll get used to this place." Erika said.

Just then, another fog appeared all over the school. The lights started to turn on and off, and the speakers were malfunctioning with loud sound, the kids had to cover their ears.

 "Why are all the electronics going crazy?" Ikki asked.

 "Call me stupid, but I think it has something to do with this fog." Vill said. "Well go ahead; call me stupid!"

 "I'm not!"

 "It's too thick, I can't see anything!" Erika said.

 The Screws screamed as they ran toward the trio. The fear from the monster they battled still was in their souls; even they feared the fog.

 "IT'S HIM! HE FOLLOWED US?" Spike shouted as he held on to Erika.

 "Will you guys get a grip? It's just a fog!" Erika shouted as she pushed him off.

At that moment, a huge bone clashed in the middle of the kids, startling them. Then the same creature that attacked the Screws landed near the bone, making the kids move far back.

 "AHH! THAT'S HIM!!!" Spike shouted.

 "Holy Meda-Rolly!" Ikki gasped. "What is that?"

 "A brand new King Kong with a love for bones?" Vill said. The gang looks at him all confused. "Just a thought."

After the creature roared, it eyed at the Screws and pointed its bone at them, giving them the same look he gave them last night.

 "You shall pay for disturbing me!" it shouted as it swung its bone at them, which they jumped out of the way, and ran away.

 "Who or what are you?" Erika shouted, while she tired to hold her fear inside.

 "I am Apemon, a digital ape! Any thing that stands in my way deserves to be crushed with my bone club, for example: YOU! "

 "We ain't gonna stand here and wait for some hero to save us!" Vill said as he set his Meda-Watch.

 "Yeah, we'll be the heroes!" Ikki said. "MEDABEE!"


After a second from their call, Medabee and ViceBlazer emerged through the fog, and smashed the monster with their fist and foot.

 "Get ready, banana breath, cause I'm gonna Medabee bop ya!" Medabee said as he fired his laser cannons.

 "Prepare to meet your death, furball!" ViceBlazer said as he fired his ninja star shooter.

Both attacks nailed Apemon, but he was still standing.

 "Do you think human weaponry will stop me? Think again! MEGA BONE STICK!!"

Apemon swung his bone, causing some damage at Medabee, but missing ViceBlazer.

 "Ouch, didn't see that coming!" Medabee said as he held his left arm.

Warning! 70% damage to left arm.

 "I can't believe this guy's power!" Ikki said. "We could use a little help, Erika!"

 "Right! TRANSPORT BRASS!" Erika shouted as her sailor type Medabot, Brass, appeared. When Brass tired to join in the battle, like the Screws' Medabots, she malfunctioned.

Error! Error! Electrical interference occurred. Error! Error!

 "An interference?" Erika repeated. "Brass, are you okay?"

 "I….can't…move!" she said.

 "What's causing the interference?" Ikki asked.

 "I guess the Screws were right. That thing must have the ability to cause interference to all electrical objects, including Medabots!" Vill said.

 "That's not fair! Nothing happened to yours and Ikki's!" Erika said.

While they were arguing, Medabee was dodging Apemon's bone attacks while ViceBlazer shoot some stars at his back.

 "Maybe it's because of Medabee's rare medal." Ikki said. "It's immune to the interference."

 "But how else can Vill's Medabot not be affective too? Unless…..!" Erika said.

 "Vill, where did you find your medal?" Ikki asked.

 "I found it buried underground in a woods in my old town. It was inside a small chest. Why you ask?"

 "Ikki, ViceBlazer has a rare medal, too!" Erika shouted in surprise. "It's the only explanation!"

As Medabee was thrown back by Apemon, he turned to ViceBlazer, as the Medabot draws his sais and rushed toward the creature.


 Apemon's fur turned metal, and his metallic fur defected the sais. After his fur quickly turned to normal, Apemon nailed ViceBlazer with his bone. He rushed over to the fallen Medabee and prepared to finish him off, when he felt something jabbing his back. He turned around to find a malfunctioned Brass pointing her cannons at him. 

 "I'll crush you like tin cans!" Apemon shouted as he raised his bone.

 "No, BRASS!" Erika cried.

At the last minute, before the bone made impact, Medabee flew toward Brass, and pushed her out of the way, but he got the punishment instead of Brass. As Brass got up, he looked past her shoulder to find Medabee lying on the floor with most of his armor crushed.

 "MEDABEE!" she cried.

Warning! Left arm total damage! Function ceased! Body damage 65%. Head damage 50 %.

 "Medabee! Get up!" Ikki shouted.

 "There…is…no way…..nobody ain't….gonna find out….that Medabee got beaten…BY A MONKEY!!!" the Hercules beetle type shouted as his eyes glowed. 

As Medabee struggled to get up, he was glowing in a gold energy.

 "Listen up! When I see red, you see green! Not a good color choice for you!" Medabee shouted. "It's time to kiss your mon-butt good bye! MEDA FORCE!!!!"  

Medabee fired a huge energy blast from his cannons, and nailed Apemon. Apemon struggled to keep on standing, but he taken out of his last energy, and he was blown to bits of data.

 "He just…..blew up into bits!" Ikki said as the fog lifted. "How is that possible?"

 "I don't know, maybe he's made of zeros and ones like a program! He did mention that he's a digital ape." Vill said.

 "Yeah right!" Erika said.

Ikki rushed to his fallen Medabot. As he picked him up, he eyed at Erika.

 "Erika, will it be alright if Brass took Medabee back to my house?"

 "Yeah sure! Brass, how are you feeling?"

 "A little better. The interference stopped when Medabee destroyed that monster." She said.

 "Great, and can you take Medabee to Ikki's house? We have to get to class before we do a hundred laps!"

 "Yes of course, Miss Erika!"

 "Hey guys, what do you mean about the rare medals?" Vill asked. "Do you mean ViceBlazer has one too?"

 "He probably does!" Ikki said. "How else can you explain why ViceBlazer didn't get affected by the interference?"


 "NO WAY!!" the boys cried as they dashed to the school.

As Brass carried Medabee home, the kids hurried to class while ViceBlazer vanished like a ninja.

 "Just what was that thing?" Ikki asked himself. "I sure hope there isn't more where he came from."

End of part 1…….

Tai: Good question. To find out if there are more Digimon in their world, stay tuned to next Medabot/Digimon Tamers: Digital Fever.

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Me: Hope you readers liked this. Now to end this with a few quotes.

"You coward, you should've run away like me!" ~Ikki~ Medabots

"Spill it, gold-face! What's your angle?" ~Erika

"From up here, a pretty good angle!" ~Space-Medafighter X~ Medabots

"Okay, just keep on walking and don't look back at her…. I gotta say that shirt looks pretty good!....Opps!" ~Takato

 "Just keep on walking." ~Henry~ Digimon Tamers