Hi-de-oh people…once again, no chapter…SORRY, SORRY, GOMEN…because even though I started one, I'm a bit in a pickle. I'm making a choice to see if I should do this or not…something that I hope will be an apology for the HELL of a long wait.

(The Medafighters and Medabots enters.)

Hey guys…long time no see, huh?

Ikki: LONG time…while we're out there dealing with deadly Kilobots and that insane Pam, you're too busy sitting on your butt to even continues this story…what gives?

Hey, hey, squeaky…I'm just…

Ikki: Squeaky…?!

Yeah, your new voice…~snicker~…nice. I'm surprised you came in here with your original now.

(Erika tries to hold a laugh along with the others.)

Ikki: It…it was helium build up; I swear.

(The gang then drowns in laughter.)


Hahahah…sorry...HAHAhahah…no I'm not…squeaky.

(More laughter hits the fan.)

Ikki: Grrrrr…..SHUT UP!!!!

(I pull myself up with my desk.) Okay…boy I needed that…as for you Erika, yours may not be as…~snicker~ squeaky as Ikki's but I prefer your original voice.

Erika: (With original voice…like it should be) Hey, I for one am glad about it…(Goes into girly mode) Its because I'm growing up into an beautiful and stunning woman.

Ikki: Or into King Kong.


(And Ikki lies dead on the floor with a large bump on his head.)

???: Does that happens every day or something.

When Ikki opens his big mouth, yes. Oh…I've seen season 3, well some of it, and I for one ain't very fond of it, with their dull characters…~sniff~, and no Mr. Referee.

Koji: Yeah, and how dare they pull me out of the show. Have they forgotten that it was I who kept that sad show going with my amazing talents and looks?

Although there are times that I'm glad you're not in it.

Koji: HEY!!!!

Anywise, I invited three of my favorite characters from that season; Dr. Aki's granddaughter and Karin's aunt: Ms. Nae.

Nae: (Sitcom applause) Oh…thank you. Its great to be here and I see that I'm meeting those from the past season that I believed that should be in the show, including my niece here.

Karin: It's alright, Aunt Nae. At least it gives me ample time to do some fun filled cleaning.

-_-' You're the first person who enjoys cleaning. Anywise, Ms. Nae, the one who created Metabee's new body, the sweet and kind mechanic and Metabee's apple of his eye.

Metabee: (Blushes after everyone, expect Nae caught him drooling over her.) What…What?

Terriermon: Am I gonna get an invitation to your wedding, bot-boy?

Metabee: (Goes over the limit shades of red.) WHAT?!?! NOW I'M REALLY MAD!! (Launches at Terriermon who leaped over and giggles.) HOLD STILL CVAUSE I'M HUNTING WABBITS!

Terriermon: Neee…can't catch me, doc! ~giggles~

~sigh~…our next guest is one of my most favorites who almost has the same Medabots as Space Medafighter X and former bad guy: Ginkai and ArcDash!

(Ginkai gives a rebellious snort as he turns away from the camera, but his Medabot waves.)

ArcDash: What's up, people. Yes it's me, Arcdash, here to brighten up your day, ain't that right, Ginkai?

Ginkai: Eh whatever…

Arcdash: Don't mind him; he's just camera shy.

Ginkai: Quiet!

You know, I kind of wish you were around earlier, that way you would be partnered with Henry, and wouldn't have to create Vill.

Vill: HEY!!! What, I'm not interesting enough for you?

Well Max Acorn seems to be your fan, and that's good enough.

Vill: Eh… (Mirrors Ginkai's move and turns away.)

Great…two of them…okay, let's get on with the recap. You all read along...why? Cause it'll be very entertaining cause our comic trio will be hosting: Ikki, Metabee, and Takato!

The three of them: What do you mean by that?

Heh…just get in to the next room.

Ikki: Fine…  

Ikki: Hey Meda-fans…and Digi-fans. It's been a while but I was busy kicking Pam's Kilobot-butt. The name's Ikki Tenryou: WRC superstar.

Metabee: Yo, Ikki! You're boring my loyal fans out there!

Ikii: They're my fans, Metabee!

Metabee: Whatever, pal! You're lucky my voice box is tired of laughing at your new high pitch voice.

Ikki: Hey, I took some medicine to cure it, now shut up, Metabee…

Metabee: Well next time don't play around in that blimp on that field trip we went!

Ikki: It wasn't my fault I thought it was fun to play around with my voice, while spinning around in circles!

Metabee: Then who fault was it, huh, squeaky…?

Takato: Guys, can we just get on with it?

Ikki: Fine…And you all know my arrogant Medabot, Metabee here, right…? Right…anywise, we're here to refresh your memory on the previous events on Digital Fever for those who have lousy memory, or for those who're Mon Wars fans and never read this story. To help me out, since Metabee never could help me with my homework for beans…

Metabee: HEY!!

Ikki: …Here is the goggle boy of the Tamers: Takato Matsuki!

Takato: Uh, hey there…you millions…and….millions…~gulp~…uh, are we live?

Metabee: Depends on your definition. Do you mean live as in living, not dead, or live as in…?

Ikki: Metabee!

Metabee: I was talking, Ikki!

Takato: Boy, you two…~sigh~…okay, let's let Ikki start.

Ikki: Gladly…~ahem…


Ikki: It all started when Spyke was just making a letting trip to the 24 Hop Mart when he walked into some weird fog, which we later discover it to be called: Digital field. A strange creature scared the pants off of the guy, and something in the fog was causing Cyandog to go all numb and sparky. Even later on with all the Screws, their Medabots were also affected by the presence of this ape creature, leaving their bots scraped.

Metabee: If I was there, first, I'd introduced banana breath to good ol' mister knuckle-five, then, I'd…

Ikki: Do you MIND, Metabee…? Anywho, the next day, Metabee, Erika, and I met this new kid from Hong Kong named Vill Takashi and his ninja-crow Medabot, Viceblazer. We found out he was a serious sore loser after Metabee beat his Medabot.

Metabee: Mmm hmm, that's right.

Ikki: When leading our new friend to the school, that digital field followed the Screws, and the creature, known as Apemon, came to run amuck. It turns out, only Medabots with rare medals can fight without resulting in error; IE: Metabee and Viceblazer.

Metabee: No surprise I whipped a can of Metabee whoop-ass on that poor sucka.

Ikki: Yeah, keep bragging…Takato?

Takato: Wha…? Um, well meanwhile me and Rika had a little argument…but I don't think that's important right now…

Metabee: Yeah right.

Ikki: Rintaro informed us that an insect monster was attacking the Rosewood Private School; school of my fair, beautiful, and gorgeous future wife: Karen Jumai. It was up to me to rescue my darling!   

Metabee: Dude, quit drooling over my new bod. You know you ain't getting any with her!

Ikki: Don't talk trash about my chances with my true love…sides, what about you and Ms. Nae, hmmm?

Metabee: (blushing) Gckgckcgkck…HEY…SHUT IT!!!

Ikki: (Circling around Metabee.) Ms. Nae and Metabee sitting in a tree; K-I-S-S-I-N-G…!


Takato: WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?!!?!!?

(Both Meda-duos froze as Takato gasped at what he did.)

Ikki and Metabee: Whoa…!

Takato: Sorry, sorry, sorry…! ~sigh~…Maybe the author should've paired you with Davis and his gang instead. You two would make an understandable friendship.

Ikki: Wha…? Never mind. Back to the story…: There were two of them, and neither the powers of Metabee or Viceblazer could overcome them.

Metabee: I could've taken them on. They were lucky the sun got in my eyes.

Ikki: Yeah sure, Metabee. Life is so cruel to Mr. Macho here.

Metabee: Are you being sarcastic?

Ikki: Oy…anywise, then a miracle happened. A light came into my Meda-Watch and when I pressed it, it changed Metabee; making him grow or something into a larger version of my Medabot: Gran-Metabee.

Metabee: I used that to take my phrase as 'squash em like bugs' seriously. Do I rock, or what?

Ikki: We don't have much time here, Metabee. Now, even though Metabee returned to normal, we brought this up to Dr.Aki and showed him what we call: Meda-Upgrade. We also wanted to figure out a way to stop the interference the regular Medabots suffered when those monsters comes.

Takato: Meanwhile, it was months since us Tamers defeated the D-Reaper, and we had to sacrifice our Digimon to the Digital World to do so. I felt really bad about that, but just when I lost hope, Guilmon came back to me. He really did, along with the other Digimon through the same entrance we went through to the Digital World.

Ikki: While we were searching for a monster, a crazy thing called Gargolyemon found us and practically slaughtered Metabee and Rokusho. I think someone up there loves us, cause Erika's Medabot: Brass Meda-Upgrade to a tall woman Medabot: Telga-Brass, and showed that demon what happens when you mess with Medabots.

Metabee: Though I had to make some sense into that girl for the next time she wants to act like me.

Ikki: No one cares, Metabee. Unlike Gran-Metabee, it took a while for Telga-Brass to change back. But we met a nice monster named Otamamon, and he told us about these Digimon, and we used his DNA to fix the error problem for the Medabots who has no rare medal.

Takato: Rika's family invited all of us Tamers and family to dinner, expect Ryo…I swear, I think she might have a thing for him and she doesn't want to admit it…

Rika's voice from back stage: WHAT WAS THAT, GOGGLE-HEAD?!?!?!

Takato: ~gulp~

Metabee: Hahaha…someone's getting the dog-house tonight! Hahaha…!

Takato: What does that mean…?

Ikki: Ignore him. Just continue.

Takato: Um…okay…when Yamaki informed us that we have a new crisis in our hands. It was hard for our parents to let us go, but they had to. Even though danger was in another world, we couldn't let that threat reach our home. Thanks to Hypnos and the Monster Makers, we all made it to the Digital World, along with an unexpected traveler: Alice.

Ikki: While the Screws were trying to learn the Meda-Upgrade, these boar-Digimon called Boarmon attacked them, led by an annoying cat called BlackGatomon. They were nothing, but their leader, Baronmon, wasn't, and took us on a painful ride. Hell must have frozen, cause Spyke and Cyandog saved us?!?! (Repeat: ?!?!?!)  Not only that, he beat the rest of the Screws to it in Meda-Upgradtion and turned Cyandog to a powerhouse machine: Cyanbull.

Takato: In the Digital World, we ran face to face with an old enemy: IceDevimon. With his new strength he whipped the floor of our Ultimate level Digimon, but we kicked butt in the end. How did he get so strong? We don't know. We all got separated in Rosewood after crashing into the Yuggoth Program. But when I found Rika and Henry…(Narrow eyes on Ikki.) Ikki, Erika, Vill and their Medabots had to pick a fight with us!

Ikki: Give us a break. We thought you were the bad guys…fighting all those Digimon is stressful.

Metabee: I wasn't fooled. No siree, not Metabee here.

Takato: Uh…sure you were, Mr. Sensible… (Metabee: WHAT…?!) …that fight was uncalled for, but you're all forgiven. After we settled in on their homes, we discovered a horde of Vilemon in a construction site. They were led by an evil copy of Beelzemon called Bale-Beelzemon. That was like out of some action movie with good guys fighting evil twins. Man, I love a good evil twin fight, like Sonic vs Shadow or Metal Sonic, Mario vs Wario, Spider-Man vs Ven…

Ikki and Metabee: TAKATO!!

Takato: Sorry…after smashing the tar out of poor Impmon, for some reason, he sucked Guilmon's, Renamon's, and Terriermon's DNA. It had something to do with the DigiDestined, but I guess that's not our problem now.

Ikki: The next day we met a new Medafighter named Alexia, who Vill seems to have a grudge with. Another digital threat just popped up right after I had a glorious double date with my fare Karin ~dreamy sigh~ and Takato and Jeri. It was a trap, and we were surrounded by the Rubberobos' Phoenix Medabots, and they had their own Digimon: A powerful monster called MetalDevidramon.

Takato: Not only that, IceDevimon followed us, and joined these baddies too. He bit the dust thanks to Peppercat's Champion form: Electracat. Not only that, to the goodness of all our hearts, for the Tamers I mean, Jeri's Digimon came back from the dead: Leomon…at least as a Digi-Egg, but still… LEOMON!!

Ikki: I can't believe Samantha saved that creepy Tamer.

Takato: You mean Rika? Hey, she has a soft side…too bad she likes to make boys wet their pants…~sigh~ After attending Ikki's school and enduring ~shudder~ Coach Mountain's laps, another bio-emergence happened in Rosewood School's amusement park. I don't know what's up with digital heaven, but they decide to let Dobermon come back to Alice. But things got worse when we were fighting Etemon from the TV show…COOL!!!

Ikki: You would call an annoying yellow ape with a bad Elvis impression 'cool'?

Takato: Um…would you believe that he's my hero?

Ikki: I'm not gonna touch that…after seeing him hurting my best friend, Erika and Brass, me and Metabee…uh, lost our cool then.

Takato: 'Lost your cool'…? YOU WENT BALLISTIC!! Good thing Space Medafighter X cooled them down, otherwise Gran-Metabee would've evolve to a Medabot version of SkullGreymon or something far…~shudder~…but some other Medabot took his place without his human partner to show some anger or something…Arcbeetle. Crashing into Digi-gnome evolved him to his Ultimate level: Arcadrabeetlemon…jeez that's a long name.

Ikki: No kidding…that thing was like…something from hell. None of our Medabots could stop him, even in their Meda-Upgrade forms, and when the Tamers' Digimon came so close, Dr. Meda-Evil came from nowhere and somehow took control of that thing. Select Corp couldn't stop it, the combined forces of the Ultimate Digimon couldn't stop it, the Meda-Upgrade Medabots and Digimon couldn't stop it…it was all up to me and Gran-Metabee…and seeing that bot evolve to a blood thirsty monster was getting to me. But I conquered my fears and Gran-Metabee Meda-Upgrade to his next form: Megalobeemon and saved Arcbettle.

Metabee: Please stop…all the phrases are killing me…naw, just kidding…phrase away…I know I rock!

Ikki: Unbelievable…I told AnT that line would get Metabee started.

Takato: Anywise, the next day, Henry decided us Tamers to tour the Meda-Corp, leaving the Medafighters to patrol the town. Meda-Evil was playing hardcore, and he created half Digimon, half Medabots of our old playmates; the Devas. (Metabee: Dum, dum, daaaaaaauuum!) A Medabot version of Majiramon made way to torch Meda-Corp, but we played football and intercepted the Digimon, leaving Vill's Medabot to Meda-Upgrade to his Ultimate form: Gyphogumon.

Metabee: I could've taken him…just that punk just had to hit and run like a little belly pu…


Metabee: What…?

Ikki: You…never mind…Boy, what a busy day we had, cause another Deva Medabot kicked in: Mihiramon. Even from a bad way, Samantha saved the day; Meda-Upgrading Electracat to Leotramon.

Takato: That just leaves me, Henry and Rika to deal with these mystery fighters. Who they are? We don't know. What other Medabot will Meda-Upgrade next? You'll just have to find out next time.

Metabee: Till then, let's get on to that kick ass Metabee who'll put the Medabee-bopping on these hiding punks. Oh yeah, let's let em get some…

Ikki: Metabee, you're not in this one.

Metabee: Gckckckickck….GAAAAHHH!! THAT'S BULL!! I want justice! Someone get my agent on the phone! We're talking lawsuit here! (Runs off.)

Takato: Uh….do you…

Ikki: He'll be fine. Just let him run around in fury. Hopefully he'll bash his head, and that'll smash some sense into that thick computer skull of his.

Takato: O…kay.  

Ikki: Anywise, saying from AnT…because that he made you all wait for so long, AnT is trying to come up with ways to bring forth the cast from Medabots season 3…EVEN THE KILOBOTS!?! OH COME ON!!! We're already on ropes with the RubberRobos! Is he trying to kill us?

Takato: 'RubberRobos'….hahahah…what, some whacked out version of Team Rocket?

Ikki: I'm afraid so, and after dealing with Pam, I'm starting to miss them…well it's an IF decision to use season 3, but he'll try.

(Enter Erika and Rika.)

Takato: Oh hey Rika-group.

Rika: O.-….what does that mean?

Takato: Well your names do sound alike…oh, by the way Erika, I seen the third season…I don't exactly feel the older voice, but at least it sounds better than Ikki's here.

Ikki: HEY…!!!

Erika: Well can't you people deal that my voice matured…(Suddenly poses all girly like in on of those romance novels, with her hand gingerly touching her blushing face and flowers flow by her in the background.) …and perhaps I'm growing up into a fair and beautiful woman?

Ikki: Or perhaps growing up into the next Godzilla?


(And Ikki knocks unconscious with a large bump on his head.)

Rika: Serves him right…oh, and Goggles…?


Takato: (Massages his cheek from the punch in the face.) OW…!

Rika: That was for me liking Mr. Perfect!

Takato: Jeez…it must be love…

Erika: Yeah…between you two…~tee hee~

Takato and Rika: HUH?!?!!?

Erika: Oh gee look at the time…GOTTA FLY!!! (Dashes off)

(Takato and Rika in pursuit.)


Oy…kids. Okay people, here's the deal. I decided to change the story a little to perhaps put in…the characters from season 3. That's right people, the Kilobots, Pam, Ginkai, Nae, Suzy, Tak, and almost all of those people.

Karin: Almost…?

Well there might be some who won't be in it, like that Mystery Medafigther…we only need one people, and Space Medafighter X and Henry of Medabots are da man!

Karin: Da man…? Shouldn't it be da men…? Cause you're speaking as in two people, thus should be plural…

Vill: ~sigh~…Karin, it's just bad-boy talk.

Karin: Oh…sorry ~giggle~ (Vill blushes, but turns away to act like he don't care.)

Hmmm…you know, it's too bad I didn't put in Ginkai earlier…maybe I should pair him up with Karin.

(Ikki, Koji, and Vill dashes up to me with shocked faces.)

All: WHAT?!?!?

My, my, Villiard…you seem troubled by that news.

Vill: Wha…? I…don't give crap…I told you: she's not my type, got it?

Karin: Oh, Vill…would you like to try out my pizza rolls?

(Vill dashes up to her like an obedient puppy and scarf on the roll.)

Vill: (With his mouth full.) Mmm…Guff.

Karin: Oh hoped you thought so; thank you! (Gives the boy a kiss on the cheek and skips away, leaving the boy to turn red and fall face first on the floor.)


Vill: Shut up…I just like her cooking, alright?

(Ikki and Koji snarls at the happy boy while Ginkai stands far back and chuckles.)

Ginkai: Hehehe…idiots.

Alright…those of you who are reading this, review to me if you think I should put in season 3.

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Terra: ~snicker~


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Well that's all I can say, expect that hopefully the next waited chapter will be out soon. Now if you excuse me, I gotta stop Rika before she places a long nail through Takato's skull…or anything that'll torture him.

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