Another body dropped on the street, knife imbedded in the dead man's skull. A rose marked knife was the only thing to indicate why the man was dead. The killer continued walking away from the body, no longer interested of picking up more blades with the same markings, instead the man returned to the shadows. The Blade's Shadow works alone, and shall never submit to any authority besides his own. That was the path the Blade's Shadow took and that brought the death of several recruiters threatening him with either "death" or "service". Death was the popular choice, that was, for the recruiters.

The man, in reality, wasn't even a man but a boy no older than the ripe age of fifteen. The Noxus streets had associated the boy with the name "Blade's Shadow" for the boy was without equal with the blade and no guild or group have been able to control the boy. The Blade's Shadow did not care what he was called nor what his blades sank into, his only want was to survive and live another day. That was his life since the day he could remember. No family, no kindness nor any warmth could the boy recall in the dirty streets of Noxus and nor did the boy care of any trivial things such as those.

The boy moved swiftly through the streets, growing weary of challengers that possessed no strength or skill of his equal. Their bodies lying in the gutter and their knives adding to the boy's large collection of knives and if not, making the boy's cloak of blades longer. The boy smirked as he twirled a shuriken, for the past few days he had grown fond of using these type of blades and finding them from the bodies of dead assassins always brighten the dark day the Blade's Shadow was having.

"Fine litt-" the boy stopped short as he brought up his other hand with a dagger to block an incoming sword.

The boy quickly spun to the right, getting away from the sword, as he unleashed a wave of shurikens at the swordsman. The boy looked for his assailant and gaped at the skill of the swordsman. The Swordsman had the ability to deflect the majority of his shurikens in one block. The Swordman not only held one sword but also a dagger with his other hand. The boy couldn't see the Swordman's face, for he was covered with a cloak and cowl, but that didn't matter for the Blade's Shadow, only the strength and skill mattered during a fight. The boy dashed quickly to the left, keeping his distance, but the Swordsman closed the distance and the boy was forced to engage a match of strength. The boy didn't care, he had won several against several Swordsmans that assumed that he was not strong enough to engage so closely. They were dead wrong.

The Swordsman struck quickly with his sword hand but even as the boy came to block the Swordman's dagger came out quickly and caught the boy's dagger and quickly disarmed the boy. The boy took a step back pulling out two more blades from underneath his cloak but a foot snapped out and sent the boy sailing back before smashing into a wall. The wind was knocked out from him and both blades dropped on the ground with a clang. The boy looked up, to only see the Swordman's sword pointing at him. I lost the boy thought, disbelief was shown on his face.

"I am General Du Couteau and I offer the choice to either join me and live to serve Noxus High Command, or die here and now by my hand." The General asked.

"I'll serve," The boy responded, slowly standing up ", But only to the man that had defeated me." The boy knelt down before the General.

The boy remained quiet during the ride to the General's mansion. His eyes glaring at nearly every person he saw, disgusted with how Noxus treats the lower class. The boy believed that only the strong survived, but how could one get strong when not given the chance? The boy witnessed children dying on streets, perhaps months old and their parents murdered. The boy but could only watch as other vermin began to crowd the wailing child, slowly inching towards the tender bundle of flesh and bon-

"You're scaring the servants." The General said his voice low and demanding.

The boy was torn from his haunts and simply stared at the ground, he hadn't realized he was glaring at the doorman and then at the butler as he walked into the General's mansion. The boy gazed around the grand house; several pictures that the boy assumed were past generations of De Couteau and stopped to look at what seemed to be the most recent addition of potriats. The boy could tell due to the fact that the General was seen on the picture, standing with all his poise, next to him was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and beneath them were two very little children. The two daughters contrasted each other, one looked remarkably like their mother, soft face and perfect smile, with the exception of having blue eyes instead of her mother's green. While the other had fiery red hair and matched her mother's bright emerald eyes and had sharp features like her father.

"My daughters, Cassiopeia and Katarina. Katarina is turning thirteen soon and Cassiopeai just turned eleven." The General said, his voice softening greatly and the boy simply raised his eyebrow at the General.

"Their mother dead?" The boy asked bluntly.

The General's eyes harden as he stared into the dark brown eyes of the boy, which he flinched. "How could you possibly know that?" He asked, his voice once again hard as steel.

"The other paintings of you and your daughters do not include her, and this is by far the largest painting you have with your wife General. No disrespect General, I knew not my father nor mother and I doubt they bother to know me either." The boy responded flatly, no longer wishing to be stared down by the General he tore his eyes to stare at the floor beneath him.

"She is," Was his response. "Your bedroom, if you could follow my butler. I have other duties to intend to and I will call for you." With that the General left and the Butler stood waiting for the boy to follow him.

The butler opened the boy's room and quickly left him, possibly frighten of the boy without the presence of the General next him. The boy walked over to his bed, he had seen these before but never actually slept on once before, he took his only suitcase and stashed it underneath his bed. He was wearing only his normal purple cloak and badly ripped pants but the boy didn't care. He removed the covers from his bed and slowly began to cover himself before hearing a few tap noises above him. The boy quickly jumped off his bed and stalked towards his window. The noise was coming from the roof and the boy's first thought was that more assassins were coming for him to either recruit him or kill him. The boy opened the window and expertly threw himself upwards and climbed up to the roof. His eyes scanned the roof. The bright moon illuminating everything but to the boy's dismay he saw nothing out of place.

"You're in my spot." A small voice said.

The boy twisted around, shocked that he was once again caught off guard and saw a small child with red hair. Katarina stood before him; one of the General's daughter was on the roof with the boy.

"What are you possibly doing up here this late of night?" The boy asked. "You shouldn't be alone."

Katarina shrugged and sat down, she gazed up at the moon and stars, "You're with me, I saw you come in with my father and knew you were another servant of some kind." Katarina said, not disdain but in a naive child manner.

The boy simply sighed; he never killed without reason and sat down next to Katarina. He surely did not want to be found responsible if the General's daughter fell off the roof. "I serve your father yes, and you are Katarina correct?" the boy asked.

Katarina turned her head, her large emerald eyes reflected the moon's light, "Yes, I am Katarina De Couteau. And you are?" Katarina asked.

The boy shrugged, "Out in the streets I was called Blade's Shadow. I am known by no other name." The boy responded. The wind picked up and brought a chill, but the boy was accustomed to the cold, he slept in far worse conditions before. Something pushed into his side and underneath his cloak, the boy turned his head and saw that Katarina had moved closer to him. Her body was shivering to the new change of temperature, her eyes large as she looked up to the boy with a smile.

"I forgot my coat, and you remind me of a falcon with your hood and cloak!" Katarina said, her voice picking up near the end.

The boy nodded and out of pure reflex his arm wrapped around Katarina to still her shivers. The boy was surprised by this act of kindness, or he thought to himself that he was simply annoyed by her shivers. Katarina accepted the warm embrace and within another few moments of staring up at the starry night Katarina fell asleep. The boy thought about his looking like a "predator of the sky", possibly being called Eagle or Falcon would be interesting, but what made them to be the predator? "Talons," The boy said to himself. A small smile crept up on the corners of his mouth. Talon sounds like a fine name to me The boy thought.

The boy noticed her and quietly picked her up, she was light enough for the boy to maneuver his way to the balcony where he assumed Katarina climb up from, since there was a makeshift ladder there as well. The boy jumped down, first landing on the balcony railing then jumped down on the balcony floor. Katarina barely moved in his arms and the boy quickly stepped inside and placed the General's daughter in her bed. He moved away from the bed and headed towards the door, he stuck his head out first and his body quickly followed suite.

He walked down the hall before nearly bumping into someone, he stopped short and noticed a bound of blonde hair and a pair of extreme blue eyes fixated on the boy's brown eyes. The odd of meeting his other daughter the boy mused.

"Can you help me? You are one of Daddy's new helpers right?" the girl that the boy knew was Cassiopeia.

The boy shrugged, "What kind of help?" he responded.

The girl's smile grew large as she quickly began to run towards the stairs but tripped on her long night gown. Cassiapeo giggled as she was picked up by the boy, the boy was certainly not going to let her walk down the stairs with her gown that long.

"Let me carry you downstairs and tell me what you want," the boy said as he began to climb down stairs.

"Hot Chocolate!" Cassiopeia cried out. Her large blue eyes were pleading towards the boy for her request.

The boy had no knowledge of what he should do as a grown up but simply shrugged and agreed to the girl's request. "Alright, to the kitchen I guess." The boy remembered one of the servants carrying a dish through a pair of double doors from his earlier moments of walking into the mansion. He pushed through the doors and walked over to one of the counters with an oven and sat Cassiapeo on it.

The boy walked over to the cupboards and quickly rummaged through the assortments of ingredients before coming across a few bars of milk chocolate. He pulled a small pot and poured a decent amount of milk into it, he heated the pot up and waited for the milk to get warm before dropping the bars of chocolate in. He mixed it so the chocolate wouldn't stick to the pot and waited for the white milk turn into a solid chocolate colored drink. He pulled out two mugs as the Hot Chocolate cooled and poured both mugs. He held one to Cassiapeo, which she readily accepted.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Cassiopeia cried out as she began to chug the drink.

The boy chuckled softly and nodded as he began to drink his own creation. "Learned it from watching a few cooks," the boy explained. Which was half true, he watched them as he snuck a few bars of chocolate from underneath their noses.

Cassiapeo couldn't afford to muffle a sound as she was too engaged in her Hot Chocolate to say anything but after a few gulps she managed to shine a smile. "It tastes really really good um. . Mister?" Cassiapeo began.

"Talon, call me Talon Miss Cassiopeia." Talon responded.

"Talon! And you can call me Cass now since you have become my personal Hot Chocolate maker friend!" Cass said, her child like enthusiasm was almost intoxicating for Talon, he never seen so many smiles in his entire life on the streets. He barely smiled at all, only rarely after a successful kill granted him a cool knife.

"I serve your father first Cass, but if you ask me nicely I will make you Hot Chocolate whenever I can," Talon responded back with a small smile. Talon surprised himself with how easy he was handling these children, perhaps by some memories of kindness to swim through all the murky darkness Talon had in his head. Or perhaps he simply wanted to remove images of horrors done to children like Cassiapeo or Katarina from his mind. The streets of Noxus were not kind to the weak or defenseless, they were hardly kind to Talon either.

A/N: I think I may have changed Talon's character way to quickly in this chapter but then again people are different when with Children. Also about the ages, I assume Talon is older than Kat (Kat is older than Cass) because I doubt the General would had picked up Talon if he wasn't already skilled and that comes with years of practice and why would he want an assassin when he has Kat? My answer is that Kat was far too little to begin training as an assassin just yet.

And Riven will come later in the next chapter, but in her own world. I am not sure how I plan on having them meet before the League starts or even if I plan to.