A bundle of long white hair ran through a bush chasing after something else white and fluffy. Giggles escaped the little girl's mouth as she chased down a bunny. The bunny to its credit was not having much difficulty escaping the little tan girl's grasp. The girl sadly was not agile or quick as the bunny, she tripped over an root sticking out, she tumbled forward and a few moment she dusted herself off. She gave a small "hmph!" as she inspected her torn up dress. It was too long to be of any use to chase anything and with that in her mind the girl reached downward and began to tear off much of the dress off before it was barely passing her knees and with a satisfied smile she began to run after the white fluffy bundle of joy once more.

"Hold on Mr. Bunny!" The girl shouted as she moved as quickly as her legs would carry her through the thicket of bushes and trees.

More giggling ensued as the girl was able to maneuver much easier now with a shorter a dress. To the bunny's dismay, she was catch up fairly quickly. As if the girl knew she was faster she dashed forward and lunged for the bunny. The girl tumbled to the ground once more, she slowly opened up her hands a to her disappointment there was no bundle of white furry fluffiness in her arms. The bunny leapt forward at the last second and now was moving underground in the hole it had dug underneath the wall of the estate. The girl gave a small pout and sighed softly as she stood up and shook off the dust and dirt from her dress and body.

"Mum isn't going like this," the girl's fear escaladed quickly, her previous joyful distraction quickly forgotten. The girl made haste to get back to her mansion quickly.

As if her luck could not get any worse, the girl saw her mother right outside the entrance of their garden. She was of much lighter skin tone but her hair was as white as the girl's own and her eyes were of the pure and deepest hue of blue. She was far from pleased, and quite possibly nearing that to rage. As if her mother's eyes were about to ignite the poor little girl, the girl shuffled her feet closer to her mother with her head inclined. "Mother," Was all she said to her. Her eyes still stared into the ground instead of facing the glares of her mother.

"Riven! What have I told you!" Riven's mother yelled, she gave a "hmph!" as she walked over to Riven and inspected her closely. "And look at you! Dress torn! Scratches all over your arms and legs! You hair has leaves and twigs in it!" Riven's mother continued her rant about Riven's appearance for several moments longer.

"I was chasing a bunny, it looked soft and cuddly," Riven's small voice said, trying to add to her defense. For some reason, Riven's response did not placate her mother.

"Go inside! Get cleaned up and be downstairs in an hour. You have your studies with Madame Muya." Was all her mother said and began to hush Riven inside their home.

Riven needed not to be told twice, anything to escape her mother's disapproving glare. Her footsteps echoed through the hallways that lead to her room. She dashed inside and with a flick of her foot her door was shut closed. Riven sighed softly, she slouched a tad as she made it over to her bed and landed on her back in her bed. "Mother can be so overprotective," Riven said out loud, she turned over on her belly and fiddled with a pillow as she pondered on what do. She certainly did not want to upset her mother any further by being late for her studies with Madame Muya. So Riven scanned her arms and legs and winced slightly at the several scratches that covered her limbs. She knew as soon as she stepped into the warm water with soap the starches will sting terribly. Rive kicked off her now useless shoes and gathered her bath things to wash herself up. If I didn't feel them as I got them I can handle them as I wash them Riven mused.

Riven scolded herself in the mirror, she was now clean and fresh with a similar dress she had worn back in the garden. It was long and loos fitting with several designs that represented each status of her family has in the Noxus hierarchy. She disliked wearing long flowery dresses, as well as the color pink. Why pink!? Why always pink with mum!? Were all the thoughts that racked Riven's mind. Her hair was still a long white wet mess but Riven simply shrugged and grabbed another towel to finish drying her hair off. She turned her head to glance at the clock and sighed deeply that she still had another twenty minutes before her studies began.

A bit while later footsteps were echoed the hallway, the sound was coming from a bored looking Riven as she reached the stair way her pace quickly picked up as she descended down towards the hall. Riven moved towards her study room and sat down on the only chair provided. Her instructor was already waiting there for her, Madame Muya. The Madame was far from pretty, in Riven's eyes, and upon their first meeting she thought the Madame was a Man-dame. But unlike what Riven expected, Madame Muya was not a terrible instructor, simply a boring one. Madame Muya fixed her blouse a tad, though Riven could not understand what needed to be fix, and Madame Muya cleared her throat to indicate that her lesson was about to start.

"Now Miss Riven, it has been known, and will mostly likely always be, that the Noxus way of life is of that of strength. That through strength, those with enough of it, will survive. And as such, we as women must either rise to the strength needed to survive or marry a man of strength to successfully survive for the both of you. . ." Madame Muya began.

Riven gave little attention to her instructor during the lesson, having heard several different versions of it already. She no longer wished to hear such trivial things about Noxus way of life and such. Riven simply wanted to experience more of what was out there, and certainly not marry someone else to do it for her. She was far from weak and wanted to prove so by joining the Noxian Military. Her older brother had all the fun with sword training and outdoor play with either father or some trainer and Riven found that to be quite unfair.

As if time could possibly stretch out any further and the clock could not possibly move any slower for poor Riven, her hour with Madame Muya was finally up. Riven inclined her head once towards Madame Muya in respect and nearly bounced out of the room and towards the garden once more. Riven moved swiftly through the Garden and moved towards another part of the estate, into the training grounds. Riven turned her head back to see if her mother was anywhere near but as if her luck continued to go unchanged she smacked into something and took the something down with her to the ground.

"Hey!" the something cried out, and Riven realized that it was her older brother Raven.

"Whoopsie! Sorry Rav, didn't see you there." Riven quickly apologized as she stood up and dusted off her dress.

Raven shook his head, he stood back up and with his two inches over Riven he gave a shrug. "It seems you haven't developed eyes in the back of your head, so I suggest you keep looking forward as you run Riv, and what in Darkwill's name are you doing here? Mother will not be pleased." Raven said.

Riven gave a small smirk and nodded, "She doesn't know I'm here, and I just got out of my lessons and I want to see the trainers fight. Please brother! You know I'm good with a sword!" Riven pleaded.

Raven simply chuckled and shrugged, "Yeah, right sis. Well follow me, the trainers are done with me for today and father sent off somewhere." Raven said.

Both siblings entered a building outside from the estate. Inside were several pads and the floor and walls were padded as well. Practice swords littered the ground, some broken some heavily used and some looked brand new. Riven eyed her brother and in response Raven picked up two practice swords and tossed one towards Riven. She caught it easily enough and her eyes pleaded an explanation from her brother.

"Well this is my old practice room, you remember, and sadly father won't do anything with you without mother's approval so I'll be here to help you train your sword skills and get your little arms a workout." Raven said, his signature smirk smacked on his face.

Riven huffed, but nodded all the same. "Fine Rav, but I am far from weak. You'll see!" Riven said as she charged towards her brother with blinded fury.

Raven side stepped to his left and deflected as well as redirected Riven's trajectory and she smashed into a padded wall. A small groan escaped her lips but Riven quickly got up and faced her brother again. Her sword clenched tightly in her hands, she moved forward, this time with less ferocity and opted to go toe to toe with her brother's skill with the sword. She swung to the right and once to the left, each stroke of her sword had all of Riven's strength delivered into it. As if Riven intended to smash her brother's sword into pieces as one would with a hammer and glass. Raven deflected each blow with ease and grace. He was slightly impressed with his sister's strength but disgusted by her form and grace. Raven flicked his sword forward and twisted his wrist to one side and back again, Riven's sword came flying off somewhere and now Raven held his practice sword's point at Riven. Riven though did not concede defeat instead she ducked and dashed forward and gave her brother a punch in the guy. Raven was caught off guard and did not even fathom the thought that she would do anything else surrender. Raven's air was knocked out of him and Riven kicked him down as she tore free his own sword and with it she pointed it at her brother who laid on the ground.

"It seems I one my brother dear," Riven said sheepishly.

Raven gave a short laugh "Yeah, but-" before he said another word he flipped himself over and latched on to Riven's foot and pulled her sideways and yanked himself up as he pushed his sister down and twirled her arms behind her. "You still have much to learn, but for now we must get ready for my birthday little Riven, I only turn thirteen once, as so do as you." Raven said as he lifted up her sister.

Riven gave an amused smile, "You're only a few minutes older than me anyhow, come on let us make haste. I smelled chocolate and vanillia this morning as I-um. . . took stroll down to the kitched," Riven said, her cheeks slightly blushing.

Raven laughed and nodded, "Yes, I do believe your stroll bared fruit I hope? Or something as sweet as a fruit?" Raven asked and for his trouble Riven punched him again but this time on his shoulder.


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