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Damon was in his room, listening to Elena talk about her day with Stefan, who had decided he didn't want to go school that day, because he had not written an essay for his English class.

"So, Bonnie wasn't in school today?" Stefan asked.

"Yeah and you weren't either," she said and Damon heard as she hit his brother playfully on the arm.

"So, I was kind of bored today, because Caroline left early. She said she had something important to tend to. I called Bonne, but she wouldn't answer."

"She just needs space," Stefan said softly.

"Five absences though that's a lot, I'm worried about her Stefan."

"She'll be all right. She's just dealing with everything and if you want I can go and check up on her."

"Yeah, ok thanks," Elena said.

Bonnie couldn't go outside or back to school. She had made the biggest mistake of her life and she couldn't tell anyone. What was worst was that she had enjoyed every minute of it, but now it was becoming a problem because he just wouldn't stop pestering her. She never thought in a million years that she could like something she once professed to hate. She tried to think of something else entirely, but sometimes the memories would just flood back into her mind and she found herself smiling as she thought about him. If she went on this way, she was going to have to explain or people would think she was crazy. Caroline was always good at sensing when something was up so she had to make sure she acted normal. He had come by earlier that day, but she wouldn't invite him in and he made a puppy dog face that made her laugh lightly, however, she still denied him.

She tried to pay attention to the movie, she was watching, but her mind was on what happened last week. She sat on her couch Indian Style, her eyes concentrating as she watched the screen, but she gave up and clicked the TV off.

She felt frustrated because no one would understand and judge her, and she really didn't feel like explaining herself. Sleeping always made things better, and she was too lazy to go up to her bedroom, so she lay on her couch, her head on the pillow and closed her eyes and hoping that sleep would come soon, but it didn't and she saw his face. As she was dozing off, she heard the doorbell ring and she sighed in irritation as she got up. What if it was him again? She didn't want to fight with him again, so she just stood there, trying to make out the silhouette against the door.

She approached hesitantly, and fixed her hair to make herself look presentable.

She opened the door and rolled her eyes when she saw him.

"Expecting someone else Judgey?" Damon said, smiling. "Look you don't have to jump for joy when you see me, but you don't have to sulk either," Damon said smirking.

"I never expect you Damon," Bonnie countered. "What are you doing here?"

"You're missing school and I was just curious as to why. I didn't think you actually had a life," Damon shrugged.

"Just because you don't have a life Damon doesn't mean I don't have one. You call chasing Elena around a life, then why don't you continue doing that and leave me the hell alone," Bonnie said ready to close the door when Damon laughed.

"What?" Bonnie asked surprised at to why he was laughing.

"Something is different about you," Damon said softly. "I don't know what it is, but yes you've changed.

Bonnie was shocked. His words had affected her, and he didn't know by how much because she wasn't going to let it show.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she told him, wondering if she had changed physically and worst if Caroline could spot it just as easily as Damon.

Damon was at the Grill, drinking his seventh bourbon, missing Alaric like crazy, when in stepped Kol, who sat next to him.

"I'll have a tonic and gin," Kol said, giving Damon a cursory look.

Damon noticed that Kol wasn't his usual chipper, sardonic, mean self. He noticed how his eyes were downcast and his thoughts seemed to be somewhere else as he downed his drink.

"Women are such devils," Kol said, his glass almost falling, but with his quick reflexes he caught it. "The more powerful they are the crueler," he said, looking to Damon for approval, who nodded.

Kol asked for another round as he decided he would spill his guts. "My sister warned me you know, but I wouldn't listen."

Damon didn't know why he wanted to listen to what Kol was going to say. They hadn't actually started on good terms but he was compelled to know whom The Original was talking about.

"So how long did you know this girl?" Damon asked nonchalantly not wanting to seem like he was imposing. Kol smiled as fond memories graced his mind.

"I've known her for two weeks, but I feel like I've known her my whole life. I would do anything for her and now it seems she is ashamed of me," Kol said, almost falling off the stool with woe.

Bonnie walked in, and noticed Damon and Kol sitting at the bar. Quickly, she exited, but she saw Kol turn around like an animal and pin her down with his eyes. Damon turned around and saw Bonnie heading across the street.

"Bye, I have to catch up with my favorite witch," Damon said, leaving Kol to drown in his sorrow. Kol groaned as he saw Damon catch up with his lover.

"Hey Bonnie you don't have to leave on my account," he heard Damon tell her.

For the first time Bonnie wasn't leaving because of him. She looked at Damon and wondered if Kol had said anything to him.

She searched Damon's eyes for any hint that he had been told something, but she couldn't really tell. Kol needed to be close to her, and just see her eyes, so he strolled on over to where they were talking. Bonnie glanced quickly at Kol, wishing that he would just disappear.

"Thanks in there mate," Kol said to Damon.

"It was nothing," Damon said, noticing how Bonnie had gotten closer to him. He could also hear her heart beat frantically as The Original made his appearance. Bonnie was looking at the ground as Kol stared and smiled at her.

"Hello Ms. Bennett," he said casually.

"Hi umm," she hesitated.

"It's Kol," Damon said for him.

"Kol," she said, mustering up a smile as Damon noticed how she tensed. Was she afraid? Damon didn't know why and maybe because she was so close, but he placed an arm around Bonnie's shoulder and that made her stiffen even more. Kol's heart crumpled and he struggled to maintain his anger at Damon's gesture. He was about to erupt, but instead said, "I have to go." He tried to calmly walk away, but when he got to the end of the block, he broke off in a sprint. Running all the way to the mansion, he sped past his siblings and went into his room. She was killing him and she didn't even know it. Rage swept over Kol as he looked out the window. She was going to pay and Damon was also going to get it if he got in his way.

Bonnie bumped Damon's shoulder off of her. "What did you do that for?"

"Geez, I just thought I was helping. You were so scared; you looked like you saw a huge scary dog when Kol came over."

"No I wasn't."

"Hey that guy would give anyone the creeps," Damon said.

I know it may be OOC, but I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Thanks for reading.