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What Bonnie felt was just the opposite and that's what made her feel so conflicted. Kol in no way gave her the creeps, instead she was captivated by him and she just couldn't pinpoint why and that really bothered her. Damon stood there not comprehending anything that was going on, so she decided to leave, but she could hear him walking behind her.

"Look Miss Know it All, you better go to school tomorrow."

Bonnie turned around and yelled, "And why is that?"

"Because Elena is worried about you."

"Of course she is," Bonnie said, turning back around and bumped right into an old lady.

"Sorry Miss," she said. The old lady nodded and walked past her and by that time, Damon was right beside her.

"So, you going to school tomorrow?" Damon asked his right eyebrow arched high.

"Yeah whatever," she said, running away from him, but he ran after her. Breathing heavily, she decided to stop right in front of a flower shop.

"What's up?" Damon asked.

"Look, why do you even care?" she said, crossing her arms in front of her.

"I don't," he said lowly. "It's just that this better not be an everyday thing. You start missing school, and then when Elena or the others need you then you won't show up and we can't have that."

Bonnie huffed at what he had just said, but since she didn't have her powers, and if she wasn't what he deemed useless, she would've given him an aneurysm so bad that his brains would be melting out of his ears. The two were very busy narrowing their eyes at each other like in old Westerns that they didn't even realize the florist standing by them, holding a bouquet.

"Just by her some flowers," the young man with a pimply face advised Damon.

Damon and Bonnie sucked their teeth as they faced the young man. Damon had the urge to take away the bouquet and hit the young man over the head with it, so he just clenched his fists.

"So what did he do?" the guy asked Bonnie, trying to make conversation.

Bonnie just shrugged and walked away.

"Man, you really got your hands full with that one," the guy said grinning at Damon. The man's smile fell as he looked at Damon's serious expression and he went back into the shop. Damon had it with Bonnie and walked back to the boarding house.

When Bonnie arrived at her house, she saw Kol on the porch, blocking her door. Kol just couldn't stay in his room and brood, so he decided to surprise her.

"Hello darling," he said, as she walked toward him. Bonnie tried not to let her shock show as she walked up the steps.

Bonnie secretly loved nicknames and she would never tell anyone this, but anything like babe, honey and sweetheart made her feel special.

"Kol you have to stop this," she said as soon as she was face to face with him.

"No you have to stop this," Kol said, referring to how she was treating him.

"Kol," she snapped at him as he took her hand.

"So soft," he said as he held her hand.

She yanked her hand away and tried to get to her door, but he stopped her, by placing his hand on her wrist and latched on.

"Why so fussy?" he said, his eyes twinkling as he gazed into her eyes.

"I don't like vampires Kol," she said.

"I didn't like broccoli as a young boy," Kol said, laughing. "Now it's my favorite vegetable."

Bonnie tried to get her wrist out of his grasp, but he pulled her in closer to him. "That's totally different," Bonnie said. "You can't compare that to our situation."

"Oh, but you can my darling. My point is that people change and you think you are so set in your ways and then you transform. Something comes up and makes you change your mind, and you realize that you can love what you hate, or hated rather. It is when that happens that growth occurs. We are constantly evolving Bonnie."

His words stirred something in her and she hated to admit it but Kol was right. She was only eighteen and she still had a lot of growing up to do and there were going to be a lot of times when she would change her mind.

"Kol you and I we can't be together," she said simply.

"What is stopping us?" Kol said, letting her wrist go, and he lifted up her chin, so she could look at him when she rejected him. "We should try again."

"They won't understand," she said, knowing she was hurting him, but she couldn't change her mind now.

"I don't care about everyone else, I care about you," Kol said with certainty. Never in a thousand years would he have guessed that he would reveal himself to someone so easily and it was freeing, yet it stung so badly.

Bonnie contemplated what he had just said. It was what she wanted to hear for so long, but not whom she expected to say it to her.

"Damon," she said and it was a Freudian slip.

Kol's eyes had fury in them as he heard the name.

"I mean Kol," she said, "You and I can't work."

Kol shook his head. "The only one that is stopping us and the reason it won't work is because you are standing in the way."

A lone tear ran down Bonnie's face and Kol reached out to wipe it away, but she turned her face away.

Resentment seeped into Kol as he turned his humanity off; the humanity that the witch rekindled only a fortnight ago.

"I don't understand why you are acting this way," Kol said curtly.

Bonnie didn't want to talk about this anymore and the pressure was getting to her as Kol stood there waiting for more of an explanation than the one she'd given him. She felt like she wanted to throw up as he looked at her intensely, yet at the same time she felt like she was going to have a heart attack as her heart ached.

"Kol, I just don't think we would be good for each other and and-''

Kol interjected, "You don't hate vampires."

"Yes I do," she said flatly.

"You don't hate Caroline do you?"

"I could never hate Caroline but that's-"

"Different," Kol finished for her, now not being to look her in the eyes. "You wouldn't want to start a scandal now would you?"

Bonnie didn't answer him and she thought she may hurt him if she said anything else.

Kol wasn't going to give up and already he was thinking about what he could do to get her back.

"You better not go to school tomorrow," he said and it sounded like a threat. "If you do, I think you'll find one of your friends missing."

"Kol don't be like that," she said.

"I could be however I want," he said and he did something that astonished her.

He opened her door, took her up by the arms and pushed her through the threshold. He did it so fast because he would've regretted doing to her the malicious thought that just crossed his mind. He went back to the mansion to find Klaus sitting on his couch, sketching a picture of a horse.

"Hey you want to join me for a drink?" Klaus asked him.

"Brother not tonight."

Bonnie lay in her bed, thinking about all the fun that she and Kol had had two weeks ago and how long ago that seemed to be. She couldn't believe Kol had threatened her, and she needed to stand up to him, she knew that, but the fact that he was an Original made everything more difficult. Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the honking coming from outside her house.

"Bonnie, Stefan knows you're in there," she heard Elena shout.

She then her doorbell ring and at the same time her cell phone started to ring. She was going to stay in her house, she wouldn't risk it and suddenly all the noises started to make her feel like she was going mad. The honking, the doorbell, the ringing, the honking, the doorbell, the ringing and she just closed her eyes but that was no good, because she instantly saw Kol's face. She remembered the way he had winked at her when they first met. She reflected on how flirty he had been, how polite and funny he was as he said tonic and gin, when he knew full well it should be gin and tonic. She heard the car drive away and she sighed with relief. An hour later she heard the doorbell ring again and wondered who it could be.

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