First Bond (and slash) fic. I thought of making it M but… My brain won't work that well with those kind of descriptions. This is a stand-alone story but could be read as a prequel of my long-running-never-ending SHIELD story.

What can I say… I do love spies.

Btw, huge thanks and/or cookies to thegrumblingirl. Her 00Q stories made me physically need to tell this one.

1: Mahogany desks

"Double 0" his voice was cold and detached, same as always when he was at the other end of a secure line. No traces of the rumbled voice in his neck when he woke up this morning in the geek's bed.

"Q, anything interesting?" His voice tried matching the Quartermaster's lack of interest. "We need you in the office, something's come up and it requires your unique talents" James half smiled flashing back at Q's moaning quieted down by the pillows. "I'll be there in 10"


He reached the office, hanged his coat next to Eve's – no, Miss Moneypenny's desk and flirted with her as usual. She was intriguing and smart, and wondered how much of their usual banter was true and how much was her being a good sport and helping him keep up the appearances. He wouldn't have a problem bedding her after all, there had been so many other female agents that had been through that path… Still, she was different. She saw right through him.

"They're waiting for you Mr. Bond" she opened the door after a quiet knock and half smiled at a slightly sick-looking Q. He would've frowned but he knew better than to show any sort of emotion.

"Mr. Bond, glad you could join us. Try to be on time next time" A nod while taking the seat next to the Quartermaster was the only response Mallory received.

"What's the mission Sir?" Q swallowed and seemed visibly upset. Mallory handed over a folder. "The target is supposedly a british-born, american raised heiress, going by the name Jamie Lee Thomas. She's been in our radar since Skyfall and she's been reaching out several people, trying to charm or bribe her way into different circles of power. We want to what she's after."

"I'm sorry Sir, but I fail to see why this is relevant for the double 0s. A commoner spy? She's probably counter-intelligence."

"We need to know what she's trying to accomplish. Her appearance coincides with several attempts of breaking into our Employee records."

"We have employee records?" James' incredulous tone was something Mallory wasn't quite getting a hand on. He realized the agent missed his predecessor and her ways, but Bond had to understand that things had changed.

Q decided to speak "Not exactly. The hacker is trying to get to our medical records. They're targeting other things, but it's just white noise"

"Q believes that they got tired of playing games and they're trying a more direct approach."

"I see" Q took a deep breath. "No you don't. The records they're after are highly classified, I don't believe in this room has clearance to see them"

"Then it's a good thing they're protected by your algorithms, isn't it?"

"They're breaking the code. I'm redesigning it daily in order to keep them out. They have someone like me on the other end. Or a team of people, I don't know"

"And you believe this Thomas' girl is behind it? She doesn't look like much"

"She can fool you. The last 3 agents we sent to acquire her ended up disabled" James raised his eyebrow. "Not dead? Interesting" he gave himself a small smiled.

"One did, but we believe it was someone else's doing. She was rather appalled the days after"

"So we have a commoner that's trying to buy her way into defense secrets but with enough conscience not to kill anyone."

"Bring her in Bond" James closed the folder in front of him. "What else Sir?"

"Excuse me?"

"Q's here. Q's never here for my briefings, which means something else's going on." Mallory clenched his teeth and shared a glance with Q. "We thought it'd be best if we kept this quiet, that's why he's here, to give you your props."

James arranged his cufflinks but he wouldn't move. That wasn't a satisfactory answer. Mallory looked intently at Q, and he sighed.

"It's allright Sir." In spite of his better judgment, James found himself frowning at Q. "Up to you Q, read him in on your way out. Good day gentlemen"

James got up and placed his hand on his pockets, he wasn't leaving Mallory's office with something more to work on.

"Bond, I'm Jamie Lee Thomas. James L. Thomas, IV. She's using my identity for her cover."

"How did sh- I don't even know your name!" Mallory attempted to conceal a half smirk by looking at his PC. "Gentleman, could you take this elsewhere? I'm meeting the Prime Minister in 20 minutes"

Q sheepishly opened the door and started walking out nodding at Eve. James was too upset to play his side of the charade "Later Eve"

She looked at Mallory through the open door and they shared a concerned stare shaded in a half smile while she closed the door.