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4: The tube

"I should've shot her on the spot" whispered James through clenching teeth. He hated being in a hospital bed, especially when it was for his own stupidity. Bullets? Fine. Being shot and thrown from a moving train? It's okay. Being drugged like a newbie agent? You got to be kidding me.

Q's voice came from near the window, his back to James' bed. He seemed to be pondering a thousand thoughts at the same time, "We need her alive" Q shook his head, involving James was a colossal mistake. But he didn't want to keep him in the dark and he was still the best agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service. "This isn't a game James. You still have the drug on your system, you need to stay in for observation" Q's tone was conveying both guilt and concern.

But James had other plans and pulled the IV from his arm, trying to get up from the bed "I need to find what she wants" unfortunately, the drug had a residual effect and when he tried to get up, he almost fell. Q rushed to catch him... he was much stronger than what his looks conveyed. "You need to stay put. I'll find out what she wants" as he helped him back to the bed, he called for a nurse.

"Drug him" The nurse was appalled by the young man's request. He rolled his eyes and waved a credential "I recommend drug induced comma" The woman nodded and as James tried to fight off Q he realized he was already drugged and there was no way he could run away. Q was gonna be on his own. Q couldn't handle it, he wasn't a field agent. They were different breeds of people and, though compatible and a great team they needed one another "You need me for this!"

Q brushed his face as James was passing out "I need you alive love", kissed his forehead and once he made sure James was out, asked the nurse to have him like that for 24 hours. The drug on his system would be gone by then and he hoped he'd have more of a clue as to what was really going on. What did the other Jamie want? The randomness of the cyber attacks was a facade, what they were really after was their medical records. He figured that knowing biometric information could help whomever she represented figure out who were agents. It was amazing the kinds of things that could be done with technology these days...

As he was rushing towards the tube, he noticed someone was walking at his same pace. Bollocks. He thought of his basic training and started switching speed, stopping at a little shop window for an Earl Gray, trying to pick the person's face. Without looking at the attendant he asked for a tea. A sweet voice behind him spoke then "Could you make two of those? Thanks" Bloody hell. She was right next to him. Classic setup. They were old book crooks no doubt.

The man following him came to his other side and ordered a black coffee. He was his same height, broad shoulders, dark hair and an American accent. "Hello there. You're James' Jamie, right?" the blonde woman's tone was playful with a slight hint of threat. "Yes" The man by his side paid for his coffee and greeted everyone, walking towards the shops nearby.

"I was really looking forward talking to you Q. It's a shame you sent your worst half instead" Q grabbed the tea and paid for it "Is this safe to drink or will I end up like him?"

"You mean in a drug-induced coma you called for? Nah, as far as I know it's perfectly safe. You want us to switch just to be on the safe side?" She smiled at him, but it wasn't mockingly. Q was rather clueless at what her endgame was. "That's fine" he paused "Actually... would you like to try mine?" She nodded and took it from his hand, taking a small sip. "Tasty and warm. Good, this city is fucking cold"

She titled her head as inviting him for a walk. "Isn't your friend coming with us?"

"Oh no, he wants to get souvenirs for his boyfriend or something. He's been dying to get one of those weird looking dogs with British flags" Q got the reference right away. "They're rather hideous, I'm sure he could get something cuter" She nodded agreeing "You seem to have good taste, what would you choose?"

Q was done playing games "What do you want from me?" She chuckled and rolled her eyes, taking a sip of her own tea. "What I want is of no consequence really. I'm just a pawn, so are you" Q nodded understandingly "Who do you work for then?"

"Who do you work for Q? Do you have any clue what they do to your kind?"

"My kind? You mean, "Gay"? I thought you Americans were more open-minded"

"I mean people with your abilities Q" Q was confused as to what she meant, and she furrowed her eyebrows "You don't know?"

"Know what?" She tilted her head at his question, keeping her confused expression "Q, I need you to back off for two hours, that's all we need. If you do that, we'll be out of your way for good"

"Who is we?" She sighed slightly annoyed. "You expect a straight answer? C'mon Q, you know better"

"What do you want that information for?" She chuckled; this guy was out of this world. "So, you're buying time until a crush team gets us? That's not going to happen, Jamie" She looked over his shoulder and nodded, handing him over her tea cup. "You have 12 hours. Get this code in the mainframe for 2 hours, that's it. Don't do it and we'll play hardball" she sighed, looking intently at his eyes. Then she tilted her head and kissed him on the cheek, as if they were old friends, whispering quickly to his ear "And I really don't want to hurt either of you Q" She walked past him towards her partner and they rushed out of sight. He tried to pursue pinpointing their location to the crush team but they vanished. Q thought of giving the cup to the crime lab team but decided against it. They were paper pushers, James was out and he had 12 hours.

The mug had something written with the same handwriting they found in the postcard. It had the code she wanted him to get into the system, but something else called his attention,

"Please do it. No one could detect it but you Q. You got 12 hours,


He took a deep breath. It was a setup, it had to be. Why would she give away her codename? He sat down, needing to hear James' voice in his ear, needing his calmness to sort things out. He had to turn this in, he couldn't pull this on his own…

He was the Quartermaster, screw the rules.