Coming home

"Come on shaky you can do this" Said lava girl, her hot pink hair flowing throw the wind. I would never admit it, but I loved it when her hair was like this, and the sun hitting at just the right angle. It made it look like something magical.

"Lava girls right, there is nothing to be afraid off". Max said bringing out of my thought, and back to reality.

Reality was that all three of us were at the top of a sand don, over looking the rest of the beach, located on the south end of Australia. This is where my dad is. After all these years I can finally him! Tall, light tan, 5-a-clock shadow, and a kind smile. It was almost like the stormy day that separated us never happened. But it did.

I knew that my dad had been looking for me, but what I did not know was that he had been busy to. He used to be just a marine biologist. But know he was made a discovery that has changed the minds of scientist every where. This discovery was that

' if humans are in a environment, for a long period of time ,they adapt to the environment, by becoming like the animals in that environment'. Ah no duh Sherlock. I mean me, his own basically prove that. Which is exactly what I, afraid of.

What is going to think when he finds out that his before totally human son is now part fish? I bought this to Max , and Lava girls attention then Max being that day dreamer and all came up with this.

Flash back

"Oh My Go Sharky I'm so glad you finally get to see your dad again" "I'm, happy for you Shark boy". Max and lava girls said smiling. I was freaking out "Ahh guys my dad is a marine biologist how is going to take that his kid IS HALF SHARK"! I my have screamed that last part lava girl was now looking at me with distaste. "Now sharky don't go into a shark frenzy". I just stood there with my arms crossed over my chest.

Then I turned my head to see Max grinning. "What are you smirking at"! He just kept smiling it had been away ago that he had stopped being afraid of me, and it was ticking me off!

"I already thought of that". "WHAT"? Lava girl and I said at the exact same time. We quickly at each other, then at Max. "Well I figured you would want to explain to your dad what happened with out having him freak-out". "Thank you I fell better already". I sneered at him, but he. Continued. ""Anyway that is why I made this". He dug into his pocket and pulled out a necklace on a girly one, but a tradition Australia one with tweed entwined in a bread, and a dark blue tear drop shaped stone hanging from it.

I reached out to take it making sure that my almost talon finger nails did not rip it apart. "What is it"? I asked. I could fell Lava girl come up behind be, and look over my shoulder to get a better look at it. "I call it a morph necklace". Max said his smile getting bigger. "When you but it one it will make you human".

"Human totally human, like with no powers"? Lava girl quickly asked. "Yup" Max replied. "Sorry I only made one for Shaky, but if you want one I can make another". Lava girl jumping up and down " YES YES YES, thank you Max". With out thinking came up and gave him a hug. He quickly give a scream and she let go. In my opinion this was hilarious. To Max probably irritating. I stopped laughing so that I could ask Max the question I had been most wondering.

"Max if I put this on my had would he become half shark"? Max looked me straight in the eye and answered " I figured you would want to bring him to see the Shark Palace, so ya it can do that". I nodded at him, the Shark Palace was the home I had created for all underwater creatures once I has been named king of the ocean. That was when Lava girl had taken the necklace from my hand, and put it around my neck.

End of flash back

Now it was time, I had traveled all this way with my new girlfriend, and best friend to see time my dad. And he right there. The problem was since my dad's discovery he had gotten quite famous. So as we saw my dad, we could also see that he was in the middle of an interview with some paparazzi. "When do you think they will be finished"? Lava girl asked. "There is no real way of telling, some interviews, last a couple of minutes, some take hours". Max reported the truth was I did not want to interrupt the interview, and make a big scene, but this was the first time I had seen my dad in years. I was getting impatient. And an impatient shark is never a good thing.

"Here's your chance shark boy". What? Quickly looked back at the interviewers, it looked like they were taking a break to get coffee, or get a new piece of film, what ever. Max had been right this way my chance. And that's when I froze. What am I doing? What am going to say? Oh my God is this really happening? That's when I felt Lava girl and Max push me , and I went rolling done the sand don. When I go the bottom I tried to look back up at them, but they had vanished. Urrg I'll get them back for this.

Right in font of me I could see the back of my dad's head. He was sitting in a lawn chair with is feet up, talking to some guy with a t-shirt labeled producer. Then I looked to my right, all that was there was ocean. My home. With out thinking I stared to walk towards it. Near the edge of the water was a bridge stretching out in the in to the water. Just like we used to have at the old laboratory.

Again with out thinking I walked out on to the bridge. As I got the end of the bridge I looked down, my instincts were screaming at my to jump in. I knew with the morph necklace on I would drown, and did not want to take it off just yet. It was the only thing that kept me human, and closes to the dad. I started to look around again and found a tackle box full of fish. I picked it up, then with out warning I saw three curved shaped fins swim up to the bridge. And my four favorite sharks stick their heads out of the water to talk to me.

"We came to wish you luck" said Good milk. His real name was shredder but since that was the name I had given him as a kid that was the name I called him by. He did not mind, either did Piggy, Egg back, or Cracken. The four had become like uncles to me, they had raised me, and taught me the ways of being shark boy. "Thank you". I said with a small smile.

And just like I did when I was a kid. I look one fish out of the tackle box and threw it to each saw. First to Good milk, then Piggy, Egg Back. And stuck my arm out with the last fish dangly from my hand so the Kraken could jump up and get his prey, just how he liked it. I started to laugh it reminded me so much of the old days.

"Taylor"? Some one asked from behind me? That voice I would know it any where. I was the same voice that called my name through the ocean as our life boats pulled us away from each over. It was the same voice that would read me bed time stories every night. That same voice that would laugh every time I rushed to go outside, and see my sharks. My dad.

I slowly turned around and looked up. Ya it was him. 5-a-clock shadow and every thing. I looked up into his eyes in hope of getting an idea of what he was thinking. But I couldn't because of the tears in his eyes. Before I knew it felt his hand come up , brush my check brushing away something. I put my own hand up to my check to see what it was. A small drop on moisture. A tear? I was crying? What no, I don't cry! The king of the ocean does not cry for anything!

I quickly started to brush away all the years but they just kept coming. "Hey" that voice said "What did I tell you, it is ok to cry". I just stared at him it was like when I was five and cut my arm, and was embarrassed to let him see my cry. He had said the same thing then.

That's when I could not take it, I wrapped my arms around his waist, and held on tight caring if Max, and Lava girl see me. Not caring if the whole ocean population saw me. I started to ball my eyes out, just caring that my dad hugged my back just as tight and kept saying " It's shark boy I'm here" " I love you son" " I missed you to, we are together again". I finally managed to stop sobbing long enough to get out "I love you to daddy". I knew he was smiling has he kissed my forehead. Life could not get any better.