i've wanted to do this ever since writing RTR as prequel story to my ST TNG story. i finally got around to it and kept it simpler as a short one shot than RTR story line with Shin and Rachel was. this one focuses on Seiji and his son Luigi. similar names i know-it stands out when you see them together it was not intended as such. is it a pain to read them together in close proximity? then you should try typing them at secretarial speeds when you hands can't quite keep up with the speed at which your brain spits out racing thoughts in the form of a story. there is a reason i named the kid Luigi. i was a Mario Brothers nut when i was little. everyone seemed to want to be Mario when they played but i didn't mind. i liked Luigi better-hence the kids name pays a little homage to that. want to know why-the kid has an Italian name? check the main story where its addressed. the graphic shows Luigi as a teen-he is much younger in this story.


If its not one thing with Luigi-its another Seiji thinks as he watches him racing down hill on his bike at breakneck speed. A custom model his wife's father had built for Luigi at an age when most kids are still riding three wheelers. The kid is always on the go and the more danger in whatever he is doing the better he seems to like it. One would have more success trying to stop the sun from rising in the mornings than to get him to sit still for more than two minutes.

Luigi rides over to his dad after his trek down the hill. "Did you see me?"

"Barely. You looked like a blur going so fast. Better not let your mother catch you doing that."

"Bet your warriors from the stories could go faster."

"Maybe." Seiji looks down at his son. "Come with me I want to show you something."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

Luigi parks his bike beside the house and follows his father into the forest behind the house. Its a beautiful fall day with the multi-colored leaves falling down all around them but he's more focused on getting to wherever his father wants to go. "Are we there yet?"

"We just started. Have a little patience." Seiji looks down at his son. This little trip isn't starting well if Luigi is already getting board. He wants to show him the beauty of slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life.

He huffs-Luigi would much rather be riding on his new bike and wishes that he had brought it along. Annoyed he brushes away a leaf that falls in his face. "How far are we going?"

"Not far." Seiji stops spotting a squirrel with a long bushy tail up in a tree. "Look there."

Luigi looks up at the creature. He has seen them dart across the lawn before has never seen one this close. It looks huge to him.

The squirrel looks around then darts down the tree and off deeper into the forest.

Seiji looks down at his son. Maybe now Luigi is starting to get it-at least he hopes.

Luigi looks up as a large bird flies overhead then lands in a tree looking down at them. "What's that?"

"A hawk."

"Its so big."

"Some birds are. Big as it is sometimes you don't see them unless you stop and look."

Luigi watches in awe as the hawk takes off after a gust of wind sends down a spate of leaves from the trees.

He looks around spotting more wonders as they walk deeper into the forest. After sometime he looks around realizing they are back where they started and looks up at his dad. "We didn't go anywhere."

"Didn't we?

Luigi looks back toward the forest then up at his dad puzzled.

"I don't expect you to understand it now, but I hope you will as you get older when you look back on this day."

As he watches his dad walk back toward the house Luigi heads for his bike-but stops looking up when he sees the hawk fly out of the forest.