AN: Once again, I'm stuck in a bit of a writer's block (probably from having too many projects to work on) and with Faberry Week (I love like all of the current themes, but why did they have to add Nerd!Quinn and Cheerio!Rachel when I already have WIP for that and now I have to make a new fic) looming over us it may take a while for me to get some work done. And I'm really sorry for that. Hopefully this drabble will make up for that.

Completely and utterly frustrated, Rachel grasps onto the first thing she can get her hands on and with a swift action tosses her hair brush in Quinn's direction. She turns on heel and stomps her foot, fully intending to ignore the blonde but spins back around when she hears Quinn give out a pained, "Ow!" Any and all thoughts of their spat leaves Rachel's mind at the sight of her girlfriend rubbing the back of her head.

She rushes over to Quinn and sits her down on her bed, muttering out apologizes as she does so. Rachel sees tears falling from Quinn's eyes; she obviously threw her brush far harder than she thought she did. The brunette straddles her lap and starts kissing all over her face. She runs a hand to Quinn's hair to gently caress the injury she caused. Her stomach twists when she feels a bump already forming. "I'm so sorry baby," she says.

"Why'd you even throw that at me? Trying to prove a point or something?" Quinn manages to choke out.

"No, no! Of course not," Rachel quickly defends, dramatically waving her hands in front of her in defense. "I swear I wasn't even aiming at your head, I was trying to throw it past you." Saying it aloud, Rachel admits that she sounds silly and fairly careless, but Quinn is smiling slightly and giggling a bit so she knows that she's not upset with her. "I'm really sorry. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Quinn answers, drying off her face. "I could use a kiss though," she adds with a pout. She looks adorable so Rachel can't help but oblige her request, not she would have denied her anyway. Rachel leans in and plants her lips onto Quinn's. She leaves them there for a few seconds before pulling back and getting up on her knees so she can place another kiss on Quinn's head before settling back to her former position. "Let's not fight anymore Rach."

"Let's not," Rachel agrees. "I can't even remember what we were fighting about," she admits, earning a laugh from her girlfriend. "What?" Quinn continues to laugh and shakes her head, trying to wave off her inquiries. "Really Quinn, what is it? What's so funny?" She pouts, much like Quinn had earlier, because she knows that their respective pouts are one of each other's weaknesses. Quinn sighs in defeat.

"You got mad at me because I said you had no aim," she tells her with a laugh.

"I do have aim!"

AN: If anyone has ideas for other little fights, I'd love to hear them.

On an unrelated note, how many of you have heard Marley and Kitty's duet of "Holding Out For A Hero"? Cause fuck it's... fuck. I don't completely ship them together yet since I'm trying to stay away from the show (2 weeks strong so far if you don't add the hiatus) but this duet might just change my mind, especially if they sing it in their costumes cause those are... wow.