AN: So I updated this sooner than I expected, mostly because I wanted to wish everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving" at least for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. My holiday will be particularly interesting since my mom is bringing her boyfriend to our family get-together. I actually haven't met the guy, but he used to be a cop and a fireman and currently drives those buses for the elderly so he can't be bad, right?

Typically, unless she was at a party, Quinn Fabray would asleep at midnight. But with the fidgeting brunette in her arms, she found it quite difficult to do any more than to just close her eyes. Every few seconds Rachel would shift into a more comfortable position that she soon deem uncomfortable. Quinn had ignored it at first, being a bit too tired for any inquiries, but since she wasn't sleeping anyway.

"Baby," she yawned out, effectively stilling her bedside partner. "It's midnight, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Rachel replied nonchalantly, but even in her current sleepy state, Quinn could tell she was lying. "Go back to sleep." Quinn would have liked to do just that, but instead she propped herself up on her elbow and pushed Rachel down so she'd lie flat on her back so that their eyes would lock.

"I'm trying, but you're moving around too much," she teased, gaining a guilty look from Rachel. "Hey, don't be like that. It's okay," she assured. "Just tell me what's wrong." She stayed there, hovering over the singer, waiting patiently. She watched as Rachel poked out her tongue, moistening her full her lips before worrying the lower one between her teeth.

"Can- can you turn around?" she shyly requested.

"Why? Do you not want to snuggle tonight? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you've been perfect. And I do want to snuggle except…" she trailed off and resumed biting her lower lip nervously. "Can I be the big spoon tonight?" In the dim lighting Quinn could barely notice the flushing of Rachel's cheeks and Rachel only just noticed how hazel eyes grew as wide as saucers.

"You want to be the big spoon?" Quinn had to ask, just to clarify that she had heard correctly. Rachel's slow nod told her that she had. "But I'm always the big spoon, and you're so tiny." The blonde couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of having Rachel's arms wrap around her from behind. She liked holding onto the pint sized diva during the night, even if on some of her more insecure nights she held onto Rachel just to ensure that she'd still be there in the morning.

Rachel huffed and spun back around at her girlfriend's weak argument. "I'm not tiny," she muttered. "And even if I was, what about that should determine my ability as a big spoon? I'd make a good big spoon."

"I'm sure you would, baby," Quinn said with a yawn. She really needed her rest. "But…" she paused, thinking of the proper words that wouldn't upset her girlfriend. "Don't you like being the small spoon?"

"Of course I do. I'd just like to try to be the big spoon tonight. Can I?" she asked with those big brown pleading eyes and an adorable pout on her lips. Normally Quinn couldn't resist, but since they started dating Quinn could never sleep properly without Rachel in her arms. Her hesitation was enough to dissuade Rachel. "You don't want to, do you?"

"Rachel, it's not that-"

"It's fine, Quinn. If you don't want to cuddle, fine. Just stay on your side of the bed," Rachel huffed, turning her back to the blonde.

"Rachel, stop being childish."

"I just want to cuddle. You're the one being childish not letting me be the big spoon."

Quinn glared at the back of Rachel's head, huffed and spun around so she wouldn't have to look at her. As much as she loved Rachel, she hated how stubborn she could be sometimes. But Quinn was quite stubborn herself, so she couldn't really get mad at the brunette. She could understand the need to be the big spoon even if she didn't know Rachel's specific reasons for wanting to.

And now neither of them was the big spoon, and the lack of spooning guaranteed that Quinn wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. She already missed the feel of Rachel's skin, the smell of her hair, the warmth of her body. She glanced over her shoulder to watch the smaller girl. Her shoulders were tense; obviously Rachel wouldn't be getting any sleep either.

Taking a chance, Quinn flipped over. She tried to place her arm around Rachel, but the dip in the bed she had caused gave the singer enough warning to escape her grasp and scoot away. Never one to back down, Quinn tried again. She was successful the second time as Rachel had no more room to move away, but her arm was quickly shrugged away. Quinn frowned.

"Baby?" No answer. "Rachie?" she tried, still receiving silence. "Rach? You can be the big spoon," she finally relented. Slowly, Rachel flipped over, starts in her eyes.


"Yeah, just hold me." Quinn flipped over and settled herself in Rachel's arms. Rachel hugged her tightly, pressing her breasts into Quinn's back. Her tan legs tangled with pale ones. The change in position felt as off as Quinn had expected, but it also felt nice in its own ways.

"I'm sorry." The words were whispered in Quinn's ear. "I just really wanted to be the big spoon."

"It's okay. It actually feels kind of nice… safe." She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. They'd end up discussing this in the morning and at that point Quinn wouldn't be too against being the small spoon again; the keyword being 'too.'

AN: Since yesterday I've probably listened to Glee's cover of "Holding Out For a Hero" at least fifty to a hundred times. I just LOVE that song, and Becca and Melissa did great, but I'm just so sad that it was a Lea/Dianna duet. It just makes me think Faberry.

And I've also been watching some of the performances (just cause I hate the show doesn't mean I hate the performances) and watching Jake dance, I need to ask: How is he related to Puck? Jake's got moves.

Also, just a bit of a random question: Should I hate Ryder? I hear he's kind of being mentored by Finn, which can't be good. But maybe I'm overreacting, am I?