AN: I needed to work on something random and this popped into my head. It's probably not very well thought out, but then again it's had to think straight when I can't sleep at night.

Rachel had been casually eating some breakfast when she heard the doorbell ring. The sound grasped her attention. She rarely had any visitors and it surely wasn't Santana coming by for Quinn as the raven haired girl would typically forgo using the doorbell at all. She cheerily got up and skipped to the door. "Hello," she greeted with a bright smile on her face, one that disappeared instantly when she took in the sight of a fairly young delivery boy with a rather tall box.

"Package for Quinn Fabray," he said dully, shoving the box towards her. She gasped, jumping forward to keep it from falling. Once she had it upright, Rachel brought her attention back to the delivery boy but found that he was already retreating back to his truck.

"Wait!" she called. "Don't I have to sign something?"

"Don't care," he lazily retorted, not even bothering to turn around and address her properly. And in a flash he was off. Well that was quite rude, Rachel thought. She'd have to write a very thorough complaint letter later on. But for now, she held a very peculiar package for Quinn. One that Quinn hadn't even mentioned.

Curiosity piqued, Rachel wondered idly if it would be wrong if she opened it before telling Quinn that it had arrived. But such thought were put aside when Quinn came bounding down the stairs. She bounced down each step gracefully, offering a, "Good morning," with a yawn. Rachel leaned in for a peck on the lips but Quinn pulled back almost instantaneously. "Sorry, I have morning breath," she apologized, covering her mouth. "Is that my package?"

"Yes. Why didn't you tell me you had a package coming?"

"Didn't I?" Quinn asked in response, just the slightest crack in her voice telling Rachel that she was lying. Rachel shook her head. "Must have just slipped my mind." Quinn retrieved the package. "I'll just take this upstairs," she said, motioning to Rachel's bedroom.

"Okay… what's in it?" she asked, just as Quinn tried to make her escape.

"Nothing," Quinn replied meekly, placing her package behind her back, shielding it.


"It's nothing Rach, really," Quinn insisted, but Rachel was already advancing.

"Quinn, you promised; no more secrets," she reminded, pouting as she crossed her arms over her chest. The action always had the unintended result of pressing Rachel's breasts together. That combined with those adorable pouty lips typically meant Quinn's undoing, but today she held firm.

"Don't worry about Rach. Let's go upstairs and cuddle," she offered, instantly shrinking when Rachel's eyebrows scrunched up, her pout deepening. Her arms dropped too, placing her hands on her hips. It was quite a sexy looking pose, but she wasn't squeezing her boobs together anymore. Oh, there's also the fact that she was actually mad now. "Please," Quinn tried.

"Hmmph, there will be no cuddling of any sort until you tell me what's in that package Lucy Quinn Fabray," Rachel said. She was surely in it big time; Rachel hardly ever used her full name unless she wanted to tease her or was angry at her, and right now she obviously wasn't the former. She spun on heel, her arms crossing over her chest once more.

Quinn frowned. She leaned her package against the wall and approached her angry girlfriend. Quinn wrapped her arms around Rachel's slim waist, and rested her chin on Rachel's shoulder. Almost instantly, she felt Rachel relax under her touch. Rachel leaned her head alongside Quinn's and her hands dropped from her chest, falling on top of Quinn's.

"I promise, baby, it's nothing important."

"Then why won't you tell me?" Rachel whined.

"I don't know," Quinn honestly answered. "I'm just embarrassed, I guess." Rachel broke out of Quinn's grip and spun around so she could look at her properly.

"What could you possibly be embarrassed of?" Quinn dropped her gaze, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Rachel placed a hand under her chin to lift her head back up. "Whatever it is, you know I won't love you any less, right?" Quinn gave a small nod, her lips curving into a smile at Rachel's soft, comforting tone. "Okay, then let's go upstairs and open your package, shall we?"

Quinn looked hesitant but nodded and took her package, following Rachel up to her room. Once inside, the two girls sat cross-legged across from each other, the box placed between them. Rachel grabbed a pair of scissors and began cutting at the tape that kept the contents of the package inside. After she was done, Rachel gave the package to Quinn, knowing that her girlfriend would want to be the one to open it.

Pale hands hovered over the box tentatively, Quinn's brow scrunching up as her eyes darted back and forth between Rachel and the box between them. Rachel reached out and took Quinn's hands in her own. She gave them a comforting squeeze before bringing them down to the still unopened package. Quinn got to work, slowly opening it, still quite wary about the whole situation. Rachel kept her eyes fixated on Quinn's features, watching as they shifted throughout her internal struggle.

She hadn't even noticed that Quinn was done until the blonde straightened up fully, her hands held primly on her lap with a small but accomplished smile upon her lips. She ducked slightly, motioning towards the ground. "Oh," Rachel gasped. She had completely forgotten. She gave Quinn one last reassuring smile before looking down. "Toys?" Quinn frowned.

"I thought you weren't going to judge me," Quinn whined, afterwards adding a muttered, "And they're not just toys."

"No, no, of course not. I'm sorry, and I'm not judging. I'm just a bit surprised," she explained in an attempt to soothe her girlfriend. She could see that it wasn't working. Quinn was turning away so Rachel pushed the 'not toys' aside so she could wrap her arms around her. "I never though you to be the type to be into Star Wars… it's actually kind of sexy." Rachel brushed Quinn's hair aside, exposing her neck and began trailing kisses along the expanse of skin she found. "I'm guessing they light up." Quinn grinned and then whimpered when Rachel nibbled on her earlobe. "Let's try them out," she suggested.

"Later," Quinn replied. She picked Rachel up, who squeaked in surprise, and tossed her on the bed. "Right now I just want to make you light up... oh and you wouldn't mind if I had also ordered some wands too, would you?"

Rachel could only smile.

AN: Just wanted say that Nerd/Geek!Quinn is my favorite of the Quinns so expect more of her... yeah.