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Chapter one: A Blast of a Party

Engines were roaring and gunshots were fired from what seemed like every direction, machine guns pointing from hidden spaces in the walls, mechanically turning to hit their targets but cut short as red laser beams struck them. Blowing it up to puzzle pieces that could never be assembled again, most of the others went the same way as three motorbike riding males zoomed through the hallways of the overly secured building.

"Seems old stink face has upgraded the security!" The white Martian mouse yelled in excitement, his face pulled up in the usually cocky grin that he was almost famous for. The gray giant answered as his robotic arm took out another gun pointing at them,

"Doesn't seem like he wants visitors" he grinned playing along, even if they were in danger, the bro's never were too busy for cracking jokes.

"Well, too bad, because we're guests that he can't refuse" the leader of the trio said, speeding up his black shovel-head bike that roared in response. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo had learned that their enemy, ol' Cheese Head a.k.a Lawrence Limburger was up to yet another scheme that was about destroying Chicago and later the whole Earth. So naturally the three bro's had come to stop him, busting down the double door at the end of the hallway.

"Knock, knock" Throttle said humorous to the small crowd of henchmen standing ready for them, led by the ever smelling and oil dripping Grease Pit. Pinching his snout, Vinnie said "Have you never heard of a bath pal? Or soap?" angering Grease Pit, not that it worried the trio. They had beaten Grease Pit a hundred times before, he was clumsy and stupid. It was Limburger and that mad scientist Karbunkle you had to watch out for.

"Shut up, I showered last month rodent" Grease Pit yelled in his usually bulky and unintelligent way, just hearing his voice proved that he had the IQ of the bucket that he often stepped down in.

"Well, it didn't help" Vinnie answered back, still holding his nose.

"Get them!" the greasy henchman shouted as the seven others pulled out their guns and ready to open fire; this didn't faze any of the Martian mice much.

"Looks like you offended him Vinnie" Throttle chuckled.

"Eight against three, doesn't really seem fair...for them!" Vinnie grinned, feeling the rush of adrenalin coursing through his veins. "Let's blow this Popsicle" Throttle said as the henchmen opened fire. All three avoided the lasers that were targeting them without much difficulty. Modo used the laser build in his arm to shot the pistols out of their hands and shoved the holders into the walls, so they lost conscious.

Vinnie drove up on the wall and threw his flares after them, making the guns explode in their hands.

Throttle maneuvered around the laser shots and used his 'Nuke Knucks', which were his battle glove that increased the strength of his blows, to take them out. "Wooohuuu, what a rush!" Vinnie howled as he took out another goon so the only one standing was good old Grease Pit, who didn't look quite as confident as before.

"Looks like there is only one left" Throttle mused. Seeing Modo cranking his knuckles he asked "Would you do the honor?"

"With pleasure" the otherwise gentle giant answered, his red eye glowing slightly.

"Ah man, Modo always gets the best jobs" Vinnie whined while Grease Pit tried to sneak away, but Modo had already blocked the exit with a "Nuh uh" and with that he picked the dirty henchman up by the collar.

"We got some questions for you" Throttle said. As he and Vinnie came over, Grease Pit tried playing tough which failed miserable. "I ain't no telltale."

"Well you better start, right now" Modo growled and shoved him into the wall, pointing his build-in laser at him, making the goon swallow something.

"I would hurry if I were you, or you will have another leak...a big one" Throttle said in a threatening manner.

"Okay, okay! Just don't shoot me!" Grease Pit pleaded, making Vinnie comment "Looks like this lil' bird is gonna sing"

"So start singing Grease Pit, where is the machine?" Throttle asked about the machine that Limburger was going to use to drain the whole city for all its natural resources. Transporting it back to Plutark, just like they had done to Mars. But none of the biker mice was going to let that happen.

"I-it's on the top floor, that's where the boss hid it" Grease Pit spilled; funny how much a little threat can make someone talk.

"Now, was that so hard?" Throttle said, getting on his bike "Bro's, it's tail whipping time!"

All three of them jumped to their bikes that roared with excitement just like their owners. Blasting a window open they jumped out, shot a hook out that grabbed the top of the building and simply drove up the side of the tower that, thanks to them, Limburger had to rebuild a couple of times. Every time trying to make it more secure and safe.

"Do you think we will make it back to dinner? Charlie girl is ordering a whole batch of dogs and I seriously could use some root beer" Vinnie asked, mostly Throttle seeing as he was the leader.

"If fish face hasn't cooked up something new, then yes I think we will"

"Woohoo, let's get this over with and hurry back" Vinnie shouted in glee, speeding up his red sport bike. "You said it lil' bro" Modo agreed and they all sped up. When they were close to the top Throttle shouted "Modo, blow the window open!" Without any hesitation, Modo brought the laser up and shot the window as they drove in, with glass falling to the ground.

The room they had come in was white with very little furniture, actually none except the giant machine standing in the middle of the room and a TV hanging in the corner of the room.

"Either that is some of those weird art sculptures, or we hit jackpot" Vinnie said grinning at his own joke, but Throttle kept his seriousness as a leader and said "We have to find a way to shut this thing down, before Earth looks like Mars"

Vinnie was about to say something but a buzzing sound was heard from somewhere in the room, followed by an all too familiar voice. "Welcome my rodent friends" all three Martians spun around to face the direction of where the voice was coming from, it came from the TV screen where the big fat head and shoulders of Lawrence Limburger could be seen.

"I don't remember ever being friend with a big, fat, stinking Plutarkian" Vinnie said dryly, the other two agreed. But for some reason it only made Limburger laugh, like he was not worried at all that they were in the same room as the machine that was the key to his plan. This alarmed Throttle slightly but Limburger's voice cut through before he could come up with a reason.

"Rodents really have no manners" he said, closing his eyes briefly and making 'Tsk, tsk' sounds.

"Oh we got manners alright" Modo started pissed off, probably because he felt that Limburger said that his ol' gray furred momma hadn't raised him with manners. "But we just ain't that nice to a race of smelly fish faces that tries to ruin other planets!" His right eye was glowing red with anger. Throttle had enough of Limburger's little game of beating around the bushes, so he went straight to the point.

"Cut to the chase fish face"

"Yeah we totally gonna whip your sorry, fat ass" Vinnie chipped in, making his point by taking out a couple of flares, not lightening them though.

Again Limburger laughed, like he knew something. Something crucial that they didn't, it was beginning to tick Throttle off.

"Not this time, you see, that machine beside you is not the Transporting-enator" the disguised Plutarkian mused, chuckling slickly. "There has never been one, this was all to lure you biker mice here to my own private party."

"What are you babbling about cheese head?" Vinnie asked while looking both, confused and very ticked off. Throttle followed him "Hate to disappoint you fish brain, but this ain't much of a party"

"Oh, that is because the real party hasn't even begun yet, and let's just say... it will be a real blast."

Realization dawned the young Martian mouse leader. It was a trap!

"Fall back, it's a trap!" he shouted as he whirled his bike around, taking his word for it, the two others did the same. "Goodbye biker mice from Mars" was heard from the TV screen before it went frizzy and a loud 'beep' came from the machine they had thought to be the Transporting-enator, but was in fact a bomb. A giant explosion blasted from the machine and spread like wildfire. Vinnie and Modo made a jump out of the window they had broken earlier but Throttle, who was behind them, was too close to the explosion. The force of the bomb hit him, throwing him over him.

"AHHHH" his shout of agony was drowned in the destruction.

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