I slunk down the damp, dark alleyway, head hung low and shoulders hunched. I knew that if I was caught, I'd be as good as dead, but I didn't care, I wouldn't much mind if someone did me the favour. My phone buzzed in my pocket but I ignored it as I neared the tall, shining building at the end of the street. I brushed the fallen leaves of my top and shuffled into the lobby of the building, scowling as a chirpy woman greeted me brightly.

I continued walking until I reached a long, worn out curtain. Pushing it to the side, revealing a small wooden door. Sliding my key into the lock, I opened it, first making sure that no one was looking. I closed the door behind me, trudging down the dingy stairs, not caring when I lost a shoe. I reached a small wooden door and opened it. Once I was inside I closed the door and threw my remaining shoe halfway across the room. I shrugged on a cardigan and fell down on a sofa, flicking on the small TV and trying to find something interesting on. I found nothing, so I left it on the news and walked into the small kitchen to make some coffee.

I was rooting around in the cupboard for a cup when a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts. I darted out of the kitchen and into the living room, stumbling backwards onto the sofa, my eyes fixed on the tall, blonde boy on the television screen, the boy who broke my heart. Tears stung my eyes and I swallowed forcefully, not about to let them win. I watched as he described walking through the woods and spotting an injured girl. He told the reporter that he had taken her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a rare disease.

The veins on my hands grew darker and more prominent as Rhydian gushed about this beautiful, sick girl whom he would protect till the end of the earth. My eyes flashed yellow, my insides re-modelling and changing, preparing for the transformation. Claws grew from my pale fingers, my teeth growing sharper and longer. I snarled at the boy who'd torn my heart into a million pieces and set them all on fire. Who'd left me, sad, shell shocked and alone. I screamed and tore a pillow to shreds, falling on all fours and panting heavily. Just then the door burst open, Shannon and Tom running in and picking me up. I growled in protest, shaking their hands of my shoulders and shaking my head violently. Shannon, calm as ever, placed a cool hand on my forehead and commanded me to calm down. I screeched at being told what to do and backed away from her, pressing myself as far into the corner as I could manage, desperately trying to escape the black hole that was my life. I narrowed my eyes at the two people I now saw as danger, for I was looking through the eyes of a wolf. I ran and jumped at my two best friends, causing them to scatter in different directions. I snarled, hatred dripping from the tone. My eyes fell onto a pale blue blanket that was draped over the arm of the sofa, and I lunged for it. I held it between my teeth, preparing to tear it into a million pieces, for the owner of it was the thing that reminded me the most, of the pain I felt when he left me, left me in the middle of the woods, lost and alone, clutching at my slightly swollen stomach. I howled, recalling it in ever last detail, the look on his face when he'd shouted at me, telling me that it was all my fault, that he never wanted to see me, or his bastard child, ever again. My heart felt as if it was being ripped from my chest. The tiny little innocent baby in the next room had no idea of the heartache that surrounded him. I dropped the blanket and tore out the window, not knowing where I was going, just running. Running.

My eyes fluttered open as the early morning sunshine streamed through a gap in the trees. I sighed in content, bathing in the warmth of the sun, for once forgetting about the painful heartbreak. About my baby boy. I sprang to her feet as I realised that I had left him alone, all night. I inhaled deeply, finding the scent of my cub and sprinted through the forest. I dived through the window of my basement flat and ran straight to his crib, pulling him out and holding him tightly to my chest. I breathed in his scent of honey and sugar and was instantly calmed. I carried him into the living room and watched as his little eyelids slowly lifted. I smiled down at my little boy,

"Hey you." I whispered, and he gurgled back, happy that his mother had returned. I yawned but fought the drowsiness that was overcoming me, I usually got this when she was around him but I didn't know why. I'd overheard Shannon talking to Tom, saying that it was probably post-natal depression, but another transformation, one based on pure anger, had silenced the matter.

I stared into space, clutching my cub, thinking back to when I had first had him. I was sitting in bed, although not one of a hospital. I had decided to have the baby in my small flat in the basement of a hotel, away from a fixed and unchanging society in which people thought it was just another teen pregnancy. And it was, I suppose, but it still hurt when their eyes bore into my stomach, swollen and round from the baby I held within. I'd clutched my stomach, wishing I could give my baby the life he deserved. A life with two parents, happy, a big house, a garden, nice clothes, a friendly environment...that seemed like such a long time ago, in another world. But it wasn't. Not at all.