Authors Note:- This is my first fanfic, my sister told me about it & I thought I'd give it a go, any preferences as to how the story goes, let me know :-)


Vlad tried to control his anger. He really did. But something inside him snapped. Something deep inside him snapped.

He lunged at the breather.

He sunk his fangs deep inside their neck.

He relished at the fullness that it fulfilled, relished at the power he felt over this creature.

Deep inside his stomach, his vampiric sensors were on fire.

He fed, and he fed until there was nothing left of the breather to care about.

He finished and discarded the body carelessly, not caring about anything other than how he felt, how it made him feel, how full he felt.

His fangs dripped with blood, his eyes were cold and black, and he shook with the sheer power that possessed his whole body.

Vlad had never felt so alive. He began to search for more food, more innocent people that would become his meal.

Vladimir Dracula was in control and he was loving every single minute of it.

"Come on then? Who's going to compete with the chosen one, Breathers?" His voice was low, husky, almost seductive, but threatening all the same.

A middle aged woman stepped forward. "What is a Chosen One?" She asked, curiously.

Vlad eyed her with pure fascination. "I am the Chosen One, Breather." His fangs slipped from his mouth, revealing them in all their glory.

The woman gasped, and tried to step back. Vlad laughed and surrounded her with his many reflections.

"There is no escape, Breather, you are powerless towards me." He lunged for her throat, paying particular attention to the spot they were most sensitive with.

"I do hope this is painful." He whispered, then his fangs disappeared through her neck.

All the people that had gathered around Vlad began to run away as fast as they could.

Of course, they were no match for The Chose One.

His many reflections surrounded them, causing a commotion amongst the villagers who were trying to escape from this monster.

"You can run, Breathers, but you will never be able to hide from me, I will find each and every one of you and sharpen my fangs on the lot of you, I promise."

Vlad cackled as the villagers scattered around him like leaves falling from an Autumn tree.

"Please, let us go, please." A young woman with a baby in her arms approached Vlad.

She had some cheap, tacky perfume on that made Vlad's eyes sting.

She gripped the baby tighter as Vlad came forward.

"Who has ever heard of a vampire taking pity on Breathers?" He asked,softly.

The young woman gasped and stepped back.

Vlad was behind her in a flash, ready to pounce.

The young woman ran with the baby.

After a while, she returned.

"Do what you want with me, as long as my baby is safe."

Vlad decided to play with his food.

"What's the baby's name?" He asked, pretending to be interested.

"My baby's name is Erin Franchesca Noble."

Vlad gasped.

Then he sunk his sharp fangs deep into the young woman, not caring that he had left a child motherless.

By now, all the villagers had run away.

Vlad loved feeling like he was in control.