Chapter Three

Bad Vlad, very Bad Vlad.

Vlad didn't know what to do.

He didn't want to think about this. He couldn't have hurt her.

It had to be someone else.

But it wasn't.

It was Vlad.

Vlad had bitten Erin.

This thought sickened Vlad. He loved Erin, why did he do it?

Then he remembered.

The dreams, the mirror, Bad Vlad.

His knees gave way beneath him.

He was back. Again…

Erin was still unconscious. Vlad didn't know what to do with himself. Didn't know how he had allowed this to happen, how he had allowed the Vlad that Erin was afraid of to hurt her in such a way. The thought made him sick and he retched. Ingrid came around the corner.

"Vlad?" Her voice was concerned.

"In here, Ingrid."

"Vlad, Bertrand told me what happened, I'm so sorry."

Once upon a time, Vlad would have laughed at his sister's remorse.

But she'd changed.

Ever since she and Bertrand became a couple.

They both had.

Ingrid hugged him tightly as Vlad allowed the sobs that he had been holding in escape from his lips.

"There now, it's okay, in the long run it means that you'll be together forever, doesn't it, like me and Bertrand."

She sighed and stared dreamily into the distance.

Vlad loved seeing his sister so happy.

He really did, it was like she and Bertrand brought out the best in one another.

Since the death of her first love, Will, Ingrid hadn't been her usual self. Well, that was apart from 'making the streets of Stokely run red with blood'...

But all that had changed now. She was to be married to Bertrand and she carried his child.

"Vlad, I know I haven't been the best big sister in the world, but all is going to be okay, I promise." Vlad didn't know if he dared hope his sister was right.

"Ingrid, what have I done? What if she hates me?" Tears were spilling down his cheeks now.

"Vladimir..." Ingrid emphasised his name.

"I may not have shown this, but I love you, you're my little brother and to be quite honest, if she doesn't love you when she..transforms, then she's not worth your fangs." Vlad looked upon his sister and smiled.

"Thank you, Ingrid, it means a lot you being here, and Bertrand, so thank you, both of you."

Ingrid looked fondly at her little brother.

"Vlad, I am sorry about what I put you through, you know, when I...-"

"It's okay, Ingrid, I realise that you were upset about Will, I probably would have done the same."

Ingrid raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him.

"No you wouldn't, you were all talk but no fangs back then, Vladdy."

Her mocking tone made Vlad laugh for the first time that day.

"That's Future 'Vampire King' to you thank you very much!"

Ingrid moaned and stood up.

"Oh better go, little biter want's feeding!"

Vlad laughed and excused her.

"Okay, not long now, Mummy Ingrid!"

He laughed again. Ingrid swatted him on the head and laughed with him. In truth, she couldn't wait to hold little biter in her arms.

With Ingrid gone, Vlad let the tears fall again.

He couldn't, no he wouldn't believe what he had done.

He listened to the murmur of Erin's rapid breathing,

Oh, how he loved that sound. How he was going to miss listening to her quickening heartbeat, her breathing.

Vlad decided to listen to some music to try and gather his thoughts. He flicked the switch on the stereo.

'Tell me it's not true, say, it's just, a story...-'

Barbara's voice only made Vlad worse. He tried to turn the stereo off, but he couldn't find the right button with his trembling fingers.

He threw the remote to the floor and shot a fireball in the direction of the music player. It fizzled, then crackled, then stopped altogether.

Vlad was at a loss of what to do. He didn't want to think about Erin being a vampire, that would mean that the first person he'd sunk his fangs into, was supposed to trust him with her life.

Now, though, Vlad had ended that life, and gave her unlife.

Silent tears trickled down his face once again, the hurt inside him threatening to break him into a million tiny pieces.

he gave up and laid in his coffin, he shut his eyes, praying that this was all just a bad dream.