Hi guys! I've been reading fanfics for 4 years now so I decided to give it a shot and I write one myself. This is my first try so please be gentle. Review all you want! I'm from Chile so forgive if there's some orthography mistake, If anywone wants to be my Beta it would be great! Best wishes for all! :D

"Bella come on! Hurry up!"

"I'm coming! Give a second"

"One! There. Now come on, we're late"

"Here it is! I couldn't find my notebook"

"Yeah! Like if your notebook is gonna get me some men"

"What's your problem? We're going to get there anyway and I don't know why you're making such big deal out of this, you always end up with someone at the end of day"

"You're right" I'm so hot that they just cannot resist me!"

I just roll my eyes. That's Jennifer for you. She's my best friend and roommate. I first I thought that we wouldn't get along 'cause we're very different but somehow we just became friends. We meet at our freshmen year in college, my mayor is art and her is business. She is bold and risky, she has long honey hair, bright blue eyes and me well I'm just a plain Jane with boring brown hair and eyes. I'm shy and I hate fighting with people. Some would think that I just let Jen push over me but really is just her personality, is beter that way. Now we're on our senior year and things are still the same.

What she said is actually true, were ever we go men always look at her and I mean ONLY her. It's kind of frustrating when we go out nobody sees me. I'm not saying I'm looking for attention like she is, but it would be nice that someday someone will actually ask ME out instead of her. Trough my life in college I've gone out on a few dates, but most of them were blind dates that Jen set up for me, and really they were just awful. I don't care about their physical appearance but their personalities were disgusting.

One of them took me out to a restaurant and before I even sit he told me to eat quickly because he needed me to get him off on his car! I was fuming! I just turn around and leave but he grabed my arm.

"Hey! What's your problem? Isn't this what you wanted? He asked


"Jen told me to go out with you because you were desperate to get some"

"You are lying! I don't even know you, just leave me alone"

When I got to our room I told Jen what happened, she just said

"Please bella you know I would never to that! You're my friend. However you do need to get some! Hahaha"

I let that commentary passed, just like a bunch of them.

Once there was this guy in one of my classes, he always talked to me after class. He was a very nice guy and I thought that maybe he liked me. One day Jen meet me outside my classroom and I presented her to him. Next thing I know they're going out on a date. I was sad 'cause I tough he was going to ask me out. I told Jenn and she said

"God bella! You really think he would ask you out? Look at you! …. I'm just kidding hahaha you know you're pretty Bella, He's just a dumb ass" she still went out with him and he spoke to me again.

Then there was this party and a guy told me if a wanted to go to his room and have a good time. I turn around and went to find Jen so that we could go home, ehen I found her and told her what happened she said

"Really Bella? When was the last time you got properly fucked? Ups sorry I forgot you're still a virgin haha." I end up walking home alone.

The other day I had a presentation on a very important gallery , very few students are selected to show their work there so it was important to me for her to go, but she didn't show up, when I got home she said

"I'm sorry I couldn't make it. You see there was this hot guy at work and he ask me out, you know how that thing works" she didn't even ask how the presentation went.

You see that's just jen's humor, she likes to say things like that but really she doesn't mean them.

Today is first day of class, only one more year to go! Jen is just mad because she likes to leave early and meet some freshmen around campus. I just wanna go to classes.

I was waiting for the teacher to arrived when a guy seats next to me. When I turn to look at him I think I die a little. He is geourgeous ! Bronze hair, strong face he seems to be tall and those eyes, beautiful deep green eyes. I'm pretty shure I'm drooling. Then I saw his lips move and I realice he was talking to me.

"I'm sorry what?"

"I said Hi!, I'm Edward" god his voice is so smooth.

"oh…. Oh! Hi I'm bella" I said in a small voice

"I've never seen around, you study art?"

"yeah, and you?"


"My best friend studies that maybe you know her, her name is Jennifer"

"Jennifer Clark?"


"yes I know her" making a weird face "Although I prefer I didn't"


"just …. It's complicated alright? Let's leave it that"

".. ok. "

The teacher arrived and we didn't speak again, when the class ended he left really quick and didn't even say goodbye. Maybe he has another class to get to, yes I'm sure that's way. I'm going to talk to Jen about him, maybe she can put a good word for me.