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I feel so weird looking at myself in the mirror. Who's that girl? Certainly not myself.

Jen did my hair and makeup, a little too over board. She told me to use one of her short skirts and a low cut top; and these shoes! God I'm sure I'm going to kill myself trying to walk on these death traps.

"I look like a hooker Jen, I can't go out like this!"

"What are you saying? That I'm a hooker? I always go out like this; this outfit gets me free drinks you know"

"I'm not saying that you're one. It's just that I don't dress like this, I'm uncomfortable. At least let me wear my jeans"

"No way! I can't let you go out looking like you usually do! What do you think Edward would think if he sees you dress like you want? Now if he sees you dress like this he's gonna love it! He dated me after all, so now you know what he likes. Now let's go, Garret must be waiting outside"

Usually a take the stairs but with these shoes I'm not taking a chance, elevator it is. Once outside there is a very flashy car parked outside our building, like the ones on Pimp my Car. It has lights all over it, definitely not my type of car.

"Garret this is Bella, she's coming to the party as well" She said when we entered the car.

"Well hey there cutie, are you ready for some fun?"

The party wasn't that far only 5 minutes from our dorm. You could see cars parked outside the house and the street, music blaring from the windows. Just by looking at it from outside I knew the house was packed with people. I got a feeling on my stomach, the one that tells you to not do something; maybe this it's not such a good idea.

Jen took my hand and guide me to the house, Garret walked ahead of us. There were people everywhere. I followed Jen for like two hours and no sight of Edward. I was so uncomfortable, there a few drunk guys that make comments on my outfit , I just wanted to leave.

"Jen I think this was a bad idea. I don't see Edward"

"Edward Cullen?" said Garret and I nodded my head "He is here, I saw his car outside when we arrived"

"You know him?

"Yeah, he was my roommate on freshman year. But then he moved out and got himself and apartment. I don't talk to him these days" he said with a smirk

I looked at Jen with a question mark on my face. Was this the guy Edward caught her chitting with?

"He's really good in bed, so I still keep him around" Jen whispered in my ear.

God I want to leave this place, now!

"Jen I want to leave"

"No way Bella, I'm having fun. If you want to leave walk home" She turned round and went to dance with Garret. Yeah, not the first time this has happened.

I walked outside and sit on the porch a little while. Soon I started to get cold, there wasn't much to keep me warm with this clothes. Suddenly a whistle broke me from my thoughts.

"Damn! Look at that ass. Hey there hot stuff, what's your name?" asked a guy while coming closer, he had a creepy look.

"Eeeh .." I started to walk away but these shoes weren't helping to walk faster.

"Hey" where are you going? The guy grabbed my arm and turn me to look at him.

"I'm just going to find my friend" coming out here alone didn't sound like a good idea anymore

"But don't go. Stay here with me; we could have some fun on my car. What you think? He wiggled his eyebrows.

"I … I don't think so" trying to get away but he wouldn't let go of my arm, I could smell the alcohol from his breath.

"You're not going anywhere" He tightened his hold on my arm

"Let me go" I said trying to sound strong but my voice came out weak and scared. I was scared!

"Aw don't get shy with me. You can't speck me to believe that you don't want some fun. Not after dressed like this"

"Really, leave me alone please"

"You're such a cock tease, walking around like this" he circled me with his arms locking me against the wall "I've been following you all night. You teased me with this skirt and this ass!" he grabbed my butt hard.

"Let me go!" I started crying and tried to get free from his hold but he was too strong. He was having none of that; he started to kiss my neck.

" No Please! Please! Let me go" I said struggling, I was crying so hard. Suddenly I heard someone shout

"Hey! She said no fucker!" and the weight of the guy disappeared. I fell to the ground and circled my arms around my legs; I cried on my knees I couldn't stop crying. Someone came closer and said my name

"Bella! Bella are you alright? Are you hurt?" I looked up and it was Edward on his knees in front of me. He dried my tears with his thumb and touched my face looking for damage.

"I … no… just he wouldn't let me go" I cried

"Hey… It's alright. I got you" He hug me and let me cry on his chest. Once I was calmer I said

"I'm sorry "

"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault that dickhead couldn't understand de word no"

"but … but I'm dressed like this … and I'm sorry"

"No Bella, it doesn't matter how you are dressed. If a girl says no then it's no. That's it" I'm quiet. I don't know what to say.

"Thank you Edward"

"Don't worry about it. I was coming out of the party when I heard you"

"Yeah I was leaving too but … yeah you know the rest"

"Where's your car? I'll walk you to it"

"I .. I don't have a car. I came with Jen and Garret"

"Garret?" he muttered something else but I didn't hear it " So what? You were walking home?"

"Yes, it's not that far"

"Come on" He helped on my feet " I'll drive you home"