Author's note: Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of the Alan Wake franchise and this is my first fanfic so if you gave advice to me how to improve my writing, I'd be glad. This story takes place three years after the original Alan Wake game and one year after the spin-off called Alan Wake's American Nightmare. In this story, Alan Wake finds himself in another episode of Night Springs which he wrote earlier in his life. This time, the episode is set in the small town of Lightmere, Minnesota, where our eponymous hero wants to find decisive clues to return to the real world since he's still trapped in the Dark Place. However, Alan encounters Lucius Milton, who is sort of Mr Scratch's henchman. Will Alan be able to handle this new dangerous enemy? Will he even return to the real world? Or will he be trapped in the Dark Place forever?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original Alan Wake characters or places, the only character I own is Lucius Milton.


My name is Alan Wake and I'm a writer. Three years went by since my first encounter with the Dark Presence. It's been a horrible time. At first, my wife Alice persuaded me to spend our vacation in a small town in Washington, called Bright Falls. There, the Dark Presence engulfed her and in order to save her, I had to switch places with her. Therefore I'm trapped in the Dark Place now. Then, about one year ago, I seemingly destroyed Mr Scratch in the drive-in when I underwent the events of my sequel to Departure, which I named Return. I'm still not completely sure whether I really defeated Mr Scratch or not. I hope that I'll find this out sooner or later.

By now, I'm in the small town Lightmere, Minnesota, based on another Night Springs episode that I wrote when I was a young man. On the one hand, I chose this setting because of the fact that in Minnesota there are places where the real world and the world beyond slightly touch each other, like in Arizona or in Bright Falls. On the other hand, I chose this episode due to the time it's set in: winter. To be more specific, it's set during Christmas time, which could be an advantage for me due to numerous lights, which are everywhere during that period.

So there I was. Still trapped in the Dark Place, but this time I had another chance to return to the real world. I stood next to the town sign. Lightmere. What an interesting name, in particular due to the "light" in there. It was snowing. The whole ground was covered with snow, but as I looked around, I saw something glittering. I reached my hand out to it and grabbed it. A flashlight and a revolver! I wonder why I'm still a little bit surprised. These tools are eventually kind of essential to fight against the darkness. I checked the revolver's barrel. There were just six rounds in it and since there weren't any signs of ammo far and wide, I had to be economical.

I entered the town and looked around. Nobody there. Just me. At least all the Christmas lights were on. I kept moving until I suddenly heard a strange noise. In a strange way, it sounded familiar to me. A loud, distorted yelling. Although I already knew what I had to face the next moment, I was still a little bit shocked. A tall man appeared in front of me. He had a dark shadowy aura around him and he wore a thick winter jacket.


Without hesitation, I aimed my flashlight at this Taken. After a few seconds, the dark aura suddenly vanished. Then I took my revolver and shot him twice. After the second shot, the Taken also vanished, leaving just a few bright sparks.

After this encounter, I needed a minute to spare. It was tiring to fight against those Taken. Now I understood Cynthia's feelings about fighting the Taken much better than before. Although I wanted to rest a bit longer, I had to go. I walked down the main street while thinking about Alice. "Is she alright? Is she in danger?" I asked myself. Suddenly, another Taken appeared right in front of me. He yelled exactly like the one I had destroyed before. I burned the dark aura away, then shot him once. This one shot was enough to destroy him. After that encounter, there were only three rounds left in my revolver. Hoping to find new ammo as quickly as possible, I moved on. What I hadn't noticed yet was the fact that my presence in Lightmere attracted the attention of many Taken. I kept moving when all of a sudden, lots of Taken appeared. They started to surround me and I began to tremble a little bit out of fear. In moments like this, I'd really like to have a flare with me. I aimed my flashlight at some Taken without being very successful. The Taken were still surrounding me and more of them could appear at any moment. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to destroy two Taken, but after that my ammo was used up. I dodged an attack and ran for dear life. After a short distance, I stumbled and eventually fell down. Many Taken yelled, and this time, it sounded like a full-throated laugh. Only with a bit distortion. That goes without saying. At the moment when I really thought that my last hour had come, a bright reddish light came out of nowhere. It was a flare. Furthermore, I heard gunshots. Suddenly, every Taken vanished bit by bit. After even the last one had been destroyed, I looked up to see my savior.

Author's note: Yeah, so this was the prologue of my first fanfic ever. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope that you'll enjoy it too. So, who is Alan's savior? What are his goals? Will he help Alan or not? All these questions will be answered in the next episode. See you ;)