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As the elevator made its way up to the 80th floor Natasha smiled. She and Clint had spent the evening at the ballet, and Natasha had been reminded just how much she loved it, and missed doing it. It had been a surprise, one that she had never expected from Clint, and she suspected that Pepper had had something to do with it. Because there was no way that Clint remembered her birthday and planned the entire night on his own.

He had pulled her away from the living room where the boys had been building a lego city together and told her to get dressed up, that they were going somewhere fancy, and that they needed to leave at six-thirty. She looked at her watch, five o'clock.

She went into her room, and saw a black dress bag on her bed with a pair of black pumps sitting next to it. When she opened it she saw that it was her favorite black floor length dress, and beside it was the jewelry box that contained all of her expensive jewelry that she usually saved for under cover jobs. She showered, shaved, blow-dried her hair, put her curlers in, and went back across the hall to get dressed. Once she had pulled on nylons for the first time in a long time and zipped up the dress she went through her jewelry box. She selected a simple emerald necklace and earrings, and once they were in place she went back to the bathroom with her makeup bag. Twenty minutes later she pulled the curlers out, touched up a few ringlets with the curling iron she had heated up before she went to get dressed. An hour and twenty minutes after she had started she deemed herself dressed up enough for a fancy venue – wherever it may be. She went back to her room and put on her heels.

She came out to the living room, and all six boys ooh'd and ahh'd and told her she looked very pretty – Tony may or may not have told her she looked "smokin'", but she ignored it because it sounded very wrong from a four year old. Pepper gushed over her hair and dress and a few minutes later Clint emerged from Tony and Pepper's room – further proof that Pepper had something to do with it – in a suit that Natasha was sure was one of Tony's.

"You look amazing," he said as he smiled and looked Natasha up and down. She put her hand on her hip, and replied,

"You don't look too bad yourself."

"Good night guys! Be good for Pepper – and Tony that means you! Loki don't take any of Bruce's toys." Clint and Natasha left the apartment at six-twenty and by six-thirty exactly they were pulling out of Tony's garage.

It didn't take very long for Natasha to deduce that they were going to the ballet. For one she could see the tickets sticking out of Clint's pocket, which meant some kind of show. Clint knew that she loved the ballet, and even though neither of them mentioned it, it was her birthday. They had never celebrated it before, but things hadn't exactly been normal these days.

They pulled up in front of the theater, and Clint gave the Valet the keys. He stepped up beside her, and Natasha smiled as he held his arm out for her to take. She did, and they walked inside the enormous, beautiful old theater. Natasha looked around, unable to take the small smile off of her face, and whenever she glanced over at Clint he was looking at her, the same smile on his own face. Natasha looked away from him and around to the people, noticing more than one jealous face among the women in the group milling around the lobby, waiting to be let in. She smirked.

Once they finally got to their seats in the upper balcony they sat down, and waited for the show to start. Natasha looked down at her hand in her lap when Clint's hand reached over the armrest and twined his fingers in her own.

When the ballet was over Natasha was in the best mood she had been in in a long time, and she and Clint chatted about what they had just seen as they drove to a fancy restaurant a few miles away. And by the end of the night as she and Clint were kissing like high schoolers about to be caught by parents in Tony's parking garage before they went back up Natasha had to admit that it was one of her best birthdays ever.

They stepped out of the elevator on the 80th floor Natasha immediately sensed that something was off. She let go of Clint's hand and hurried towards the door to Tony's apartment. She opened the door and so no immediate damage. She stepped in and heard Clint close it behind him, and headed into the living room. Three of the five boys were playing legos on the rug, Thor was sitting in the armchair with a very unhappy look on his face, and Loki was nowhere to be found.

"Hi Natasha!" Steve yelled when he noticed her, and immediately the other boys looked up and greeted her similarly.

"Hi. . ." she heard Thor say. He sounded dejected and angry.

"What's the matter, buddy?" Clint said, squatting down next to the chair.

"I'm in trouble. . ."


"He made Loki disappear!" Tony yelled, sounding very enthusiastic about it.

"He did what?" Natasha deadpanned. "Is that why you guys are still awake? It's way past your bedtime."

"Pepper told us to play in the living room," Bruce supplied.

"Well, you guys just keep doing that and I'm going to go talk to Pepper." Natasha turned and headed to the boys' room. Pepper was crouched down, looking under one of the beds.

"What happened?" Natasha asked. Pepper looked up, looking agitated.

"I can't find Loki."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that he and Thor were arguing over something – maybe it was a toy or something else – and Thor smacked Loki on the arm and Loki got mad and turned himself into a mouse, and ran in here. Now I literally can't find him."

"Why don't you let me try to get him to come out?" Pepper stood up and smoothed her shirt.

"Go ahead," she said and she left.

Natasha knelt down carefully, still in her heels. She sat down, tucking her legs into her side and rearranged her dress around her shoes. Pepper had closed the door behind her, and it was just Natasha and (presumably) Loki in mouse-form.

She didn't say anything; she merely sat on the floor, her hands in her lap, breathing softly. After a few minutes she spotted Loki sitting a few feet to her left. She turned her head to look at him, and put out her hand, laying it flat on the floor. Loki scurried up and after quickly sniffing her hand he crawled onto it. Natasha cupped her hand carefully and lifted it up to be level with her eyes. The Loki-mouse was tiny, and he was staring into her eyes with his own green ones, breathing quickly.

She lowered her hand back down to her lap, and Loki crawled onto her dress. He looked back up at her face, and chittered at her.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak mouse. Are you going to turn back into a boy?" she asked, keeping her voice patient. The tiny mouse shook his head and ended up shaking his entire body with the force of it. "Okay." Natasha fell silent, staring down at Loki, an amused smile on her face. He looked back up at her and chittered again, and then stopped. What he did next made Natasha laugh out loud. He jumped up onto his hind legs, and then he spun around in a few circles before dropping back down to all fours. It took her a second, but she understood what he was trying to say. "Ohh, are you asking about the ballet? Did Pepper tell you what that is?" He nodded his tiny head again. Natasha told him about the ballet and how wonderful it was. She described the music and the dancers and told him that she had danced that ballet once herself. She told him that she had been a better lead than the woman who had been tonight and Loki chittered again as if laughing. Natasha smiled.

"So you and Thor had a fight?" She asked, and Loki, who had curled up on her lap during her story, jumped up. He nodded his head. "Did you start it?" Loki hesitated, but nodded again before then he started to talk furiously and Natasha cut him off. "I don't care if he hit you, you're a big boy and you can handle it." Plus you've done worse than that to each other many times before, she thought.

"You two are going to apologize to each other." Loki turned his back to her and laid back down on her lap. Natasha sighed, and picked him up. He squirmed, mouth wide open, squealing in his high-pitched mouse voice. "You're going to have to turn back eventually," she said.

She stood up, Loki in hand, and went out to the living room. Clint was sitting in sweats and a t-shirt on the couch watching the boys play. Thor was still sitting on the armchair, but he was talking animatedly to Pepper about something. Natasha walked over to Clint.

"Hold out your hand." When he did she placed Loki in it. He looked harried and Natasha suspected that he really didn't like being held.

"Well hello there." Clint held Loki up to his face. "Loki, I presume?" The mouse didn't do anything. "Hey boys, that's a great castle you built." Clint stood up and placed Loki right in the middle of the "dungeon" that Tony had added a few minutes before. Natasha and Pepper laughed.

"Just let him calm down and he'll change back," she said turning to head to her room to change. She heard Pepper tell the boys that it was time for bed, and they all groaned and claimed that they weren't tired. She shut the door behind her and quickly undressed, and put on her favorite sleep pants and one of Clint's t-shirts. When she emerged Clint was sitting on the couch alone watching a game on TV. She sat down next to him and saw that Loki was still sitting in the lego castle.

About ten minutes later Loki started scratching at the legos that held him in, and Natasha leaned forward and picked him back up. "Are you going to change back now?" The mouse did not look happy, but he begrudgingly nodded. Natasha set him down on the couch seat next to her, and two seconds later Loki sat there.

"I'm tired," he said, sounding cranky. Natasha had noticed that using his transformative magic for a long time tired him out more.

"Ok, let's get you to bed."

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