March 13, 2006 I went to my job under my house where I invent things. I've been thinking I need a real job to get real money. Maybe I can be

a babysitter since I like kids, but I'm not married nor have kids. As I walked to my computer and typed out; Gab Turner (on top) babysitter

(under my name) contact me at 708-342-1023 (on the bottom). I printed one hundred papers, I quickly ran outside to the town like a rabbit in

fear. I went inside a store called 'News paper daily" I grabbed the stapler gently and stapled 2 signs on a bulletin board on a pink neon

poster soon I got tired from posting signs in 20 different stores. Later in the week I got a call! A single husband needed a babysitter from 9

am-7pm for ten dollars an hour. Of course I would take it, good money right? Monday morning, slam! My car door closes. I walked to this big

lovely house it was like a Michael Jordan house. *Knock* *knock* A guy holding his daughter opened it. "Hello, are you the babysitter?" he

said. "Hello! Yes I am, my name is Gab turner and your name is?" I said firmly.

"I'm Jack Park, welcome to my house this is my daughter Agnes Park"

Jack was holding a little girl who had a dark brown pony tail, bangs covering her forehead and big brown eyes. Agnes was wearing a

yellow/grey stripe shirt and overalls over. She was so cute! "Hello big man!" Agnes shouted waving her tiny hands, "hello little girl!" I shouted

smiling. As I stepped in the house it smelt like strawberries, jack was touring me around his house. Showing me what Agnes can and cannot

eat, it was a pretty long list a minute later Jack led me to her room. A bed full of minions they were yellow, had on round goggles, and black

gloves. "Okay you are all set, if you need to ask questions call me" jack said "Okay thank you so much" I replied back. Jack ran out the house

to his job and left me with Agnes. The job begins. Agnes was staring at me like I'm some freak.

"What's your name?"

"I'm gab, how about you?"

"I'm Agnes Park! Let's play hide and seek! You count"

"Fine but don't go outside or you will not get a snack! 1, 2, 3, 4…89 ready or not here I come!" I yelled. I opened every Cabinet in the kitchen,

looked under the couch, checked the bathroom, searched in her room but something looked odd but I ignored it. "Where are you" I said. I

heard little giggles; I quickly ran and finally found her.

"We are going to go somewhere else from this house, but don't tell your dad"


We went to the airport; yes my time to finally have my own child!

To be continued…