The New and Better Prologue!

[Godric's Hollow]

A baby sat in a crib, staring upwards at a dark, cloaked figure uncomprehendingly.

Mama had just been whispering to him, and Mama sounded strange. But she still sounded all full of love, like she always had. Then the weird dark man walked in, and Mama screamed at him. The funny man said something to Mama, and Mama screamed back. Why did Mama sound so sad? I don't want Mama to be sad. Don't be sad Mama!

And then the mean man said something bad to Mama, and there was a big flash, like when Dada made Paddy float, and turn purple, but then Mama fell down. Get up Mama! Why are you not getting up? Mama!

"Mama!" Harry James Potter sobbed as he gazed uncomprehendingly at the unmoving body of his mother. He looked up at the mean man and shrieked, the sound momentarily deafening the man, who was none other than Tom Marvolo Riddle, or as he liked to be called, Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort hissed, then raised his wand, pointing down at the sobbing baby, who had gone back to sobbing at the sight of his motionless mother.

"Pathetic. This is the Savior of the Wizarding World? I'll end your misery now, child. AVADA KEDAVRA!" A massive flash of green light, as bright as the baby's eyes struck the boy.

And all little Harry knew was pain.

[End Prologue]

The reworked Prologue. Not much longer than the original, but like I've said, this is meant to be short.