Ah, well, I looked over my previous ANs, and I realized that I wasn't very forthcoming with Harry's powers. Hmm, so, hopefully, you've read the second chapter and thus know what Harry's eyes look like. So, to summarize, Harry has the Rinnegan, which is manifested only in one eye, even though technically, both have it. The Sharingan is manifested in both eyes for no adequately explored reason.

Kidding, the Sharingan is present in both eyes because Harry has powers specific to the eyes. The only power we have seen revealed thus far from the Sharingan is the Kamui, which, due to a reaction with Harry's magic, the soul piece in Harry from ol' Voldy, and the magics released during Harry and Quirrell's fight, has twisted, which is probably the best way to describe it. Basically, now, even without access to the MS, Harry can warp away objects to his little world.

His Rinnegan has only shown one power thus far, and that is the Creation of All Things, which is what allowed the Sage of Six Paths to create the Moon, combined with the Jubi's body. Now, people have asked if there are Biju wandering around. The answer is an empathic no. The Sharingan and Rinnegan are lost bloodlines that would never have activated in Harry had he not been attacked by Voldemort that fateful night. So, the potent love and hate magics mixed with the chakra strains in Harry's blood due to the very coincidental mix of James Potter's and Lily Evan's blood, both of which, just happened to have two recessive genes for both bloodlines. Guess which genes Harry got.

Harry will discover more abilities as time wears on, especially now that the stage has been set, the actor's don't know they have lines, and the director is off nursing a cup of coffee.


[Dursley Home, England]

Harry stared at the creature on his bed. Just flat out stared. Haltingly, he addressed it, whatever it was. "Who are you?" He asked, not unkindly.

"Ah sir, Dobby always knew the great Harry Potter was a great wizard sir, but to be asked in such a manner sir, it is an honor, and an honor that Dobby doesn't deserve sir!" Near the end of the creature-Dobby's intro, it's (he couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, the voice was too squeaky and high) voice had risen to a near shriek. Harry hurriedly made motions to shush at the, thing, and it instantly started beating itself with a book, making even more noise.

"Dobby? Dobby! Stop!" Harry shouted in vain that the thingy, and it stopped, then grinned evilly, and said one thing, "Harry Potter sir is not coming to Hogwarts. No, Dobby made sure of it." And then Dobby blasted Harry into his dresser, and made to swing the poor, stupefied boy's lamp at his head, when the door slammed open.

"BOY!" Vernon Dursley's bellow could be heard several houses over, all of whom's occupants tittered, and wondered what exactly the delinquent had done to arouse such ire in the beefy man. Unfortunately for Harry, Dobby had a mean streak wider than the English Channel, and instead magically swung the lamp into Vernon with enough force to smash him through the doorway, and crash through the railing, only to fall 10 feet and slam into the ground.

"Dobby! What have you done?"

"Goodbye Harry Potter sir, have a happy life outside of Hogwarts!" As Dobby made to disapparate, sneering at Harry, Harry's eyes flashed, and Dobby found himself on one of the rather, inhospitable worlds that Harry had created one day.

When shortly after, harry arrived in the world next to it, he found Dobby a frothing mess near his feet.

"Can't…can't…why...must…no….nooooo….appar…can't…NOOOOO!" As Dobby screamed, Harry looked on with zero remorse at the thing writhing on the blisteringly hot ground, and promptly smashed a world made of lightning into it. Harry was rather proud of his new creations, which he had appropriately named 'Obliterators'. They were orbs of contained, concentrated, purified lightning, each 10 feet in diameter, with a handful the size of his head, and he made all of them in a week. They were sort of his last defense. If anyone could get through the myriad traps he had made in the 'Bad' worlds, they would get vaporized. The ones the size of his head were made for stealth reasons, since a massive sphere larger than a four-poster bed bearing down on someone could activate reflexes, his plan of action was rather simple: One, drop bad guy into 'Bad' world. Two, smash lightning ball into intruder. Three, pelt bad dude with lightning balls. Four, initiate 'Code White' and freak bad guy out with massive spheres, then sneak attack with small one. And finally, Five, initiate 'Code Black' and smash every world together. Each step was implemented if the previous one failed, and the first step was only activated only if he needed to off someone. Step Five was a permanent sort of thing. Harry predicted that no one could take getting hit by that many orbs. Some of which contained lava, for heaven's sake.

Mission complete, Harry stepped back into reality as everyone else perceived it, and scared the crap out of his aunt, who promptly screamed.

[End Chapter]

Well, Harry's taking his safety rather more seriously. He has no warning that something bad is going to happen at Hogwarts.

Hey, I don't think that Dobby got away from the Malfoy's without at least some mental scars. And in this story, they've twisted his mind so that killing is an effective way of keeping someone from doing something. So, he would rather kill Harry that let him go to Hogwarts. But that bit of "only meant to maim or seriously injure" is still there, and so Dobby went for a method that would take Harry out, but probably wouldn't kill him. Probably.