The New Ranger Adventure- Chapter 1: Time Force

Wesley Collins stood at the hospital next to Sarah who was sleeping. She had gave birth to their first daughter whom they named Lydia.

In the meantime Silver Hills was being attacked by Talia, a mutant who could turn Invisible and control other people's minds. Wes was asleep when his phone rang.

"Hello?" Sarah answered it with a sleepy voice.

"Sarah it's Jen, I need you to tell Wes that we need him as fast as he can. Talia is back and wants to kill Alex."

"Sure , I will wake him up." Sarah hung up. "Wes wake up!"

"What Sarah? Is Lydia okay?" Wes asked rubbing his eyes.

"Lydia's fine, but Alex isn't, Talia is back and wants to kill him, Jen told me to wake you up and say that she needs you in the Clock Tower." Sarah smiled and kissed him.

"I'm on my way." He smiled and left.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Silver Hills, Talia Van Camp known as Lilith was dressing her most expensive jacket as Contemptra and Mia came.

"Master the Rangers are having a reunion somewhere." Mia answered and jumped when Talia slammed her hand in the desk.

"Find where! NOW! I want to finish that Drake out of the way. Ah.. Contemptra! Kidnap the Drake Twins.

"Will do Master." Contemptra grinned leaving.

In the mean time while waiting for Wes and Eric to show up in the Clock Tower, Jen and Alex were taking care of their 6 year old twins.

"Daddy can i sleep? Leah asked Alex rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Come here in my arms while we wait for Uncle Wes and Uncle Eric." Alex smiled as one of his princesses were in his arms trying to fall asleep.

Wes arrived. "Sorry I'm late." He smiled.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one. Eric isn't here yet too." Jen smiled back holding a sleeping Liah in her arms.

"Sorry Ryan wouldn't let me go." Eric said as he arrived and took the blue prints. "That's the blue prints of an old abandoned house in Silver Hills. Wes and I believe Talia is hiding in there."

"Mommy, can I go play outside?" Liah smiled rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Sure, but be careful." Jen smiled letting her go.

Meanwhile Contemptra went to her Human Form and smiled at Liah. "Are you lost sweetie?"

"Yes and I want to go back to the Clock Tower.. My Mommy is waiting for me." Liah smiled back.

"Follow me." Contemptra smirked evily.

10 minutes later Alex started to feel pain. Jen knew what was it. "Dammit!" She ran downstairs and started to cry. Alex comforted her. They all went outside.

"Well...Well...Well.. if it isn't the Pinky Ranger." Contemptra smirked evily.

"Where's my daughter?" Jen asked furious.

"She's somewhere with Steelix and Talia." Contemptra smirked again.

Jen bursted into tears again.

(End of chapter 1)

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