Dana was working at the hospital when Carter was working in the Fire Station. They got married and had a daughter named Amber Grayson. Amber was 6 years old and was on school in the 1st grade. Contemptra was waiting for her so she could take her to the WareHouse,

Meanwhile Dana and Carter have done their shifts at their respective works. "Dana I'm home!" Carter smiled at her.

Dana smiled back kissing him softly. "I'm making lunch then I'm going to pick up Amber." She smiled again.

While Dana and Carter were eating lunchm Contemptra saw Amber getting out of school and decided to act, She followed her with the van and then got out taking her away.

Dana met Jen in the way to the school. Amber was no where to be seen. Dana carefully approached a woman. "I'm sorry have you seen a girl with blonde hair, a bit tall, 6 years old and blue eyes?" The woman answered. " Yes, I saw her walking to a Blue Van." Dana thanked her and sighed looking at Jen who was biting her nails.

"Blue Van.. Oh god." Jen picked up her phone and called Alex.

"Drake." Alex answered picking up the phone.

"Alex, how many kids have been kidnapped after ours?" Jen asked worriedly.

"Just Leah, Liah, James and Lydia, wait theres new on the system... Amber Grayson and Melissa Rhodes."

"Damn it." Dana cried and called Carter.

"Grayson." Carter heard someone crying on the phone. "Dana? Baby whats wrong?" Carter asked worriedly.

"Amber was kidnapped too." Dana started to cry again.

"Hey shh. We're going to find her. We're going to Silver Hills today, Wes called me too. We're going to Assault the Abandoned WareHouse."

"Okay." Dana answered and hang up the phone while walking with Jen to her and Carter's house.

In the meantime Leah was training Amber and Melissa. "Try Harder!" Leah yelled as Amber was being punched by Melissa. Amber got up did a spin kick and defeated Mel. "Good, Its well for now." Leah smiled evily.

"Now we can begin the operation Defeat the Rangers." Talia laughed evily as she saw the twins train.


-Leah and Liah were not affected by the prototype. They share the Cold attitude they earned from their father, Alex.

To Megan:

-The Amber character is not you :P Your character will appear later in the last chapter along with Ryan.