Battle of the steaks

Starring: Tawni Hart

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"I'm starving," Grady groaned as he sat back on the green couch of the prophouse with Nico sitting beside him.

"Do you wanna get more Fro-Yo?" Nico suggested.

"Thanks, man. But no thanks. We just had some. We need to eat real food." Grady sighed.

Tawni looked up from where she was sitting with her cell phone. She looked towards Nico and Grady who were whining, then at Sonny who was going through her email on her cell phone, then imagined Zora somewhere in the vents.


Who am I? Tawni Hart. I am on So Random! the hit comedy show that has never won the 'Best Tween Show' award! Why didn't we get steak or lobsters in the commissary? Why only those jerksnobs from Mackenzie Stalls? WHY!?

"Alright, listen up!" Tawni called out and stood up facing everyone. "Who are we?"

Nico sat up before furrowing his eyebrows. "So Random!"

"And where are we?"

"In the prophouse?" Sonny shrugged.

"Try again." Tawni sighed.

"Condor Studios?"

"Yes! And who else films here?"

Everyone but Tawni groaned before mumbling. "Mackenzie Falls."

"And why are we hungry?" Tawni threw her arms up.

"Because Brenda gives us scarf and barf." Sonny replied.

"And does Mackenzie Falls get that? No! They get steaks and lobsters and everything they desire to eat! And what do we get? CRAP!"

Everyone jumped from Tawni's sudden outburst.

"I want steak!" Tawni practically shouted. "And I'm determined to get it! Who's with me!"

"I am!" Nico and Grady stood up proudly.

"Why not?" Sonny stood up too.

"We need a plan." Zora said.

Everyone turned around and jumped. How'd she-? Whatever.

~30 minutes later~


"Are you sure this is gonna work, Tawni?" Sonny asked, feeling nervous about the whole situation.

"What do we have to lose? I just want my steak." Tawni nodded before grabbing a hair net and placing it over Sonny's wig.

Sonny turned around to look at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing the same fat suit she wore a year ago when she first came to the show. Tawni's plan was to dress her up like Dot, the lunch lady ready to take over Brenda's shift. Zora was dressed all in black like a ninja and was inside a sandwich cart to retrieve the food. Sonny or Dot would walk over to take over the shift, place Zora or the sandwich cart near the Mackenzie Falls cabinet where they kept all the food so Dot can causally hand the sandwich cart all the food then quickly leave before anyone notices anything. If anything went wrong, Tawni was already dressed in a Mackenzie Falls uniform and wig from their sketch, Mackenzie Stalls, to quickly leave with the steak. Nico and Grady were seated at their regular table just in case anyone suspected So Random! could be doing anything. It was a perfect plan. And it was so simple! -to Tawni who made it up but could have gone with a much simpler plan from Zora.

Tawni, Sonny, and Zora reached the commissary and stopped outside the entrance to make sure everything and everyone was in place. Tawni peered around the corner. Yes! The Mackenzie Snobs weren't here, and Nico and Grady were seated talking quietly at the table. Perfect!

"Ready. Go!" Tawni instructed Sonny who pushed the cart inside holding Zora and walked her way over to Brenda.

"Hah, Brandy, is that raht?" Sonny asked using her best disguise voice.

Brenda fake smiled before rasing her glasses as if to ask What do you want?

"Well," Sonny began. "Mah name is Dot as you can see?" she said pointing to her name tag. Brenda sighed, clearly bored. "Am here to take over your shift, if thaht's okay?"

Brenda became alert at this. Her eyes brightened abruptly and she started nodded rapidly then dashed out of the commissary as fast as she could. Wow, that was easy, Sonny thought to herself as she pushed the cart beside the Mackenzie Falls food cabinet. She had a slight smug smile at her triumph. Just as Sonny was about to open the cabinet, a certain three named doofus, as Grady calls him, walked over.

"Brenda, my steak." Chad demanded flashing his famous smirk.

Sonny looked up but then quickly looked down. Chad knew this costume! Afterall, they met like this...kind of.

Chad frowned looking down at Dot who was kneeling beside the cabinet.

Great. What do I do now!? Sonny thought in panic.

Sonny lifted herself up, turning away from Chad and ran out of the room with the sandwich cart leaving a bewildered Chad. She ran past Tawni who looked just as shocked.



"What happened?" I demanded to Sonny who had her mouth ajar.

"Chad came and he would of recongnized me if I didn't do what I did." Sonny said as she removed her hair net and wig.

I groaned in frustration. How could this happen?


Yes! Face one is complete! Now that Brenda's gone, Sonny can take the food and I will have my steak! VICTORY! Finally! I think I should celebrate this moment with a brand new coat of Coco Moco Coco! I reached into my purse and pulled out a fresh new tube. Just as I was about to apply some, Chad Dylan Pooper walked by. I simply rolled my eyes without a care in the world until I heard Chad's voice far away. I turned and found Sonny in trouble of blowing cover. Oh no! How could I let him get by!? Nico and Grady! I looked towards our usual table and found it empty. Where did those idiots go!? They weren't suppose to leave their post! Ugh, my fault for actually believing they'd be any help. Just as I was about to rush over, Sonny ran past me with the sandwich cart.
Mission failed.


I squinted my eyes as it all played back in my head. This was all my fault. I groaned aloud again. But I am not giving up! I'm gonna get that steak if it's the last thing I do!

"Okay, It's time for a new plan," I said turning to Sonny.

"There's more?" Sonny widened her eyes.

"I'm not giving up until I have my steak!" I affirmed.

I heard footsteps coming and I instantly thought it was Chad until I heard chuckling and spoon slurping.

"I'm telling you, G." Nico was saying as he licked his spoon, walking inside. "Fro-Yo has never tasted better."

"Maybe that's because we haven't eaten in hours," Grady shrugged as he walked along side Nico.

The boys both stopped when they saw my glare and Sonny standing beside me with a blank face.

"I thought I told you two to stay in her posts!" I fumed.

Grady immediately stepped aside as he let Nico do the talking.

"Um, sorry, Tawni. We thought everything was going well, so we went for some Fro-Yo. We were really hungry," Nico explained a bit nervous.

"At what time! Nothing went right! We didn't get the steak! But we would have gotten a chance if you two didn't screw up on your job!"

"Can I PLEASE get out of this thing?"

I jumped slightly but sighed realizing it was Zora who was still inside of the sandwich cart. I went to it and opened the lid. Zora rose up and took in a deep breath.

"Fresh air!" she sighed happily as she climbed out.

"Tawni, it's just a steak." Sonny jumped in conversation, getting back on topic.

I turned to her with a fustrated face. "Sonny! It's not just a steak! Isn't anyone tired of getting barf to eat everyday? I am! I can't take it anymore! We can't live off of Fro-Yo and ordering pizza! We need real food! All I'm asking for is some effort. Effort so we can call it victory and success for So Random!"

There was a silent for a moment as everyone was soaking up what I had expressed. I felt proud and gave everyone an encouraging smile.

"So, um, are you saying pizza isn't real food?" Grady asked, almost offended.

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