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*-Power Rangers: Galactic Raiders-*

Somewhere, far away from civilization a battle was taking place. This battle was no ordinary battle, this had the fate of the planet resting on it's shoulders.

An army of metallic colored soldiers stood on one side and on the other side they stood. Power Rangers: Defenders of the Universe. The metallic soldiers all grunted and growled, they were ready. At the head of the Ranger army stood veteran Ranger, Tommy Oliver in his Brachio Ranger suit.

"Listen up, we can't let the Zanyark win now let's do this!" Tommy said before kiaing.

The Rangers, 123 strong shared a powerful battle cry before dropping into their respective fighting stances. The two sides charged at each other.

The battle went back and forth.

The Red Space, Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, S.P.D, Mystic Force, Overdrive and Samurai Rangers activated their Battalizers.

They took out a large group of the metallic soldiers known as Gormins.

As the battle raged on, Zanyark ships began entering earth's atmosphere.

Once they were close enough the began blasting the battlefield, hitting friend and foe alike. The Rangers all managed to survive. Troy, the Red MegaForce Ranger regrouped with his team.

"What do we do, we can take all of tthose Zanyark ships out?" He asked.

"We have to combine our powers, it's the only way to take them all out!" Green Zeo Ranger Adam Park said.

"Let's do everyone!" Tommy exclaimed.

The Rangers all shot their hands towards the sky. They all began to glow and their combined energies shot up to the sky, destroying the fleet of ships.

*-Galactic Raiders-*

Up in space on the flag ship known as the Gigant Horse, a very enraged Prince Jaxx Gill was throwing a fit.

"How could those Rangers defeat all of the forces we brought from Planet Zanyark, Taurios what do we have left?" Jaxx hollered.

Prince Jaxx Gill's advisor Chief Taurios walked over to him.

"Prince Jaxx, we have lost over 85 percent of our forces we have to travel back to Zanyark and regroup," Taurios said.

Jaxx sighed as he plopped down on his throne.

"Very well let's begin the journey home, alert the remaining ships," He said.

The Gigant Horse and the remaining Zanyark ships began the journey home.

*-Power Rangers: Galactic Raiders-*

Down on Earth it was a bittersweet moment for the Rangers. The 123 warriors sat in the wasteland and talked amongst themselves.

Jayden the Red Samurai Ranger, Zach the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger and Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger were all talking to each other.

"So we won," Jayden said.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure that's the last time we'll be morphing," Zhane said.

"You're right but we saved the world, maybe the entire universe," Zach said.

"But at a huge cost," Jayden sighed.

Emily, Jayden's teammate made her way over to them.

"Great, you're okay Jayden!" Emily said.

"You could say that," Jayden said.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked.

"We can't morph anymore, none of us, if the Zanyark were to return we'd be completely defenseless," Jayden said.

Zhane put his hand on Jayden's shoulder.

"Trust me, the Zanyark won't be back for sometime, their planet is millions of light years away," He said.

Jayden gave a half hearted smile.

"I'll just have to take your word for it," he said.

"Guys Tommy wants to talk to us all," Dax said running over to them.

The Rangers exchanged looks before heading over to the crowd of Rangers.

In the center was Tommy.

"First off I'd like to thank you all for standing up to save our planet, I wished we could have all met under different circumstances, in any case what happened today was a hard fought and well earned victory. Even though we've lost our powers I want you all to remember this, Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger. Somewhere out there, there is another team of Rangers that will come together to pick up where 17 generations of their predecessors left off. May the Power protect you all,"

Tommy said.

The Rangers clapped and whooped as Tommy's mini speech concluded. As they celebrated, Troy turned to Jayden who was standing next to him.

"I hope he's right about there being more Rangers," He said.

Jayden crossed his arms and smiled.

"Don't worry, the Power Rangers always pull some sort of miracle out of their hats, have some faith like I'm sure everybody else does," Jayden said.

Troy flashed a smile before cheering alongside his fellow Rangers.

*-Power Rangers Galactic Raiders-*

(Two years later...)

On a distant planet in the Whirlpool galaxy, a heated competition was taking place. In a large steel cage, two monsters were battling it out. One was a heavily armored creature named Valaxius and a orange monster named Paramax the Weapon Master.

Paramax swung his broad sword at Valaxius who blocked it. Paramax drew a sledge hammer and hit Valaxius with it. Valaxius jerked backwards. Paramax spun around and delivered another strike with the broad sword. Paramax hit him with the sledge hammer again and sheathed his sword as he did.

Paramax revealed a shotgun from his thigh holster and blasted Valaxius back onto the floor. The officiating referee counted to three but Valaxius did not rise. A bell was rang and Paramax paraded around the ring in victory.

"Oooh and Valaxius has been defeated and with that, Paramax moves onto the final round!" The announcer said from a podium about 30 feet above the cage.

The crowd surrounding them cheered and roared for the next fight to start.

"Bring in the other fighter!" The referee said.

"Let's get ready for the final bout! Challenger one in the ring a native to our lovely planet of Machinia, Paramax the Weaponmaster!" The announcer said.

Paramax roared to hype up the crowd.

"And the challenger two, all the way from KO-35, he's a bounty hunter that goes by the name Rosch Oerba!" The announcer said.

A man walked over from the contestant area to the front of the cage. black hair that stopped just above his shoulders with a streak of grey running through it. He had a red jacket with tails that ran down to the middle of his thigh.

Rosch pulled up his boots and tightened the laces. He tucked the three dog tags he has into his shirt before stepping in the ring.

"Now the final bout is set to begin, now the winner of the fight not only gets 5000 zennies but wins the Lightspeed Ranger keys which contain the power of the Rangers themselves! Now let's get this show on the road!" The announcer said.

Rosch smirked confidently as he materialized a pirate sword and a colonial modeled gun into his hands.

"Couldn't have said it better my self," he said.

Soon enough the battle was under way.

Paramax wielded his sledgehammer.

Rosch held his sword up and engaged Paramax. Paramax wildly swung his sledgehammer at Rosch who expertly blocked it. Rosch fired his gun into Paramax's chest. The creature stumbled back but was clearly unfazed by it.

"Whoa," Rosch said mildly impressed.

Paramax drew his shotgun and fired it.

Rosch fired back with his own gun just in time to deflect the bullets. Paramax got up and swung his hammer again which Rosch side stepped. He brought his sword down on Paramax who blocked it. Paramax hit Rosch with the sledgehammer, knocking him across the ring and into the other side of the cage.

Rosch groaned loudly and rolled onto his back.

"Well that one hurt," he hissed.

Without using his hands, he hopped up and spun around to face Paramax.

"Well it looks like I've got to step it up a bit," Rosch said as his weapons disappeared.

From his belt, Rosch pulled out a large phone called a G-Changer, and flipped it open. He also pulled out a Ranger key which none had seen before.

"Galactic Raiders, Set Sail!" He cried.

Rosch thrust the Ranger Key forward before driving it back into the slot on the G-Changer. He thrust the G-Changer forward as it glowed a bright red.

Rosch is in the middle of space wearing all black spandex with a jolly roger in the center. Two red X's speed towards him. The first one hits his chest creating the red jacket of his suit. The second one hit's his face creating his helmet.

Rosch stood across from his opponent confidently.

"Galactic Raider Red," He said smoothly.

Just like that the whole arena went silent.

"This battle has taken a very unexpected turn of events..."

The announcer said.

"Let's get this show on the road!" Rosch said summoning his Galactic Sabre and Galactic Gun.

Rosch charged at Paramax who did not have enough time to react. He kicked Paramax then fired at him. Rosch went to deliver an attack with his sabre. Paramax attempted to block it with his sledgehammer but the handle was split in half. The blow landed causing Paramax to stumbled back. Rosch took the opportiunity to deliver several strikes with his Galactic Sabre hurting Paramax even more. Rosch leaped up and dropkicked the Weaponmaster.

He rolled backwards and ended up on one knee. Rosch planted his sword into the ground and stood up. He clicked the button on top of his golded belt buckled revealing the Galactic Raider Red Key.

He pulled it out and stuck it into a key hole on top of the Galactic Gun.

The gun glowed with a bright red light.

The words

"FINAL WAVE!" Could be heard screaming from it.

"It's been fun but I have some Ranger Keys to win," he said.

He fired a single blast at Paramax blowing him out of the ring. The crowd gasped in amazement followed by cheering. Rosch demorphed and rotated his shoulders.

"Mr. Announcer I'd like my prize now,"

Rosch said.

The announcer hurried down.

"And here's our winner people, the bounty hunter all the way from KO-35, Rosch Oerba!" He said raising Rosch's hand.

The announcer handed him the 5000 zennies and the Lightspeed Ranger Keys in a small glass container.

"Let's hear if for out champion one more time folks!" The announcer said.

The crowd cheered as Rosch made his way out of the arena.

"Navi, I'm done send the Galleon to come get me," Rosch said into his G-Changer.

"Okay Rosch, we're on our way!" A high pitched voice responded.

Soon enough, a red pirate ship hovered just outside the arena to pick Rosch up.

Rosch climbed up the chain on the anchor and once he made it on top he moved to the inside.

Once inside, he set the Keys down and sat in his chair.

"Rosch, Rosch!" The same high pitched voice from before called out.

Rosch looked around and saw a small mechanical bird fly towards him.

"Do you have the Lightspeed Ranger Keys?" The bird asked.

"Yes Navi, by the way where's Valtrious?" he inquired.

"He's coming in now," Navi chirped.

Valtrious was an apprentice of Zordon that was chosen specifically to protect the Galactic Raider powers if the need to use them ever arose. As if on cue, a man dressed in white and silver clothing stepped into the cabin.

"Hey Valtrious, I got the Lightspeed Ranger Keys, now all we have to do is head to Earth to get the Mighty Morphin' Keys," Rosch said.

"That's excellent! We've almost got all of the Ranger Keys," Valtrious said.

All of a sudden Navi squawked before flying all around the cabin.

"What is it Navi?" He asked.

"The Zanyark have they've begun traveling back to Earth, they'll get there in a matter of weeks!" Navi said.

"Are you sure?" Rosch asked.

"Positive!" Navi responded.

Rosch turned to the Valtrious.

"What do we do?"

"I think it's time we assemble a team," Valtrious said.

"Are you sure that's the best bet?" Rosch said sounding unsure.

"We have to, we need all of the Galactic Raider powers to defeat the Zanyark, don't worry though I've met four people on our journey for the Keys who can help, now we just need to get them,"

Said the Eltarian.

"Well let's get going, we don't have any time to waste," Rosch said taking the helm.

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