You put me through hell

Fire burning my skin

Victims screaming

Attackers laughing

Why would you do this to me?!

Why do you enjoy chaos?!

You broke my love

You broke my tolerance towards you

I know the truth

You supply the guns for this war

Family fighting to the death

For your amusement

You don't care about me

You don't love me

You don't DESERVE to talk about my success

Acting as if you're proud

That's what you are, an act

You took your job of psychology

You abused it

You tore my family apart

This isn't your family

I have to suffer because of you

But I'm proud to say, I'm not you

Never going to be

Because I'll be too busy finding peace

Trying to repair the damage you caused

But I guess we have two grandmas for a reason

So go ahead, Attacker

And laugh now

But one day you'll get yours

And the attacker will become the victim