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It's strange moving, I mean people do it all over the world and I was one of them. Most people are scared of moving to their new homes. They think they won't fit in; they think people will hate them. They think just because your quiet and wear glasses you must be a nerd well I did have good grades. Or if you have blonde hair you're stupid. They thought you can't be blonde and smart. I laughed in their faces.

Well I just moved, I moved away from my comfort to this strange new city. The city of Seattle is where I now must rebuild my comfort. I left with my mom after her and my dad got a divorce. That has been taken its toll on us. At night I could hear my mom crying but I kept this to myself. She thought it was stupid to cry for him.

She always told me to "always stay strong and never settle for anything less than what you deserve." I know it was a cliché but I lived by that. People thought I was crazy and that's why I never became very popular. But I have always told myself if they don't like me for who I am "fuck em".


I turn to face my mom. She was looking at me with a smile.

I smile "yeah" I answered.

"We're here. We're at our new home."

I look at our new home, while I got out of our car.

"Bushwell sounds fancy" I smile at my mom. The door slammed behind me.

"Glad you like it. The movers should be here soon. So do you want take a look at our new home while I wait for them."

"Sure" I tell her.

I walked into Bushwell's front doors and onto the lobby floor. I looked around and felt a little lost. I saw the doorman. I walked up to him, his nameplate read Lewbert. He had this god awful wart on his face.

"Excuse me"

"What!" he exclaims

I was started at this. "Um where do I go to get on the 3rd floor?"

He grinds his teeth and points in a direction.

"Um thanks"

He snarls as I walk away.

I saw the elevator that would take me up. I pushed the call button and the doors opened. It was one of those elevators with the cage in it. I pulled at the gate it was stuck. I used all my force but it still wouldn't move.

I heard footsteps than laughter. A young man about my age walked up and pushed a button on the elevator and the gate opened. He then walked away. I looked at the elevator buttons and the lit one said open cage. I now felt embarrass. I turn towards the guy walking away.

"Thanks" I shout when he walks away.

He turns around and "anytime" then continues to walk away. I had a smile on my mouth.

"Who was that" a voice came up next to me. I turned to see my mom standing next to me.

"Um I have no clue" as I watch him walk away.

"Ok when you get out of LaLa land meet me in apartment 7."

"Yeah okay" I said watching him get in a car. I think I found him cute.

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