I do not own Spooks or it's Character's. This story is a Connie dedication. I understand alot of people don't like her and so if you don't then simply don't read. Those who do take the time to read it, thank you. I wasn't happy about the way Connie died so as it's fanfiction, in this she hasn't. Malcolm hasn't left either because his departure was beyond wrong. Hope it's okay and enjoy xx


"Lucas. At 3am, when you can't sleep and the nightmares come, who do you blame for what happened to you? 8 years in a Russian hell? Who do you blame?" Connie asked.

"I blame Harry."

"Then it's time to let it go. It wasn't Harry's fault."

"Who was it, Connie? Who sold me out? Just say it."

"It was me. It was me."

The bomb had been mere seconds from exploding when Lucas stopped running.

"Lucas, come on. We can't stop."

"Ros I can't. We can't leave her there."


Lucas ignored the screams from Ros as he ran back to Connie. He didn't have time to register what in the hell was going on in his mind. He just grabbed her from behind and pulled her along with him as he ran. He had just about made it round the corner when he threw both himself and Connie to the ground as the bomb went off. Bits of debris falling on top of them, smoke everywhere. The blast knocked them out for several minutes and then suddenly Lucas opened his eyes and slowly became aware of his surroundings and he began to stand up. The first thing he noticed was that Connie wasn't moving. He knelt down beside her and spotted a piece of metal that was lodged in her side and the blood seeping through her jacket. The next thing he registered was yelling. Someone was yelling at him. He turned around and looked up to see a very angry Ros.

"Are you listening to me Lucas."

"My ears are ringing."

"I couldn't give a shit. What the hell did you do that for."

Lucas stood up to face Ros and had never remembered her looking as angry as she did at the present time.

"Well. I'm waiting Lucas."

"I couldn't let her die in there."

"Why the bloody hell not. She's a traitor. She betrayed her country, she betrayed her team. She killed Ben."

"I know all that, but..."

"Is this because of what she said to you back there. You want more answers."

"Look Ros, please. Can we just not talk about this right now. She needs a hospital and fast."

Lucas turned away and knelt back down beside Connie. He removed his shirt and started applying pressure to the wound. He looked up at Ros, almost pleading with her to call an ambulance.

"Oh for christ sake." Ros said, grabbing her mobile.

She made the call to the emergency services and then went outside the tunnel to wait for them. Harry was back at headquarters going over some voice recognition with Malcolm when his phone started buzzing. They both stopped what they were doing immediately as Harry looked at the caller id.

"It's Ros." Harry stated.

"Well answer her, Harry." Malcolm replied.

Harry gave Malcom a bemused look and then pressed the answer button.

"Ros. What's happening down there."

"You're not gonna bloody believe this."

"Try me. Are you and Lucas alright."

"Oh we're fine. Infact Lucas was feeling so bloody terrific that he decided to play action hero and go back to save Connie." Ros stated.

"He did what. She's alive."

"Well, more or less. She has a piece of metal lodged in her side. She's loosing alot of blood but knowing Connie James she's bloody pull through."

"Has an ambulance been called."

"What, yes. Harry you're missing the point here. Lucas has lost track of his senses. One minute we're running for cover and the next he's running back into save a traitor."

"Well he must have his reasons Ros."

"Yeah, he's insane."

"Which hospital are they taking her too."

"The Royal, I imagine."

"I'll meet you there."

Harry hung up and Malcolm looked at him in confusion.


"He saved her."

"Who saved who."

"Connie. She isn't dead. Lucas went back for her."

"What on earth made him do that."

"No idea, old chap. No idea."

To Be Continued... ( hopefully )