Hello again lovely readers!

So the following is the Prologue to a new Batman Fanfic I've been toying with. Just an advance warning: I'm only gonna upload the first couple chapters in one go, for now, and see what kind of reaction I get to it. If you seem to like it then more will follow - but it may not be for some time, because I kinda want to focus on 'Closer to Danger, Further from Harm' for a little while, as I feel bad for not uploading new chapters for that very often. If you are someone who reads that and doesn't like the waiting then I am so sorry, please forgive me! If you've never heard of it, it's my first Batman Fanfic, currently ongoing, and if you wanna check it out I'd be flattered!

So again, couple chapters in one go for now, see how it does, then more at an unconfirmed later date. I'm so sorry I can't be more precise and punctual with these, but essentially, life is hectic and messy and I don't want to set upload deadlines I can't meet, then it'll feel even more like I'm letting you guys down!

Anyway, here it goes, see what you think. Hope you like it!

Blue xx

Prologue – Hello Again, Arkham


I sat in the corner, defiantly ignoring the blue-grey jumpsuit that lay folded on the bed. The Arkham logo seemed to stare at me accusingly, but I shrugged it off, instead occupying my attention with removing clumps of melting snow from my hair.

"Well," I announced to no-one in particular. "That could've gone better."

Yes, I know it's only very short, but in my defence; one, it IS a prologue, and two, there's more available, if not now then very very soon xx