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So maybe I didn't get quite the response I was hoping for with this, but I have been finding it very fun to write, hence it's continuation. I'll probably be running this alongside 'Closer to Danger, Further from Harm' now, with the same sporadic updates you've all come to hate me for :) (so sorry guys)

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Chapter Three – Hello, My Name's Emmeline... And I Kill People


I was woken up rather too abruptly by a familiar guard hitting the glass wall of my cell.

"Get up, Stevenson," he ordered gruffly, scowling. I was annoyed at having been woken, and Officer Vox was something of an enemy of mine. In order to wind him up, I adopted a falsely cheerful smile and breezy voice.

"Good morning, Officer, how are you today?"

"None of your business. Now shut it. You're being transferred."

"Transferred? Ooh goody! Where are we going?" I asked sarcastically, although admittedly I was curious. This hadn't been mentioned before.

"You'll see when you get there. Now move!" Vox spat, shoving me in the back.

I stumbled, then regained my composure and began walking, purposely taking my own sweet time and skipping a little now and again. I could sense Vox becoming gradually more and more infuriated with each happy gesture, and my smile grew wider.

It didn't hurt to be polite and co-operative with the staff at Arkham, I knew that, but there were a handful of people I simply could not stand. Officer Vox was one of them.

During my first, short stay at the asylum, he had gone out of his way to make me as miserable as possible, and I was far from ready to forgive and forget. My ability to hold a grudge for a very long time was a trait I was proud of.

Upon discovering Vox became incredibly ticked off when I started humming to myself, I decided to push him even further by singing; I'd been told my voice wasn't so bad, so I made it as upbeat and enthusiastic as I could.

"...They're coming to take me away, ha-ha! They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-ha! To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats, and they're coming to take me away! Ha-haaa!"

"Will you shut you god damn mouth, you murdering scum!" Vox exclaimed, slamming the butt of his gun roughly into my back. "For Christ's sake, be quiet. Might as well settle in, this is gonna be your home for a while."

He grinned maliciously, sweeping his arm round in a gesture that drew my attention to the surrounding wing of the asylum. There was nothing in particular that stood out about the appearance of the cells, but the inmates were all too familiar.

My eyes darted rapidly from one figure to another, taking in odd little details as I went. Violet-rimmed glasses framing green eyes. Hooked nose and a sneer. Thin frame and ice blue stare. Frayed purple suit with makeup stains. Blonde hair tied up in bunches. Half-blackened suit and charred skin. Pale, green-tinged face framed with wavy red hair. Bare, muscular torso and features hidden by a metal mask. Tall green hat and fingerless gloves. Tight black jumpsuit and a confident smirk.

"Congrats on the promotion, Stevenson. You're officially a Gotham Rogue now," Vox sniggered sarcastically, shoving me into one of the few empty cells. He then strolled happily from the asylum wing, cackling to himself as he did so.

"Hello then," began a rough, drawling voice from across the room. My head snapped up and I found myself looking at the faded makeup and distorted grin of the Clown Prince of Crime. "You must be the new recruit everyone's heard about."

"Yep, that'd be me," I replied cheerily, not letting my intimidation show through.

There seemed to be a general reaction of surprise amongst the inmates, although whether it was to my tone or my British accent I couldn't be sure.

"She seems nice, don't she Mistah J?" Harley Quinn exclaimed in a bubbly voice. "Hey, I think I heard about ya in the news! You're that Jekyll an' Hyde killer ain't ya?"

"It would appear that's my nickname, yeah," I replied cautiously, allowing myself a small smile at the brief glances of respect from the Rogues.

"I suppose we need no introduction?" enquired the Riddler, grinning arrogantly as he leant against the wall of his cell.

"Depends," I said, gaining confidence. "Most of you lot have more than one name. So who am I calling by real names and who prefers persona titles?"

"Indeed!" the Riddler laughed at my response. "Edward Nigma, at your service. I would offer to shake your hand, were it possible, but under the circumstances..."

I smiled as he gestured, irritated, at the cell doors. His greeting triggered a series of introductions from the rest of the Gotham Rogues.

"Joker will be just fine."

"Call me Harley, everyone does."

"Jervis Tetch... a pleasure..."


"Just Ivy'll do."

"Harvey Dent."

"Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, or just Penguin, if you'd rather."

"Selina Kyle, honey."

"Dr Jonathan Crane. Although may I point out that Scarecrow is not a pseudonym, rather a different person entirely. He merely... borrows my mind, from time to time."

I smiled slightly at Dr Crane's words, understanding exactly what he meant.

"I know the feeling, trust me," I replied, receiving a quizzical look. "I'll explain that at a later date, maybe. In the meantime, I probably oughta introduce myself properly. Hi everyone, my name's Emmeline... And I kill people."

I was rewarded with a scattering of dark laughter for my twisted AA meeting approach, which was abruptly cut off by a loud, tinny bell sounding from the corridor.

Poison Ivy sighed, looking bored and disinterested.

"Fantastic," she sneered. "More time stuck by myself while you have recreation."

"Great!" the Riddler responded, far more cheerful. "Now we can have a proper meet and greet!"

Yay Rogues!

Honestly, I love writing the Rogues in, even if it's only a little bit here and there for now. But I promise some larger, more key-role-ish appearances from these guys in future - They have such brilliantly diverse personalities!

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