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Prologue- Remember in 1864….

It was night. The Perfect time for vampires to run free but most of the towns Vampires were dead or they had fled mystic falls, never to return. All had gone apart from Damon and Stefan Salvatore; they had been turned two days ago by Katherine Pierce. Stefan wanted to leave after he accidently killed their father by drinking his blood but Damon couldn't leave without their sister. She was Nineteen years old which made her the middle child, her name was Aria Salvatore. She had long dark curly brown hair, jade green eyes that changed color whatever her mood; they turned blue when she was scared, grey when she was angry and sea green-blue when she was happy or extremely excited. She also had a slight tan. Damon had to turn her and then take her away from mystic falls altogether.

Aria was lying on her queen size bed willing herself to sleep and failing miserably. She had no family left; her father was dead, along with her mother and brothers. Aria closed her eyes for a split second and the Damon was hovering above her, forcing her to drink the blood that was trickling down his wrist. Once she had drunk it Damon removed his wrist from her mouth and then a sickening crack echoed through the room. Damon picked up his sisters limp body and ran out the room at vampire speed. He took them to the lake where he and Stefan woke up.

Damon saw a figure standing next to a tree. He lay his sister gently on the grass and walked over to the figure.

"Emily!" Damon greeted smiling.

"What's done is done Mr. Salvatore, here is the day light ring you asked for," Emily Bennett handed a Damon the ring cautiously "I must be going now and remember what I said!" Emily said softly and walked away.

"Thank you!" Damon shouted after Emily but she just kept walking. Damon sat next to his sisters body slid the ring on her finger.

The next morning

Aria's eyes squinted as she opened her eyes slowly. She hissed quietly at the pain in her neck as she turned towards the sleeping figure next to her. It was Damon. Aria slowly pulled herself into a sitting position and flung her arm out so it hit Damon in the face.

"Aria!" Damon snapped cradling his nose.

"Don't you Aria me, what did you do to me Damon and where's Stefan?" Aria asked her eyes were turning a light grey color with blue around the outside of the iris.

"I'm right here sister and to answer Damon's question, he turned you!" Stefan said appearing out of nowhere.

"Turned me into what…Damon, what did you turn me into?" Aria asked her eyes still the same.

"A vampire okay, I turned you into a vampire and if we don't find you someone to feed off of then you'll die" Damon said calmly.

"A vampire, are you kidding me!" Aria shouted and stood up.

"Stefan, did you find a person for our sister to feed on?" Damon questioned.

"Yes brother" Stefan said and a young woman ran into the clearing looking scared.

Damon grabbed her and bit into her neck quickly so he didn't feel so tempted to drain her. Damon pushed the woman towards his sister who was staring at the blood wound with her normal big green eyes. After licking her lips a couple of times, Aria's eyes turned blood red, veins appeared just under her eyes and pointy fangs replaced her canines, She pounced on the woman and quickly drained her dry. She dropped the body and wiped away the blood that was on and around her mouth with her sleeve. She retracted her fangs and her face went back to normal.

"Damon I killed her" Aria said quietly looking a Damon with big blue eyes.

"Hey listen it doesn't matter, no one will even notice she is missing, I promise" Damon said holding his little sister face in his hands until her eyes went back to green. Damon hugged her once she was normal again.

"I hate to break this up but here are some new clothes for Aria!" Stefan said and threw the clothes to Aria, who in turn caught them. "And hurry up about it the faster you get dressed the faster we can leave" and with the Stefan disappeared.

"What's up with him?" Aria asked confused.

"Nothing, I tell you later, just get dressed" Damon said and with that he was gone too.

Aria quickly got changed into the long blue dress and silver shoes that Stefan gave her. She was thankful the dress wasn't too tight or puffy so she could run without falling. Stefan and Damon both appeared in the clearing behind Aria giving her a fright when she turned around.

"You guys are going to have to tell me how you did that!" Aria stated smiling.

"You just run, are you ready?" Damon asked.

"Yes" Aria answered.

"Let's get out of here then" Stefan grumbled and ran. Damon grabbed Aria hand and started running.

As soon as Aria, Damon and Stefan got out of mystic falls, Stefan practically made a break for it, Aria tried to stop him and Damon wasn't to bothered so he still went.

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