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Chapter 1- Hello brothers

Aria Salvatore had been watching her brothers for the last couple of weeks. She was still deciding if she should see them or just stay in the shadows and hate them silently. She knew they had to work out their differences and if she was honest she missed Damon's witty comebacks and Stefan's loving nature. Aria was sitting in a black Mercedes out of sight.

"Baby, have you made a decision yet because I've got to head back to my pack and prepare for the full moon!" Sam, her boyfriend, asked.

"Yes I'm going to drop in and see if maybe they can help me find Klaus…again" Aria said softly.

"I thought you said they don't know anything?" Sam asked confusion lacing his voice.

"They don't or at least they don't know much but Sasha said they would soon!" Aria snapped her eyes slowly turning grey.

"Calm down I was only asking. Is Sasha coming here too?" Sam said in a small voice trying not to get Aria angry again.

"I'm sorry and yes of course she's coming, she is my best friend and witch so she's going to teach the Bennett witch a thing or two." Aria replied softly. She then planted a small but loving kiss on his cheek. Aria opened the passenger's car door and got out. She made her way to the boot and opened it.

"Do you want some help?" Sam shouted. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw Aria staring at him with her left eye brow raised in an 'I dare ya to ask me that again' manor. "Never mind stupid question."

Aria got the suitcase out the boot and walked round to the driver's side. Sam opened the door, got out and stood in front of Aria.

"Promise me you'll stay safe!" Aria said not giving him an option.

"I'll promise you if you'll promise me" Sam bargained. Aria just nodded and hugged him. When Aria pulled her head away from the crook of Sam's neck, she wrapped her fingers around Sam's raven black hair at the nape of his neck and stared into his chocolate colored brown eyes. Sam leaned in and soon their lips meet and they passionately kissed like it could be their last. Once air became a problem for Sam they pulled back and rested their foreheads together.

"I love you" Sam whispered.

"I love you too, so much" Aria said and gave his a quick peck on the lips before they separated and Aria headed into the woods and towards the boarding house.

The Salvatore boarding house

Damon and Stefan Salvatore were in the Salvatore library talking about the past when they hit a sore subject.

"Damon, you know what I just realized?" Stefan asked.

"That you miss the bunnies" Damon said and poured himself a glass of bourbon.

"No!" Stefan replied with a chuckle.

"Then what did you realize?" Damon snapped.

"That it was me that drove our Sister away and made her hate us" Stefan said sighing miserably.

"I want to say 'Yeah Stefan you're right' but I was the one that watched you do what you did, when I could've stopped it, not that I wanted to stop it because it was way too funny to stop" Damon said, taking a sip of the alcohol and smirking behind the glass.

Stefan shook his head. Three rapid knocks on the front door made Damon put his glass down and looked at Stefan. He brought his finger up his mouth in a hush manor and tilted his head towards the front door, indicating that Stefan should follow his but stay quiet. Once the brothers got to the door Damon slowly put his hand on the handle and quickly through the door open. Damon and Stefan were confused, shocked and happy by what/who stood in front of them.

"Hello Brothers, did ya miss me?" Aria asked smirking.

"Aria is that you?" Damon asked.

"No I'm the tooth fairy!" Aria said sarcastically.

"What are you doing here, in mystic falls?" Stefan asked confused.

"I came to forgive you, I miss you guys and it's been a century!" Aria said smiling.

"But you…never mind come in" Damon said and stepped aside along with Stefan. Aria grabbed her bag and ran in. Aria stood at the bottom of the stairs looking a little lost.

"Come I'll show you to a room" Damon said taking her bag and going upstairs with Aria close behind.

Once Aria had settled in it was 2am and Stefan was in bed so the only ones up were Aria and Damon. Damon was drinking again and Aria was looking through the huge books shelves for no book in particular. It was extremely silent in the house. The silence was broken by Aria sighing in frustration.

"What are you frustrated about?" Damon asked.

"Who said I'm frustrated?" Aria said smartly.

"Well we might not have seen each other for about a century but that was your frustrated sigh, so what's up" Damon said in triumph.

"Fine I'm just hungry" Aria said rubbing her eyes.

"Please don't tell me you're eating the cute fluffy bunny rabbits" Damon said, he had a mocking tone thick in his voice at the end.

"Cute and fluffy? Really Damon and ewe!" Aria said smiling her eyes were a bright sea blue-green.

"So blood bag?" Damon asked and started to walk towards the door.

"Yes and liquid vervain and a glass!" Aria shouted. Damon turned and gave her a confused look but went and got all the stuff his little sister asked for.

When Damon came back Aria put the blood in the glass along with the vervain and drunk it with a low hiss. She had been putting vervain in everything she ate or drank for fifty years and it still burned a little. She bid Damon good night and made her way up to her room where she got her pajamas on and got into bed. Damon went to bed soon after and he had a small smile on his face. He was so happy to have his baby sister back. Stefan was happy to have his older sister back too but he was happier that she seemed to have forgiven him for what he did.

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