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Enough of that. It's TESTING TIME!

As I was falling, I could see images flash before my eyes..

The beautiful face of Flame Princess, smiling and giggling at my dumb jokes..

Marceline strumming her ax guitar as she sang..

Jake and I receiving each other a epic brofist from each other...

Memories one after another after another...

I opened my eyes only to see that potato.. To be exact, it was kind of funny at first. But then as I thought about it, it's actually pretty messed up. SHE got kicked out of her only body so she would be stored into a potato. 'A child's toy' as Wheatley puts it.

"I wouldn't really thought that moron would actually take over... That and you would listen to him," HER voice cracked out of the vegetable, "Let me tell you a little something.. He was actually designed to keep my attitude in place. He's the product of the greatest minds of a generation working together with the express purpose of building the dumbest moron who ever lived. And you just put him in charge of the entire facility."

With that, she slowly clapped.

"Bravo. Bonnibelle would've been very disappointed in you for making such an idiotic move. Once when we ever get back up there, it's obvious he's going to kill us. It would save him the time if this bottomless pit actually has a bottom. Speaking of that, can you take off one of your long fall boots and put me in it? Remember to land on one foot."

It feels like minutes have passed, but it was actually seconds. I closed my eyes and got startled when I crashed into wooden planks.

Before I knew, I was passed out.


That.. voice.. Princess Bubblegum?..

"Finn come over here and try out my apple pies!"

Another voice.. Tree Trunks..

"Ey buddy! PB brought whipped cream for the pies. It tastes awesome!"

Somethings not right here. I found myself standing on a grassy hill. In the distance is a picnic table filled with apple pies, juice, and other snacks. Tree Trunks put a new pie on the table as Jake digs into his slice. Princess Bubblegum waved at me as she holds out a plate. This has to be a dream.. But it feels so real..

Without any hesitation, I started running towards them. Something grabbed my leg.

"Breaktime's over. Time to test." That voice was too familiar. Wheatley.

"NO! LET ME GO! I WANT TO GO HOME!" I screamed. To my surprise, I spoke. Well.. It's to be expected in a dream.. Why was I acting so childish?..

The sound of a crow cawing has been heard from above.

My eyes cracked open. Oh thank glob that was all just a horrible nightmare! Though I kinda wished the whole Wheatley-taking-over-Aperture was part of it too. Beggers can't be choosers.

"Oh no BIRD BIRD! GRAB ME!" The potato screeched next to me.

I swiftly grabbed HER before the crow could swoop down and grab ahold of her.

"Is it gone?.."

The bird must've forgotten about it after I took HER. It's actually half funny and half sad that she's so afraid. I mean, being in a potato and all after being in a giant scary picture perfect machine. The sad part? Being so.. small and insignificant..

Either way, we got to keep moving. Jake being here is out of the question, so I shouldn't bother finding him. Or Prismo. I got up from my sitting position and felt a stinging pain in my left side. A little shard of glass held it's place, cutting through my skin. I put GLaDOS in my left hand and used my right to pull it out of my body. I let out a high pitched whine when blood started gushing out. I quickly put HER on the ground as I took off my jacket and tied it around my waist and over the cut. I picked HER back up and attached HER to my portal gun.

"I hope that cut won't get infected." GLaDOS mumbled. "I don't want to stare at a dead body for all eternity. Unless my circuits blow out before a year of staring at your disgusting fat rotting body."

I let out a sigh and kept moving. Broken debris littered the entire place. The atmosphere seemed dead. I stepped through murky water and through a tube-like structure. Portal-d here and there. I found a suspicious place that had signs everywhere labled 'DO NOT ENTER' and 'KEEP OUT' in big bolded white letters. Upon closer inspection, the paint is peeling off of these boards. I shook my head and went along.

I pulled a lever in this huge room and lights blared on, revealing a huge vault. Man.. If Jake were here, he would've punched the vault in and getting out of this place would be a whole lot easier. Two rooms held high on both sides. I portal-d my way up and found a button that red 'HATCH RECLUSION OVERRIDE'. I eagerly pressed the button. Three ticks were heard and nothing happened.

I groaned and looked at the other side of the room. Maybe this thing is on a timer...

I made a blue portal appear on this inside of the room and a orange one on the other side to the other room. I pressed the button and ran into the blue portal. I pressed the other and things started to shake. I fell on my bum as I watched steam flow out of the vault. My excitement consumes me as I make up the possibilities to what is behind the vault. Zombies? Freedom? Maybe other survivors!

But no..

What I got...

...Was a freaking door...

The vault was WAY TOO BIG to be containing A DOOR.

"Well what did you expect?" GLaDOS began snickering, "..Don't tell me you expected other humans to be here. They can't possibly live this many years trapped in there with only that little oxygen flowing through. Food too. Probably resorted to cannibalism."

I didn't want to hear anymore. I pushed the door open. Oh look. ANOTHER DOOR. I slammed this one open, only to make my wound throb. I bit my lip and took a deep breath of air. It smells awful! Did someone burn rubber then decided to put rotten food and flesh on top of it? It's the water... Disgusting...

I went up the steps that is above the crappy water and found mini-vaults. Only one is slammed open, yet crushed.

I figured this is one of Wheatley's attempts to kill me.. So I searched for the wheel to the other ones. I sped up the catwalk and stopped when I felt something on the floor. It's at the very end, where you cant even see your hands because of how dark it is. I picked it up and went over to the only light source. It indeed is a wheel to one of the vaults. A smile ran across my face and I connected it to the last vault. I opened it up and went inside. A door is across from the vault. I think this was a storage room, seeing all the bean cans and water bottles littering the small room. I sat down on the floor and picked up a can. My eyes widened when I discovered it was never opened! Now if only there's water- Oh wait there's a unopened one! I put the gun down next to me.

Luckily the bean can has that type of lid where you don't need a can opener. I tore it off and dug into it.

"Disgusting.. Do you eat like that in front of people? No wonder you don't have any friends."

I rolled my eyes as I drank water. After finishing my meal, I dumped water on my dirty hair. I picked the gun back up again and moved on.

The next room is a corridor. It gave me goosebumps just looking at it. Light flickered on and there stood someone I missed the most.

"Finn! Oh thank glob I found you!"

Wait.. Is.. Is that...?