((Hello! This is my first Zombie Fanfic that I have ever posted here, and first Zombie story that I have ever put so much care and time into, so I hope you will enjoy :3))


I heard once, back when I was in High School, that one of the hardest jobs was child protective services, other than the obvious military infantry, and other such careers. They told me that it's "too 'high-pressure' of a job", and by they, I mean almost every Adult that I would actually decide to tell my future plans too. I've never been much of an open book, so you can imagine my facial expression when I would receive the answer that I did not want out of them. That would be, when I would usually, politely, take myself out of the conversation and walk away. It never deterred me from where I wanted to be in life, only annoyed me at how little my family believed in my abilities to become what I wanted. I wanted to be married to my boyfriend, Mitch, with children, and working as a Child Protective services caseworker, helping to protect children from abusive households.
Now, having that been said, you can probably begin to imagine how I feel being shut in my former high school's gym, trying my hardest to protect some kids, while a growing number of undead begin to notice our presences behind these cold stone walls. It's almost kind of funny once you think about it, I'm doing what I wanted, protecting kids well, not that funny, but in times like these if you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

You're probably wondering how I got myself into this pickle. If you're not then you can just exit this story; exit my life and find something else to find your fancy, perhaps, you'll enjoy that Snooki autobiography, or the Cat in the Hat. If you do, however, find yourself wanting to know what's happened to me, then I suppose I would have to start from the beginning...