We reached Doyline with little problems, only a few zombies littered the actual road once we got passed the main part of town, and the debris was nothing we couldn't maneuver around. The only problem we had was time, the drive from Brookshires to Doyline was normally, at most, 20 minute drive, but with the obstacles it turned into a forty-five minute trip, and by the end of it we were all anxious. Patrick parked the jeep around the back of my parent's decent double-wide trailer home and stepped out, checking the nearby surroundings for any undead. I scanned the area, it was a beautiful place, large piece of land with gorgeous woods past the two ponds. It was a far drive from town though, which was one of the reasons I decided to move in with my boyfriend's family.

My boyfriend! I reached into my pocket and fumbled for my phone, pulling it out and unlocking the screen to find 4 missed calls from Mitch. My heart raced and I touched his contact, calling him back. "Please pick up, please pick up, please... pick up." I breathed, my stomach knotted and churned, threatening to spew my deli food from earlier that day.

"You've reached Anthony, you may know me as Mitch..." His voice mail answered and my heart sank. "No, why didn't he pick up!" I cursed and tried to keep from panicking for the billionth time that day as Amy and Callie watched me.

"Travis hasn't answered either..." Amy spoke, lifting her cellphone with a heavy heart and glanced at it.

"Try him again, knowing Mitch he's just busy taking care of everyone else." Callie said, being the optimistic one as always.

I nodded and clicked his contact again, redialing his number. It rang until it reached the voicemail again. I bit my lip and turned to Callie, shaking my head. I was already starting to think the worst.

"Well like I said, keep your phone on vibrate and give it some time, we have other things to do anyway." Callie gave a small reassuring smile and headed for the back glass-sliding doors to my parents' house. She stopped before walking up the porch, and looked at the back doors, which forced me to stop and look from behind her.

"What's the-" I began and cut myself off as I noticed one of the glass doors were shattered and the kitchen table inside was flipped over.

"Do you think anyone was home..?" I heard Patrick ask from the back of the line we were standing in on the back porch, waiting to go inside.

I thought for a moment and shrugged. "What's today..." I mumbled, pulling my phone out and clicking the button on my phone that lit up the locked screen. "Wednesday..." I mumbled. "MY MOM! My mom is off on Wednesdays!" my voice came out high and airy as I began to panic again, afraid that my mother was here alone when whatever happened to kitchen happened.

I wanted so bad to run inside and tear the house apart, and find my mother hidden and fine, but there was a part of me that was terrified that I may not find what I wanted.

Callie, feeling braver than the rest of us, took a deep breath, and then a step through the shattered glass, into the dining area of the kitchen. She then stepped to the side and allowed me to walk in, followed by the other two.

Every step across the kitchen was painful. Every crunch of the glass under my black sneakers made my heart pound louder in my head, and I realized I was holding my breath. I let it out as my feet touched the carpet of the living room and I could see into the darkness that was my parent's room. I edged to the doorway and peeked in. Very little light shone through the curtains above my mother and stepfather's king sized bed. I could see the crates that usually housed my mother's two dogs, Feefee and Jasper, were empty and unmarked by anything out of the ordinary. That made me feel a little better. "Mom..." I whispered, the sound of my own voice giving me the creeps in such a quiet house. Callie and I ventured further into my parent's bedroom, and I looked to the left where the bathroom door was opened and light poured in.

"Mom...?" I called a little louder as I moved closer to the doorway. Silence, there was no movement, nothing. I didn't know how to feel about that. I looked in the bathroom, it was empty and I sighed. It wasn't a sigh of relief, or frustration. I just...sighed. No, I sighed because there was nothing, because I didn't know what to feel, because I wanted my mom there, but I was glad she wasn't there and dead.

"There's nothing in the other rooms.." Patrick walked in with Amy.

I nodded and flipped on the closet light, looking into the cramped small closet that was shared between my mom and step-dad. To my surprise, a lot of clothes seemed to be missing. I smiled, and looked to my friends,"my mom's not here... she got the hell out of here..." I said, happy that not only her car wasn't there, but her body wasn't either. My friend's all smiled and nodded in agreed satisfactory that we didn't have to put to rest my mother today. Without another word I turned back to the closet and dug around the back, beneath all the scrapbooking bags and Christmas wrapping paper. "Ah-hah." I muttered as I backed away from the closet with a 9mm handgun. I checked the magazine for ammunition and frowned when I found it empty.

Of course my mother would keep a gun in the closet for protection, but not have it loaded.

"Patrick! Look in the kitchen, above the microwave for bullets- any kind, and then check next to the backdoor for a hunting rifle." My friend nodded and turned to the kitchen. I looked in the closet some more and within a few minutes I managed to find a magazine full of 9 mm. Bullets.

"I found rifle bullets, handgun bullets, a crowbar, an aluminum bat, and shotgun shells, but no shotgun." Patrick returned, carrying his findings.

"That'll do pig, that'll do." I nodded and blew out my cheeks, making the sound a balloon does when you let the air out and stretch the opening at the same time. I then handed the Crowbar to Amy and the Bat to Callie. After gathering the little ammo and food we could safely carry, we migrated to the living room to plan our next move. "After we rescue our siblings...If we're able too, that is." my eyes lowered to my muddy shoes.

Of course I wanted everyone to be okay, and for this whole horrifying ordeal to have been just some dream that I would wake up from any minute heck, there's still a piece of me that wants that. I know it's not going to happen though, especially after the morning I'd already had.

I looked up at the three pairs of eyes on me. No one said anything, or tried to rush me. My friends just nodded, supporting me. "We will have to find a safe place to stay, if only temporary. I'd suggest out here, but it's nowhere near safe with the smashed sliding glass doors." I gestured to where we entered the home.

No one said anything so I stood and looked out the front windows, peering sneakily between the blinds to scope out what the action outside could be. The front yard itself was empty of zombies, but I could see a few shambling up the street and roaming the yard across from ours. I sighed, thinking of what to do when my eyes settled on my Step-dad's silver Titan V8 truck. I looked from the zombies in the road to the truck and then back again, judging the time it would take us to get to the truck, versus the time it would take the zombies to be on us. "Can someone look above the stove and get me the set of keys up there?" I asked as I kept looking out the window.

I heard one of them stand and shuffle to the kitchen. I wasn't worried about my step-dad missing his truck or anything like that. He worked for an oil company called Baker Hughes and his specific job required him to fly back and forth from Alaska every three weeks, and this was an Alaska period.

"Catch." I heard Patrick call, and I turned in time to see the Keys hit the couch next to me.

I gave my friend a thanks before I picked the Keys up and stood, grabbing my bag of Ammo and food. "Okay, now to the High school... Pat and Amy, you guys take your jeep, Callie and I will take my step dad's truck." I said, making sure my mother's handgun had the safety off.

"Okee Dokey, We'll just follow you then." Amy said, grabbing what bags of supplies she's gathered from around the house and walked to the back door with Patrick following her.

I turned to Callie with a small smile. "Okay, have that bat ready chica, there are a few zombies in the street and no doubt they will come after our movement so dart to the truck!" I gave a small smile, filled with more confidence than I felt, and gripped the Knob of the front door. Callie took a nervous breath and nodded, gripping her bat tightly and cracked her neck.

"Okay... Now!" I flung the door open and flew outside, jumping over the steps, off the porch, and to the truck. Just like I guessed too, the zombies in the street noticed our movement and started to walk and shamble briskly towards us.

I held my breath and fumbled with the keys. For the first time since running from Brookshire's I found myself between frustrated growls because of the door, studying the face of the afflicted more closely. I still struggled with the keys, the damned thing didn't want to fit it's lock, or perhaps it was just my hands shaking, but as the first two out of four infected reached the tailgate of the truck and outreached their hands toward us I found myself looking at the face of the one nearest to me, There were no bite marks on it that I could see. The zombie looked just… sick. He was a young man and he wore khaki pants and an open jacket over a dirty t-shirt that proudly showed the man's involvement with one of the Barksdale Air Force Base's firefighter units. There was no blood on this man, only what appeared to be vomit all down the front of him, even on his tennis shoes.

I finally stabbed the key into the hole and kicked the infected man away, making him fall clumsily onto his back. I took that extra time to stop observing him and move my ass. I flung the truck door open and hopped inside, slamming it behind me, and leaped across the divider to the passenger side, where Callie was gritting her teeth, smacking the window, and cursing at me too hurry. I clicked the unlock button as quickly as I could as Callie bashed an elderly woman infected in the forehead and opened the door.

I sat back down in the driver seat, ignoring the dirty hands that began to smudge my window, and started the truck as Callie shuffled into her seat and slammed the door. Outside the truck I saw Amy and Patrick swing around the house and look at us with worried expressions melting into relief. I quickly reversed the truck, shaking the zombies from our windows, and sped to the road, dodging an infected female jogger with Amy and Patrick right behind us. "Holy shit..." I breathed and looked at Callie, then in the rear view mirror at Pat and Amy one last time before returning my attention to the road. "Are you okay?!" I asked Callie, feeling bad for not being faster with getting her in the truck.

She nodded and relaxed a little against the seat. "Yeah, yeah no bites, just a bit shaken up. I gotta say it though, the baseball bat is much easier to use than an encyclopedia." She gave a small awkward laugh.

I smiled, and gave a humored exhale through my nose and focused on the road.

Next stop was Haughton High School. I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, I mean we all knew that this was probably a bad idea, but I had to find Mckenzie, no matter what.