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Here are the charecters

Emily/Katniss E.
Jayden/Peeta M.
Mike/Gale H.
Katie(my OC)/Glimmer

Chapter One:Hunting

I reached out seeking the warmth of my sister Serenas hand (Serena is the Prim of this)
she crawled in last night scared she would be was to ill to participate in the games,I like the Capitol would Capitol freaky dressed people who enjoy people hitting(you know what I mean) each other for entertainment.I slipped out of bed into my worn boots I fell asleep in my jeans last night from late night I am already dressed.I throw on my jacket and I am about to head out the door in til' I see a tiny little piece of .Serena present for pickin' day.(don't know what its actually called would show up so) I grab the delicate piece of cheese.I trip over Serena's stupid cat she haven't made me give in that day we would of had a nice meal.I slip outside of our house and head over to the woods.I slip under the "Electric" fence and grab my Bow and Arrows.I see a deer heading toward me.I knock my arrow,pull back,and let go of the I could react my hunting partner Mike has hit my arrow to the side and made me fall back."What were you going to with that,Em."The first time they met she had said her name barley over a only heard her say Em so that's what he always call's her."I was going to sell it to some peacekeepers." "I was going to sell it to Greasy Sae.'Greasy Sae wierd name great soup."How could I be so sure,"he mocks."Like you don't sell to them,"I reply."We better get going don't want to be late for Pickin' Day,"he nods.I nod my head in reaturn hiding my Bow and Arrows.I run from there and to town center were all the buildings surround the huge and nicest building in District Justice Building.

Chapter Two:Tributes

I looked at a peacekeeper with there stealth and guns slung around the back you would think they would train them at the their from District stuck a needle through my arm to sign me was behind me looking paler then usual."Are you ok?"I ask shook her head."It dosn't hurt they are just signing you in."she turns her normal walks up and puts her are out relucantly."Your done sweetie."the peacekeeper behind the table said.I walk into the older girl section for reaping ,as usual has a pink wig on and pink must be all the rage in the capital right now I think in disgust.I hate pink my favorite color is green.I am not much a ,Welcome,says ranger games and,May the odds be ever in your plays the usual video and walks over to the girl usual ladies first,Effie replys to the watches as she pulls a tiny slip of paper she walks over then my heart Everdeen,Effie anounces in her usual preppy ,I yell.I run out of my line and try to get to grab me pushing me I can think about what to do I do something really stupid.I volonteer,I peacekeepers let go and I run straight to holds on to my leg and won't let go back to mom,I say to ,she walks up and grabs Serena and pulls her screaming now pounding on Mike's chest he doesn't even flinch.I walk up and take my place on 's your name,Effie Everdeen,I reply.I bet my wig that was your sister,Effie asked.I nod my hed in ladies in gentlemen are first ever volonter,Effie gestures toward is for our boys,Effie pulls out a name and walks Mellark.

Chapter Three:Saumarizer?

Jayden Mellark. The name rang through my head. The boy who a few months ago saved my life with a single piece of burnt bread. I remeber that day so clearly. His mom had hit him out the door. He looked at me sitting at the base of the tree in front of his house. He threw the piece of burnt bread at me. I looked into his sad blue eyes.(did I get color right?) They seemed to look at me in a desprate way. "Come on let's move now." Effie said ushering us into the Justice Building. Effie practicly shoved me into a tiny room that held three small chairs. My sister and mother ran into the room. "Emily!" Serena yelled. I jumped up and gave her a hug. I sat back down. Serena leaned in and handed me a a little red phone like thing. "What's this?" I ask her. "To protect you from every single harm." Serena whispers. "Times up you three." a peacekeeper interupted. "I love you Serena!" I yell when they slam the door in my face. I examin the phone more closley it has a symbol and a few words written on itso I try something. "Samuraizer!" I yell "Go,Go Samurai!" I finish by drwing the symbol that it showed on the red phone. Then all of a sudden I feel different like I had more power

Chapter Four:Train take off

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I don't know how but the power went away and
I felt normal again. "I wonder what happened," I thought. Three guards appeared and dragged me away and stuffed me in a cart.
I sat between Effie, and Jayden. "Great," I thought. "Between some of my least favorite people." Effie kept babbaling on and on
about how busy we are going to be. "Who cares,"I thought. "I don't." Jayden looked at me. It looked like he hasn't slept
in days. He had a bruise under his eye it was starting to fade but you could see it more than enough to know something serious
had happened. I looked at him and we came to an agreement Effie was to put it in other words intresting. We pulled in to the
trainstation. We all climbed on board. "I will go get your mentor," Effie said in a annoyed voice. "His name is Haymitch." Effie
quietly slipped out of the room in search of our mentor. "So," Jayden said. "That was brave, you know, volentering as tribute
for your sister." "Not really," I replyed. "I just couldn't let her go to The Ranger Games, and you know."(P.S. You will find out
why it is called The Ranger games in the next book!) I stared out the window, then I found myself dozing off. Then five minutes
later I slipped in to a dream.

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